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name: allison "ally" cornelia page
age: 21
birthday: march 20th
rank: senior officer cadet
hometown: memphis, tennesse
style: anything that comes to her mind but she loves jeans
biography: Ally was born in a middle class family with 3 older brothers while she's the youngest. Growing up around guys made her more of a tomboy which led her to join a cadet school since 13, making her one of the young officer cadets with a few more others. Despite being the rough one out, Ally can be very sweet and sensitive too but only people close to her get to witness that side of her. She's straight forward and stubborn, which made her even more harder to catch. But deep down, she's not that bad but beware of her dirty tongue, she isn't scare of using it.
model: clara alonso
taken by: єℓαιиє™

▶ Tell us about you.
- Well, with people I know, I'm sweet and sensitive to people I'm close to. I'm more of a tomboyish person and I'll admit it, I curse a lot. 
▶ How do you see yourself and how do others see you
- I see myself as a confident person. Some people might not like me for being straight forward but majority of them are alright with it and they accept this part of me.
▶ Tell us about the people in your life .
Well, my Dad is like any typical Dad. He can be really strict but only at the right time. He cares for every single one of us and is truly the man of the house. My Mom is very polite and lady-like. All she cares is that we all live a good life in the best way possible. But she wasn't thrilled when she found out I was enrolling into military school a few years back. Benjamin, Ben, my eldest brother is very protective of me and all of us, worst than my Dad. He's really the big brother of the family and we all love him for that. My second brother, Caleb is the naugthy one since growing up. He's the wild child and messes around, not to mention he's a player. Nobody can tame him down. As for Aaron, my third and last brother is the closest to me. He knows everything about me and vice versa. We're just like sticks with glue and are inseperated.
▶ What is your history? Tell us about life growing up.
- I grew up with 3 brothers and I'm the youngest. I practically grew up in a very loving and caring family. My brothers and I look out for each other, while my parents are supporting in so many ways towards us.
▶What are your likes, dislikes, favourite bands, hobbies, etc.
- I like reading, listening to music and exercise while I don't have anything much that I dislike aside from snobbish people and spoilt brats.
▶Finally, If there was a quote to describe you, what would it be?
- i'm a penny in a diamond mine.

Answer these questions out of character-
▶Why do you want to be a part of this roleplay?
- I think that this roleplay idea is really fresh and I don't think I've come across such roleplay.
▶What other roleplays are you in and do you think you will be able to make at least one set a week (preferably more)?
- I'm in NYCS, BMM, LST, BDR. Others are currently paused or stopped so I think I can manage one more group :)
▶List your top three choices.
▶Do you have some sort of storyline planned for your character? I only need a simple yes or no because I don’t want people to up and quit after they get the part because they can’t think of anything.
- YES. More or less.
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