An art collage from August 2012

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Wrote 4 years ago
@kaycee99 I started with the circular happy item I'd just come across, then added the anatomy couple I've been playing around with for the last week or so. Put 'em in because the vintage illustration colors worked well. Then my thought is always "what is the story here?" The anatomy couple has been speaking to me of the vulnerability of all of us. Then (lightbulb moment) I thought "Garden of Eden" and went looking for the rest of the images I needed. The apple is there, but not very prominent because this is a few weeks before the "Big Event" (I made that last part up just now because I wonder if the apple should be bigger and have more presence, but I don't want to do that).

Wrote 4 years ago
Um . . . hmmm . . . Oh, . . . OK. This is interesting. LOL! When I saw the thumbnail, I thought, "Oh, how pretty and sweet" and then I looked at the large version and saw the anatomy. LOL! It really IS interesting with the butterflies and flowers and fruit, etc. and then the exposed bodies. It really makes you think. I'm never good at trying to figure out what artists are trying to communicate and would really love to know your thought process behind this one. BTW, I saw this in the design and critique group, where we discuss our art, so that's why I'm asking. LOL!

Wrote 4 years ago
Happy it is the weekend!!

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