• DOUBLE LIFE Kayture
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    One of my favorite periods of the year to play around with fashion is definitely fall/winter. It is the perfect time to
    Hey my loves! I am happy to kick off the week-end with this dreamy set of images that I was truly thrilled to s
  • Escala de color
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    Jugar con tonos similares para crear degradados de raíces a puntas es otra alternativa. En este caso, se trabajaron los medios altos (las raíces de dejaron sin color) con un tono púrpura que en las puntas se transformó en un rosa energy. Por detrás se jugó con otro binomio infalible de colores: azul y verde.
  • Home - Lovely Pepa by Alexandra
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  • burgundy
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    Back to work after an AMAZING weekend in Valencia with the Gas Jeans family. I will share with you some of the great moments in these past three days, but you can’t figure out how much I laughed. I’m voiceless though! But now I must focus and do some planning… I’ve got some personal projects …