Style it! (OUTFIT ONLY)

Style it! (OUTFIT ONLY)
Moderated by eilselrenrag and nonniekiss.
As the names says: Style it! A featured item/color - show how you would style it. Outfit only. No FULL FASHION SETS. No backgrounds, no hair photos or hair clip outs, no nail photos, no make up photos, no photos of any kind. Beauty products are worn on the skin, so a few beauty product fillers ARE WELCOME because we chose certain make up to wear with our outfits! One or two fillers that accent the theme of your set are acceptable as well. We DO ALLOW shadows and a few sparkles here and there for enhancement. Fashion accessories ARE all welcome! We do want your set to be as lovely as possible without all of the busy-ness of a full set! Thank you for your entries and reading the guidelines! FOR More CREATIVE contests and sets, see below! =)
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