Future Enrollment

Name: Adenium Hikari
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Looks: Adenium is so enchanting yet Very Elegant,
Nose: perfect, spotless, button nose
Eyebrows: polished sharp eyebrows.
her hair falls gracfully past her chest, it has the precise color of a hot choco with shininess throughout it, it always has volume no matter what it's been through,it's never messy as she takes great care of it....she fixs it every morning and evening.
Eyes her eyes are the color of Chocolate Hersheys, gorgeous and huge and framed and hugged by an extremely thick, long, and black lashes, defining her face adequately.
Skin: her skin is the color of cream, soft, spotless, clean, and free of unwanted hair or damaging...almost like a babies skin her lips are pink and are full. Adenium doesn't consider herself tall but i guess at 5'8 feet she wouldn't really get it from her point of view.

Personality: Adenium has a head for ideas - and she is good at improving systems.Logical and strategic, she prefers for everything in your life to be organized.
she tends to be a bit skeptical. She's both critical of herself and of others.Independent and stubborn,she tends to only befriend those who are a lot like her.
In love, She's are always striving to improve her relationship.
She have strong ideas of what love should be like.
At work,Adenium excels in figuring out difficult tasks. People think of her as "the brain."
How She sees herself: Elegant,Reasonable, knowledgeable, and competent.When other people don't get She, they see her as: Spoiled,Aloof, controlling, and insensitive,Adenium may think of herself as the ice queen, she admits it, she's often in a bad mood.And it's those around she who often bear the brunt of she annoyance, even if they haven't done anything wrong!Ouch, she's got a heart of steel, and she doesn't mind throwing out cutting insults to whomever she hates.
Those who know Adenium well know not to mess with her. And those who don't know her well are plain scared of her!,Adenium was a master despeptionest at the age of seven,she watched shows where the girls could lies straight to someones face and make it 100% believable,she took those things in and one day she just because a manipulting,desepionest.
Hometown:London England
Biography: Adenium was born on a cool day in the Late afternoon; ,the sky was a gorgeous azure,The sun was setting and the moon was rising,The birds were headed home and the owls were waking up. Adenium opened her Soft Elegant wondering eyes and from then she was was bond to the Late afternoons. years progressed and Adenium grew to absolutely Hate alot of things because she father was never around so her anger blinded her from seeing the true beauty in life,Ofcourse Adenium"s Passion was Makeup and Hair, Honestly she would spend hours taking pictures of different hair styles and makeup work and would post them all over her room walls She's even practice on her little brothers hair and her moms makeup sometimes,Then again she's not all glam and no pain.... Adenium has a saying that she got from her favorite song "There will be beauty from pain" you see she has afew dark things about her...for one her father let her know that he hated her ,Two she can be abit heartless because of that. but she tries to be queen-like,like her mother who was with a wedding planning team, her mothers passions are also classical music, and flower stands, ....and football for some odd reason...but she still loves her.
Secret:She Dislikes Guys but that only because the only male which was her father...left her,she wants a close friend who will stand by her always.

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