I will tag my dear @aliicia21 to see what I make... <3

And all who want can do this!!!!

i was tagged by my cute friend @aliicia21
Sorry cuz I didn`t do this earlyer... 
RULES: Tag 20 people and fill out these questions! 

Available: YESSS 
Birthday: 14th December
Crush: Taeyang and T.O.P ♥
Drink You Last Had:Juice
Easiest Person to talk to: my Poly-friends ^^
Favorite Song:Ugly and Love dust
Gummy Bear or Gummy Worms: Gummy Bear :)
Hometown: Uzice :D
In Love:with one PERFECT GUY(S) *________*
Longest Car ride:I don`t remember
Milkshake Flavor: I love all!!!! mmm :3 
Number of Siblings: 3 brothers!!!!! ^______^ 
One Wish: One day visit YG`s concert!!!!!!! :D
Person you called last: My friend :)
Song You Last Sang:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-fA-gBCkj0 :3
Time you woke up: 7:00 am
Underwear Color: White xD
Temperature oustide:AGHH,COLDD!!!!! -.-
What radio station do you listen to:I don`t often listen radio...
Last thing you bought: Chewing gym =)
Last thing you watched on tv:Football match with my brothers xD
Last person you took a picture of: Friend and I
Ever cried your heart out:hmmmm.....I don`t know :/
Ever cried on your friends shoulder: nope :)
EVer cried to sleep: nope xD
Ever cried over the opposite gender:For now,no....But that will be sure! hahah xDD
Do songs make you cry: Yes :/
Are you a happy person:yeaaaaah!!!!!! 
Hair color: Brown :)
I will tag:
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