The end is near the end is near, these words heard since man could hear.
Chariots of fire from high in the skies, soaring down to the Earth, brimming with fire.
The Trilogy is ancient, since before time even began, and yet, mankind seems unaware of it's ruling , it's trumpets calling....what it heralds , what it means.
Eyes ablaze, will it be love or hate, when the end is here, what is our fate?
Stars will shine against a space so black, a deep black of emptiness, endless and cold, and what perhaps may we see if we dare look, what indeed.
The galaxy's war paint, for there are no places to hide, not enough space to live or die, spinning spinning, expanding endlessly, war paint, the galaxy's war paint,
when the end is here.
Set and words by Linda Caricofe...and to all on Polyvore land, good night, teehehehehehehe
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