Furgal Fashionista: Splurge!

These are my favorite entries from the Splurge contest in Frugal Fashionista. Contestants could choose one item to "splurge" on, and every other item had to be affordable.
  • I can't afford this sweater
    "Unsurprisingly, my favorite piece in this set is the splurge piece. It has such beautiful details, and @aemorgan did a great job of highlighting it by making it front and center in the layout." — @exaybachay
  • Kohls Only
    "This outfit is so practical with the shape-flattering pea coat and the comfortable-looking heels! I love the color and the pattern of the scarf and how the colors are drawn out in the other pieces." — @exaybachay
  • Bag Contest
    "This purse really ties this ensemble together. I think the belt on the dress is a great touch. The picture that inspired the outfit is very beautiful and has fantastic texture, which is an excellent contrast to the clean solids that make up the outfit." — @exaybachay
  • The frugal lady 2
    "Youthful and pretty with just a touch of badass. The all black and white set draws attention because of the high contrast, which I also like." — @exaybachay
  • The Perfect Pair of Jeans
    "I'm surprised by how many designers chose jeans as their splurge item! Of course, these jeans are great. I like how the brightly colored bags pull out the slightly more muted shades of the same colors from the top." — @exaybachay
  • In the Bag
    "I really like this top, and apparently, I am not alone! I really love the way both of these designers styled this top, and it shows that it can be versatile. I especially like the metallic filagree on the flats." — @exaybachay
  • Take my breath away...
    "This very classy ensemble would be perfect for any business casual job or conference. I really love the scarf and how it picks up the neutrals in the outfit and adds a pop of pink." — @exaybachay
  • ***
    "I love how this whole set works together. Each piece references a color or two in the purse, which is pretty and fun itself. The ombre earrings and the fringe on the sweater prevent the bag from hogging all the spotlight. :)" — @exaybachay
  • Cream and Coral
    "Those jeans are saved in my favorites as well, so I understand using them as the splurge piece. I am really wowed by those shoes, though. They are very cute, and the colors of the tops draw emphasis to them." — @exaybachay
  • supa dupa
    "I really like this combination, especially the dress with the boots. It is totally understandable why someone would splurge on those boots." — @exaybachay
  • Givenchy Splurge
    "I love sets where both the outfit is fantastic, and the layout is very visually appealing and complimentary. This set is a great example." — @exaybachay
  • splurge tweed jacket
    "I think it is clear at first look that the jacket is a splurge with that very well-tailored ruffle. However, it is not clear until closer inspection that the other items are not splurges. They go so well together that they look made for each other." — @exaybachay
  • Terrific Teal
    "@mariamk1 did an amazing job matching the teal of her splurge piece, the coat, with the other items. I love that the outfit works even when the coat is off." — @exaybachay
  • shoe splurge
    "Only a few items make up this very simple set, but even in its thumbnail, it really pops and draws the eye in. The outfit is very cute and the model's expression is hard to look away from." — @exaybachay
  • The Call of the Wild
    "This is a second time this set has been included in one of my collections, and I think it deserves it. The bag is fabulous, the model is fierce, and the ensemble is eclectic." — @exaybachay
  • Untitled #406
    "This fun and sexy set would be great to dance in. It does not have a splurge item -- every piece is under $50, and it all comes from Target. Target should sponsor this set!" — @exaybachay
  • End of Summer
    "These are not only great individual pieces, but their combination is very pretty. It's clear that the inspiration for most of the outfit came from the photo. I don't know what inspired @wiferichie to add the baby blue, but it was a fantastic choice." — @exaybachay
  • Splurge contest entry #1
    "This is like the hipster version of business casual -- a thing I like very much. I love the pop of burgundy, and how the accessories (even down to the lipstick) match each other so well." — @exaybachay
  • .
    "This set is so classy-hipster-nerdy (all good things)! If Audrey Hepburn were going to be in a present-day version of Funny Face, this is what she would wear. I would love to go to a poetry reading where this person is performing." — @exaybachay
  • the girl with the ____ tattoo.
    "When @mercimasada splurges, she REALLY splurges. This gorgeous dress is over six thousand dollars! It's beautiful, though, and very well accessorized." — @exaybachay
  • Brown leather boot splurge
    "@shemomjojo found some really great deals for this ensemble, including $32 jeans and a $38 bag from Kohls. The colors in the bag are fun and really tie the outfit together, and that wasn't even the splurge piece!" — @exaybachay
    "The vivid pink suede pumps are the splurge piece in this cute set. I love it that all the quotes in the picture relate to the theme of the outfit -- young and girly." — @exaybachay
  • Splurge
    "This set looks SOOOO comfy, and I adore the colors. The poncho went over by $2 (!), but that's OK, because 1) it's optional, and 2) it's only $2!" — @exaybachay
  • "If" I get Married, it's a start
    "This designer did not use any splurge items that I can see. I wish more brides would find beautiful but inexpensive dresses like this one for their bridesmaids. It would make being a bridesmaid less stressful." — @exaybachay
  • Leavin´ from the winter
    "Interestingly, there is underwear BEHIND the dress in this set, invisible, but exactly where you would expect it. I love the combination of the shoes and the bag." — @exaybachay
  • This Is Why They Call Me Hipster...
    "This very inexpensive set is also very eclectic, and definitely shows the personality of the designer." — @exaybachay

three comments

Wrote three years ago
totally laughed at your description of my set!! too cute! many thanks for the add, and great contest idea!

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
Sets are great, but I enjoyed your comments as well.
Great job!


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