"The future is now. It's time to grow up and be strong. Tomorrow may well be too late." - Neil LaBute

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1. Sadly, spring break has been over for nearly a week. It went by too fast, as usual. I had sometime to relax and hang out with friends, but I got a lot of school work done. Overall I'd say it was a pretty successful break. 

2. One of the films I watched over break was Blue is the Warmest Color. It's about a young French girl (not really girl, young woman) who's life is basically changed when she sees and then meets another young French woman with blue hair. Obviously there's more to it than that, but that's the very basic idea. You may have heard of it because when it came out it was quite controversial because of the graphic sex scenes, nothing violent just very graphic; thus it's rated NC-17. Other than the sex, it's a beautiful movie. Wonderfully acted and written. I definitely recommend it. It's on Netflix, so check it out and let me know what you think!

3. So I think I may great plans for this summer and I'm super excited about it. I won't say exactly what it is because I don't wanna jinx it. If it falls through then I'll be disappointed, but at least I have the opportunity. Hopefully it works out. Fingers crossed!

4. I'm finished with my Peace Corps application. It's so weird. In a year from now I'll, most likely, be living in a completely different country.... I am so pumped! I had to write to two essays, really shorts ones 250-500 words each, and sent them to a friend so she could check them over. I sent them to her Thursday and she said she'd have them back by Sunday (this past Sunday). That didn't happen, so she's told me she wouldn't have them to me until Tuesday. I still have not received them! Ugh! So frustrating because I really wanna get this application done. That kinda spoiled my mood Tuesday, and even today I'm a little pissed. I just moved on without her notes, I'm a good writer and I just revised them on my own. gah! Sorry, it's just super frustrating. 

5. I started working on my Judaic studies paper today and I was still a little fuzzy on the topic. My original idea was to look at how Jewish culture influenced the X-Men. Then I decided that's not quite what I wanted to do so I switched my topic to how the Holocaust has shaped comic books/graphic novels. It's actually really fascinating. I was never really a superhero kinda person (except for Spiderman, I love Spiderman), but after reading about some of the comics, X-Men in particular, I have a new appreciation for the genre. Seriously, I read an article on how Magneto was a Holocaust survivor and how he's trying to avoid another Holocaust-like event against the mutants. It was never really a subject that interested me before, but seriously so interesting. There's this one article, its quite short, that I can recommend if anyone's interested. 

So I think that's all for now my dears! Bless you if you read all of this!

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