gσℓ∂єη ℓσ¢кѕ, ѕραякℓу ƒяσ¢кѕ αη∂ нσт ¢нσ¢

ƒυℓℓ ηαмє ; Arianna-Jade Rosenthall
αgє ; Eighteen
ρяσησυηcιαтση ; A-ree-arn-a- Jay-d Rows-en-thaw-ll
∂αтє σƒ вιятн ; 21st September, 1994
ρℓαcє σƒ вιятн ; Los Angeles, California
нσмєтσωη ; Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
ρєяѕσηαℓιту ; Arianna is a cute and crazy party animal. She's also a bxxch, remember this!
ℓσηg вισgяαρну ; The great times began for Arianna's parents when she opened her gorgeous big brown eyes on a cool breezy night, with the moonlight shining through the hospital window. They knew she was destined for better things than the American lifestyle. She's been travelling all over the world and seen more than most humans will ever see, helping her daddy's acting career take off. Her mother, is the trophy wife. She's a model and despite Arianna thinking she's 'ancient, still get's second, third and even FIFTH glances at her age!
Arianna clearly takes after her, with her gorgeous platinum blonde hair and petite tanned figure. Her delicate features and kissable lips are a bit of a give a way. Her sister Marilyn takes more after her father, darker hair and wonderous curves, but the same kissable lips and beauty as the other females in the family.
Arianna's family has decided to give Arianna an education, and help her settle in to Pastel.Prep. Her older sister Marilyn has moved with her, being Twenty-Four, and has purchased a lovely sea front penthouse in the Upper East Side, where Arianna will stay during the holidays. Arianna looks forward to her new life with great enthusiasm.
ƒαмιℓу ; Mike Rosenthall - 37 - Gorgeous Actor, nominated sxxiest man alive 17 years running / Father
Daniella Rosenthall - 33 - Drop Dead Gorgeous Model / Mother
Marilyn Rosenthall - 24 - Has recently been accompanied with a manager and modelling contract / Older Sister

gσσ∂ ρσιηтѕ ; She is caring, kind and charismatic
вα∂ ρσιηтѕ / ƒℓαωѕ ; Sometimes goes too far and things get out of hand during disputes with fellow piers
∂єєρ ѕєcяєт ; Let's just say things haven't always been perfect for Miss Arianna.
ℓιкєѕ ; Boys, boys, boys, Facebook, Partying, Alcohol, Designer Labels, Make-up, Straighteners, Experimenting with Hair, Hot Chocolate, Manipulating Others, Kissing xx.
∂ιѕℓιкєѕ ; Freaks, Plastics, Wannabes, Try-Hards, Clingy People, Emos and Not Kissing xx.
нσввιєѕ ; Texting, Shopping, Applying Make-up, Dancing, Updating Facebook Status, Instagramming, Partying, Drinking and Kissing xx.
ℓσηg яσℓєρℓαу ѕαмρℓє ; Pulling up in my Bugatti Veyron, I check my appearance in my rear view mirror. Dazzling, as always. The reflection gives a cute smile then disappears as I step out of the car, one bejewled sandal at a time.
A breeze swishes through my platinum blonde as I walk onto the concrete, the sandals slapping against it. I grin as everyone stops and stares, boys mouths wide open. I run a tanned hand through my platinum blonde locks se%ily, making guys drool.
My belly button piercing on my flat tanned stomach glints against the sun as I set foot on the sand, it squishing between my toes. Finding a shady spot on the beach, I sit down, reading a magazine. After a while, I decide to go for a surf. I brush off sand from my Limited Edition One of a Kind Bikini* and grab my board. I crash into the waves, paddling to find a big wave. When I set eyes on my target, I pop up and go for it, surfing it perfectly. I see millions of pairs of eyes on me, some with mouths below hanging wide open and some drooling. Sea salt sprays up at me and the waves become rough on account of how far out I am. I smile and ride them, happy to be back in America's arms.
*The bikini is a One of a Kind. It's black and strapless, with a VS in sequins almost engraved into the right cup.
∂єѕιяє∂ cℓιqυє ; Patel Posse, honey.
∂єѕιяє∂ нσυѕє ; House of Catherine

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