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Full Name: Erica Ophelia Butler.
Age: Soon to be sixteen.
Nationality: Australian
Hometown: Sydney, Australia

{ O V E R V I E W }
Exotic, impeccable and unique, Erica captures many's attention as she passes by, trailing the glorious scent of `Light Blue` by Dolce&Gabbana.
{ H A I R }
Luxurious, thick, rich and shiny tumble her satin-like waves of chocolate brown hair, halting at the crevice of her back, sleeker and smoother than Michael Kors shine conditioner.
{ F A C I A L F E A T U R E S }
Eyes: Two impeccably wide, striking glassy, sea green eyes, vividly colored and shaped catlike, lie under a pair of defiantly arched and perfectly plucked eyebrows. If you look closely, her eyes have specks of cinnamon, violet and ice blue. A dense forest of onyx colored eyelashes rim her bright eyes unrealistically.
Nose: In between her two gorgeously high cheekbone sits a hardly rolled up ski-slope nose, the kind so divine and feminine even a nose job can't recreate.
Lips: Due to her origins, she has the plumpest, oh-so-kissable cupids-bow lips that curve so sharply they resemble two high and majestic mountains. Those luscious, voluptuous lips are always shaped into a model-like pout or a seductive cornered smile, contoured with there natural salmon pink shade and always designer glossed.
{ B O D Y & S K I N }
Her body is sexy, enchanting, and completely envious. She has a slim, slender svelte figure with slight curves in the right places, and is a dainty dress size 2. Her skin, slightly pale and Champagne-colored, develops to a creamy color in winter, and is moisturized and hydrated casually.

Personality: Erica's personality is the perfect match to a Chandelier; golden, glowing, expensive, but that luxurious cover will fool you until it falls on your head and you end up int he hospital. She will tell you straight up whether she likes you or not, or thinks you are too cheap or not worth her time. She will do most anything to climb up to the top of the popularity tower.

Biography: Erica Ophelia Butler was born, bred and raised to an very wealthy, affluent family in Sydney, Australia. Her mother, a famous former supermodel, taught her all she knows. Erica didn't learn to walk, she learned to catwalk. Erica didn't learn to doodle, she learned to sketch. And that is why she started modelling at such a young age. She started out at small jobs, but as she was older, she got into bigger more expensive designer companies. Her biggest accomplishments yet are being a star in the fall / winter Chanel/Louis Vuitton/ Miu Miu fashion show, being in quite a few editorials for Elle France and Vogue U.K. She was also invited and accepted to be a part of the Victoria's Secret collection this year, and hopefully the ones after it..

Family / Background:
`Mother - Jacqueline Butler - Legendary supermodel`
`Father - Marcus Butler - Owner of a large trading company`
`Sister - Chantelle Butler - College Graduate`

Her family owns many cars, but her favourite are the nude pink Porsche Carerra and the sterling silver lamborghini. She also owns the newest designer edition iPhone 5, and a glossy black Apple computer. She also owns a tuxedo kitten, Pumpkin Pie.

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