An art collage from March 2013
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  • NOVICA Original Buddha Oil on Canvas Painting
    His face aglow with warmth the visage of Buddha is beautifully depicted in this original oil painting by Thai artist Thotsapon. The artist portrays Buddha as he is seen in the Phra Phuttha Sihing one of the most revered images of Buddha. 'This painting had been inspired by faith in Buddhism' the artists comments. 'The red color is represent love greed anger and indulgence.If people don't take something so much to heart it would be peace in both body and mind.'
  • Zen Garden
  • love nest
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  • NOVICA Fair Trade Lacquered Wood Centerpiece
    Inspired by spiritual customs Nantana Sompamitre designs an offering tray of glorious beauty. It is intended to be filled with colorful lotus flowers and placed on an altar in front of Buddha's image. Adorned with sumptuous golden flowers this mango wood offering bowl is covered with several coats of lacquer which Sompamitre prepares from the Gluta usitata tree and ashes of burnt rice paddy husks. Sompamitre executes the florid motifs with a traditional gilding technique called lai rot nam ( watered pattern ). First the patterns are engraved free-hand with a sharp-pointed tool and then the piece is dusted with a wooden powder. The black background is covered with a yellow gummy paint which comes from a tree resin that has been placed in water for a day. After that a thin coat of lacquer is applied to the entire surface and before it dries gold leaf is placed over it. The piece is then left to dry for approximately 20 hours. Finally the whole lacquer ware is thoroughly rinsed in water rinsing out impurities or unattached gold leaf. The result is a piece of rich artistry where shimmering gold engraved designs contrast against a high-gloss black background.
  • NOVICA Painting of Buddha in Orange Palette by Indian Artist
    Artist Tanisha Bakshi beautifully renders the serene face of Buddha in this original acrylic and oil painting. Of her brilliant yellow-orange palette the artist states that 'this painting symbolizes life-giving energy light of truth...The gold lotus flower in the background represents achievement and full enlightenment.'
  • Benzara Textured Silver Meditating Buddha Head Sculpture
    This textured silver sculpture depicts the head of the Buddha. Upon its textured silver finish, this figure is adorned with intricately carved features. br Materials: Polystone Quantity: One (1) Color: As shown in picture Dimensions: 10 inches high,10 inches wide Color: Black.
  • NOVICA Signed Original India Hindu Deity Painting
    His face serene against a background of brilliant red and blue Buddha is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Sunil Jaiswal depicts the reassuring cosmic deity of preservation in India where Vishnu takes on a number of avatars. The work is compelling both for its colors and its extraordinary beauty.
  • Oriental Furniture 17 Inch Standing Prosperity Buddha Statue, Width - 10.5 Inches
    In the west, the "Happy Buddha" is one of the most well known oriental art motifs. However, this stunning standing design, with hands in the air holding the lucky pearl and lucky ingot, may be the least well known motif. This delightful and beautiful rendering of Hotei (in Japanese) or Budai (in Chinese) is sometimes called the "Dancing Buddha". At almost a foot and half, this is the tallest version of the Lucky Buddha we offer. Almost a foot and a half tall "Dancing Buddha" version of the Happy Buddha. Stunning silver and black two tone finish with hand rendered detail. Prosperity bestowing symbolism of arms up raised with lucky pearl; lucky ingot. The tallest of our series of high quality resin Happy Buddha statues. From an outstanding collection of classic Asian art statues; figurines. The detail of this casting is superb. Note the beads, and the wonderfully articulated folds and pattern in his robe, the belt and bow at his waist, and the stuffed bag of plenty he's standing on. This is an exceptional piece of artwork, and the price is such that you don't need to be rich to add it to your collection. If you want to give the gift of happiness, wealth, health, and long life, you can at least give one of these wonderful statues. Tell the recipient to rub the statue's belly, and hope for the best.
  • complicated kisses
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  • NOVICA Three Aged Bronze Buddha Images from Bali
    Little Buddha lifts his face to heaven in a pose of absolute devotion. Crafted of bronze three diminutive figurines from Elayanti in Bali feature an aged antique finish.
  • deserted island
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  • Buddha Quote Sticker Wall Decal
    Decorate your home with beautiful and affordable vinyl decals for your walls. It is the newest home decor trend. It's easy to apply and really makes a room look elegant. Without much effort and cost you can decorate and style your home or any other surface. Putting up these paint-lookalike stickers, vinyl decals will completely change the way your accommodation looks. Its only one solid color, second color inside is the color of your wall or any other surface. Decals can be applied to any clean hard surface This graphic can also be applied to cars Each decal is made of high quality, self adhesive and waterproof vinyl You can remove vinyl without damaging the surface or making it dirty This decal is fully removable Artist: Stickalz Title:Wall Decal Product type: Wall Decor Style: Other Format: Horizontal Size: Medium Subject: Abstract Image dimensions: 22 inches wide x 35 inches long Outer dimensions: 22 inches wide x 22 inches long - 22 inches wide x 35 inches long Color: Black.
  • NOVICA Bronze Buddha Figurines from Java (set of 3)
    Three little Buddhas gesture Confucius maxim hear no evil see no evil speak no evil. Associated with being good of mind speech and action they proverb is expressed through the adorable innocence of these bronze figurines. From Elayanti the statuettes feature pinkish red coats.
  • overthinking
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  • NOVICA Original India Signed Painting of Buddha
    Buddha's serene countenance is a portrait of tranquility in this gentle portrait. Fragrant incense caresses his features in a painting by Sunil Jaiswal. The face of the Enlightened One is bathed in a golden glow.
  • alien love
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  • NOVICA Hand Made Gold Plated Brass Buddha Sculpture from India
    Inspired by the rich traditions of Buddhism Indian artisan Monika Singh presents this handcrafted brass statue plated with 15k gold. Depicting the enlightened one in a calm state of meditation this stunning piece makes an excellent addition to any setting.
  • twilight
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