Gallagher Academy

Roommate assignments:
Cammeron Morgan, Elizabeth Sutton, Rebecca Baxter, and Macey McHenry
Tina Walters, Eva Alvarez, and Kim Lee
Mick Morrison, Anna Fetterman, and Michelle Kaither
Alischa Stewart and Laura Brennan
Meagan Peters and Cecile Agathy
Courtney Bauer, Lucy Brethers, and Maya Davis
  • Gallagher Academy
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    "Gallagher Academy" — @faithnr
  • ♥ Erin Bubley Heatherton ♥
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    "Cameron "Cammie" Morgan
    Daughter of the headmistress. Cammie is very bright and skilled in combat. Her specialty is blending in with her surroundings. She's a brave girl. Best friends are Liz, Bex and Macey. She likes Zach." — @faithnr
    Welcome! My favorite model is Erin Heatherton, hence the name fuckyeaherinbubley (: -------- ** *I...
  • Tumblr
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    "Elizabeth "Liz" Sutton
    Liz is the genius of the school. She's always coming up with inventions and experiments. She's very loyal to her best friends. She's also extremely sensitive. And she's a KLUTZ. Best friends are Cammie, Bex, and Macey. Likes Jonas." — @faithnr
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  • Chic Big Curls Long Hair Style Long Hairstyles pictures
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    "Rebecca "Bex" Baxter
    This British girl is very headstrong. She's never afraid to speak up. And she's always trying to protect her friends. Best friends are Cammie, Liz, and Macey. Likes Grant." — @faithnr
    Sport a high street look with this chic big curls long hair style. Use hot rollers to add volume to your tresses. Run your fingers through the curls for more definition.
  • Cher Lloyd
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    "Macey McHenry
    Macey is basically the rebel. She's skilled in combat. She sometimes holds back her feelings. She's super great to her friends Cammie, Bex, and Liz. Might have feelings for Preston." — @faithnr
  • Google Image Result for
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    "Tina Walters
    Tina is the gossip of the school. She's always coming up with rumors and blurting out questions. Her mom owns a gossip collum in a magazine so she knows all the latest things. Almost. Best friends are Kim and Eva." — @faithnr
  • Hair Fringe - Straight
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Kim Lee
    Kind of a shy girl. Very good with computers but not so good at combat. She's working on her skills. Best friends are Tina and Eva." — @faithnr
    Brand from South Korea: GABALNARA. Color: Dark Black, Natural Black, Natural Brown, Chocolate Brown, Orange Brown, Red Brown, Materials: "Prima-H" Heat Friendly Synthetic Material * 120 C up to 130 C Heat Recommended. No Dye. No Perm., Size: One Size : Total Length 26cm, Width 13cm, Care: Hand Wash Only
  • Vanessa Hudgens Sexy, Tousled Hairstyle
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    "Eva Alvarez
    Sweet girl. She's an expert with weapons and physical combat. She's very exciting about the new school year. Best friends are Tina and Kim." — @faithnr
  • 35+ Beautiful And Trendy Hairstyles For Long Hair
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    "Mick Morrison
    Extremely delicate appearence, which fools a lot of people. She can be extremely agressive when it comes to fighting. But mostly she's very calm and quiet. Best friend is Anna." — @faithnr
    I hope you will like our these hairstyles for long hair and these pictures will help you to get best one hairstyle so enjoy these beautiful hair styles.
  • Redheads They pretty much make my world go round (37 Photos)
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    "Anna Fetterman
    Though she's in a spy school she's quite artistic. In her spare time she paints and draws. She is really great at observation and stealth. Best friend is Mick." — @faithnr
  • Beauty
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    "Alischa Stewart
    She's hacked into every government facility known. She often outshines Liz when it comes to the techy things. Best friends are DeeDee and Laura." — @faithnr
    New collection for Spring 2011 from Clarins is ready. You can choose shiny shades, lipstick and blushes from Neo Pastels makeup collection.
  • Cora Keegan by Frida Marklund for Fashion Gone Rogue
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    "Courtney Bauer
    She's a pretty good spy. People call her top of her class. She's one of the oldest in the school but a grade behind. But she's always proving herself. Best friends are Maya Davis and Lucy Brethers." — @faithnr
    Summer Time Babe - Photographer Frida Marklund and stylist Ryan Richmond fully embrace summer with these images shot for FGR's latest exclusive. Model Cora
  • Tumblr
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    "Laura Brennan
    Laura is considered the shyest of the school. She's very down to earth and delicate. Her best language is French so you can often hear her whisper in French. Best friends are Alischa and DeeDee." — @faithnr
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  • Fuck Yeah Karen Gillan!
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    "Cecile "Ceci" Agathy
    Ceci is a very bright and spunky girl. She's always ready to get down to business when it comes to her classes. Her bright red hair reflects her personality perfectly. Best friend is Meagan." — @faithnr
    This is a blog dedicated to Karen Sheila Gillan, best known for her portrayal of Amy Pond on the...
  • Emma Stone Make Up Tutorial Beauty Blogger Tanya Burr Tells Us How To Get The Actress' Winged Eyeliner Look
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    "Lucy Brethers
    Newest at Gallagher. She's very naive and really hasn't found all the secrets yet so she trusts Courtney and Maya to help her. Best friends are Courtney and Maya." — @faithnr
    Today I will be giving you guys a step by step guide to actress Emma Stone's signature make up look...
  • Jade <3 Jade Thirlwall
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    "Meagan Peters
    Meagan is the rebel rocker type. She loves sneaking out and bending the rules. She's great at stealth and defense. Best friend is Ceci." — @faithnr
    Photo of Jade <3 for fans of Jade Thirlwall submitted by lottietommo 31713383
  • Shay Mitchell talks Fears, Shopping, and Pretty Little Liars
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    "Maya Davis
    She's an exotic beauty. People thinks she only gets good grades for her looks. But that's not true. She's incredibly smart and an almost expert spy. She needs a bit of help in the disguise dept. Best friends Courtney and Lucy" — @faithnr
    On Monday, Small Screen Scoop was part of a conference call with Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars.) Although we don’t have the full transcript yet, we...
  • DariaUntouchable,sitemodel on
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    "Michelle Kaither
    Michelle is a very laid back girl. She is pretty talented when it comes to chemicals. But she prefers to just listen. Best friend is Elizabeth Solomon." — @faithnr
  • Taylor Swift To Bottle Her Love Stories
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    "DeeDee Hart
    DeeDee doesn't go to the Gallagher Academy, but she is best friends with two girls who go here. She's on the cheer squad at her highschool. Best friends are Alischa and Laura. She's dating Josh." — @faithnr
    The singer has signed a deal with Elizabeth Arden to create a range of fragrances.
  • Twitter
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    "Elizabeth Solomon
    Daughter of Joe Solomon. She doesn't go to the academy but often hangs out there. She's often found observing the classes to get a feel for the school. Best friend is Michelle." — @faithnr
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  • Tumblr's One Direction Updates
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    "Zachary "Zach" Goode
    Goes to Blackthrone academy and is visiting GA. He's very secretive and often refers to himself as a "spy." He's a mystery to all. He's considered dangerous. He really likes Cammie and is trying to protect her." — @faithnr
    Idk man I just really love One Direction. :) A lot. ;)
  • One Direction
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    Goes to Blackthrone too.
    Very strong and manly. Girls fawn over him. He likes Bex." — @faithnr
  • Tumblr
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    Goes to Blackthrone.
    Very technical. He likes the techy things and he's extremely smart. He likes Liz." — @faithnr
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  • Teen Idols 4 You : Picture of Logan Lerman in General Pictures
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    "Josh Abrams
    Goes to school with DeeDee. He's a sweet boy who originally dated Cammie. Now dating DeeDee. He might still have feelings for Cammie." — @faithnr
  • Josh Hutcherson Photos - 2010 Breakthrough Of The Year Awards - Arrivals - Zimbio
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    "Preston Winters
    Son of the man running for president. He's very funny. He's always trying to look manly and impress Macey who he really likes." — @faithnr
  • Hairstyles
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    "Headmistress Rachel Morgan
    Mother of Cammie. She runs the school." — @faithnr
    Get inspiration for wedding day hair by flipping through our gallery of the best formal celebrity hairstyles at every hair length.
  • Wavy Hairstyles Wedding Dresses
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    "Agent Abigail Cameron
    Sister of Rachel and aunt of Cammie. She's a spy who was sent to look over Macey. Now she just hangs around the school." — @faithnr
  • Katerina Psoma Necklace | Vintage Elements Necklace
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Madame Dabney
    Teaches Culture and Assimilation and Drivers Education" — @faithnr
    Women's necklace from Greek designer Katerina Psoma. This beautifully handcrafted necklace has a stylish vintage feel. The curl shapes and twisted rope effect give this piece a stylish edge. The aqua coloured hanging stone adds an elegant touch to the Katerina Psoma necklace. Jules B proudly presents the Katerina Psoma Sale. Katerina Psoma SSN1215 NECKLACE sale. Vintage elements necklace. Twisted rope effect. Large hanging aqua stone. Vintage look. Symmetrical curl-shaped details. Genuine brass.
  • Helen Mirren Replaces Bette Midler in Mamet-Written, Pacino Produced ‘Phil Spector’
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    "Professor Buckingham
    Teaches History of Espionage" — @faithnr
  • Wedding Hairstyles
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    "Catherine Goode
    Mother of Zach. Runs Blackthrone. Not the nicest woman." — @faithnr
  • ryan_gosling_01.jpg 449×514 pixels
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    "Joe Solomon
    Teaches Covert Operations" — @faithnr
  • Gallagher Academy [Dont use!]
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    "Front of the School" — @faithnr
  • The Royal Academy of Arts RolePlayGateway
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    "Outside of the School" — @faithnr
    Welcome to the Royal Academy of Arts. The Royal Academy of Arts is where futures are made, and dreams become reality.
  • iron gate
    More info
    "Iron Gate" — @faithnr
  • Red Barn Barn Picture Barn Photograph 4x6 Photograph - Free Shipping
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "P&E Barn" — @faithnr
    Original Red Barn me...Thomas M. YOU GET: A 4' x 6" image printed on 5"x7" photographic paper, which provides a 1/2" white border surrounding the image to make framing easier. Zoom the picture to see the border. Matte finish color photograph professionally lab printed. NOTE: Prints are made to order. We will ship your photograph within 3 business days from purchase/payment date. Thank You. Free Shipping. This image is protected by copyright.
  • Willow Tree and Pond, Lewisburg, West Virginia, April 2011--8 x 10 fine art photo
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Gallagher Pond
    You don't want to go swimming there" — @faithnr
    One nice thing about pretty towns like Lewisburg is that you can walk a little ways from your motel room and see this kind of natural beauty. As more and more of the U.S. gets paved over, I am increasingly grateful for such "undeveloped" scenes. This listing is for an unframed 8 x 10 in. color print, professionally printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. It will be labelled, dated, and signed on the reverse. Please add a note indicating whether you would prefer matte or glossy finish. Other print sizes available upon request. This image may also be ordered as a greeting card with a 4 x 6 frameable photo. Take joy in getting off the beaten path .... ~Patsy
  • Foscarini Giga Lite Floor Lamp
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Sublevel One" — @faithnr
    Design Marc Sadler, 2004. Stainless steel, fiberglass, carbon. Made in Italy by Foscarini. As a classic style floor lamp, Giga lite offers unique yet stylish features. Giga lite features adjustable height, a fiberglass diffuser with a black carbon thread and a brushed stainless steel frame. A beautiful collection for any public or private setting. A designer, Marc Sadler has worked a long time in the sports sector, where he's experimented with new materials and innovative production processes. He has also worked successfully in furnishing and consumer products. The Giga family consists of suspension and floor lamps. Lamp: 61" - 68.9" h | shade: 19.75" dia. | 15.75" h. Requires 3x150W E26 type A19 frosted incandescents or 3x25W E26 dimmable compact fluorescents.
  • Staging a vacant house
    More info
    "Sublevel Two" — @faithnr
    Home staging is an important marketing technique for selling homes, whether they are furnished or vacant. Important points to remember about vacant properties are: * People buy «Homes» and not «Houses»: it’s therefore essential to give them the feeling of a «Home» and you certainly won’t be able to achieve that with an empty space! * A vast majority of people (over 90%) can’t imagine what a house could look like with furniture in it and they have nothing to compare their own furnishings to in an empty space. Did you know that a room actually looks smaller empty than properly furnished? * With nothing to focus on except the bare space, the negatives will become more apparent to prospective buyers. * A vacant house gives an impression of a desperate situation and you can expect to get lower offers than otherwise. So, to sell your property fast and for most money, what do you need to do?
  • warehouse bricks - 3D design by terri0181
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Sublevel Two" — @faithnr
  • Painted hardwood floor? OR ?
    More info
    "Observation Room" — @faithnr
    This forum is for the discussion of issues related to home decorating and interior design, like how to tastefully incorporate the wonderful antique commode you inherited from Aunt Martha into your thrift-store decor--without it looking totally declassé.
  • Connecticut Home
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    "Other Dining Hall" — @faithnr
    Connecticut Home
  • Queluz Palace in Lisbon The Ball Room The...
    More info
    "Ballroom 2" — @faithnr
    Queluz Palace in Lisbon The Ball Room The Ballroom, the last of the palace’s three largest rooms, was designed by Robillon in 1760. The ormolu Rococo ornament takes the form of heavy gilding to the...
  • Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza
    More info
    "Lower Ballroom
    For parties the students have" — @faithnr
  • File Dickinson College 18 College classroom.jpg
    More info
    "Classroom 1" — @faithnr
  • U. S. Air Force Academy Classroom Air Force
    "Classroom 2" — @faithnr
  • College Classroom
    More info
    "Classroom 3" — @faithnr
  • The English Rose Tea Room Gifts Yelp
    More info
    "Madame Dabney's Tea Room" — @faithnr
    Photos of The English Rose Tea Room & Gifts - Pleasanton, CA

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