[I had so much fun writing this, I don't even mind if I don't get in haha. She's a rehash of my past IAS character whom I didn't have the chance to write for!]

name: Ebony Murcutt
the one who’s going back to college
age: 23
hometown: Brisbane
college major: architecture 
current job: student and live-in "maid"
living situation: bumming out in her boyfriend's apartment
relationship(s): two and a half years with Benjamin Thompson [Ben Barnes]
style/look: the girly tomboy, loves sandals and shoulder bags. 
her straggly dirty blonde hair has never changed its style or colour ever since she turned five. reasonably nice, if plain, features, grey eyes, short torso, legs that go on forever.
model: dree hemingway
bio: A self proclaimed "coolest hipster-geek ever" whose theme song is the entire star was soundtrack, Ebony has it easier than most of her peers. At least, that's how it looks to other people. Ebony has never felt that having a world renowned architect for a grandfather was a walk in the park. Because of that, not only was she pressurised by her parents to pursue a degree in architecture, she had to struggle to keep up the good name of the Murcutts even though she hated studying architecture. When she was once again forced to work in her dad's design firm after graduation, she decided that enough was enough. The certificate from the university of new south wales was torn up by her, and she resolutely moved out from her parents house to her boyfriend's. That was one year ago, and she's now the happy new student of university of melbourne, studying veterinary science. But she'd like it better if her boyfriend's crazy mother and younger brother would stop trying to break them up. 
reads: an avid reader, just don't give her cheesy romance. Sci-fi, murder, mystery and classics. Currently re-reading 'the hobbit', 'the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' as well as 'extremely loud and incredibly close'. also a huge fan of stephen king and john grisham. 
listens to: foo fighters, queen, the beatles, coldplay, the killers, aerosmith, star wars soundtracks
watches: doctor who, supernatural, x-files, white collar, the office, big bang theory, the mentalist, any movie that happens to be showing in the cinema, unless it's a sappy romance movie or rom-coms.
always in her bag: iPod, paper clips, cat brush, dental floss, lip balm, diary, pens with no caps, chewing gum, comb
biggest fear: not being able to graduate. also hairy spiders.
biggest wish: graduate, for the second time, magna cum laude 
biggest regret: accidentally eating cheese on her first date, not a pretty sight when you're lactose intolerant. 
biggest secret: besides glenn murcutt being her grandfather? then probably the fact that she's dating a big shot movie director?
favourite quote: "I find your lack of faith disturbing." - Darth Vader
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