Sorry if the bio sucks, there’s sort of a lot to explain about Gen but I tried to do it in pieces lol or more-or-less quickly
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Full Name: Genevieve Michelle Harddeker (nee Constantinople) 
Nickname(s): Gen {she hates any other nickname besides that}, Genbot {brother Jace}, Genny {sometimes her parents and siblings}
Age: 45 {April 21st} 
Position: Manager at a the Paris Chanel store 
Height: 5’7” 
Weight: roughly 118lbs 
Eyes: naturally green, wears brown contacts
Hair: naturally dark brown, colors it black 
Skin: Light-Tan
Wand: 14" Walnut Tree, Phoenix Feather
Blood Status: Pure-blood 
Patronus: Coba
Boggart: her own lifeless body
Personality: Incredibly manipulative, infinitely devious, rather heartless at times, somewhat emotionally unstable, 
Bio: There are many things that can change in over twenty five years, but there are a few things that stay the same. For Gen, this was abundantly true for many reasons. Things seemed to come in never-ending circles; she would fall off the wagon and become her alcoholic, angry self, then after much self-punishment and becoming nearly completely recluse, she – or someone that still cared for her – would put her into a rehab program. She would be alright for a little while, until something that she couldn’t handle would come her way, and the cycle would start all over again. Such a cycle ended up getting her pregnant one year. Though she thought that maybe – just maybe – this baby would put her back on the right track, and give her something to obsess over rather than her own problems, when she gave birth to the little girl – that maybe know as Holliday now – she found she couldn’t handle the responsibility of caring for another life, especially one so fragile. 

So she ran, and fell back into her old ways. But after three stints in a rehab center later, she claims that she has officially changed her ways – that she’s trying to be good, and healthy – and even managed to get married; to a rather rich pure-blooded antiquities dealer no less. Yet as she has said all of the bad things from her past have gone to die; it’s all a lie. Though she had tried and tried to stay on the clean path, it was not long into the marriage that Gen discovered that she was no more than a pure-blooded trophy wife; a place-holder while William Harddeker went on his travels and committed act after act of infidelity – mostly with muggle women. Even if quite a few pure-blooded families seemingly despised muggles all-together, he seemed to want to get any kind of ‘flavor’ he so desired on his trips out of the country. 

Gen should have freaked out, she should have filed for divorce and thrown holy hell…but a deeper sense of revenge and manipulation took over; back to the Gen that everyone knew in their late teens. Joining the ranks of witch-superiority, she is yet one of a many that wish to become the ruling class over muggles, but she also has another agenda planned ahead. Banding together with her father-hating newly found Slytherin step-daughter Rio, she wishes to make William pay for everything he’s done to them – disloyalty, neglect, even the suspicious death of Rio’s own mother.

It appears she has everyone fooled – everyone except Imogene, and for that matter Ash. In the raging, and political, war against the muggles, will this ginger girl and her Broadway husband very well be her undoing? Or are they merely yet another tool her Gen’s master plan to get back what she so rightfully believes is hers?
- Over the past 25 years, Gen has worked at a handful of bars, diners, and other places but has rather quit or been fired from all of them.
- Living in Paris, she works as the store-manager of the Chanel anchor store. 
- In going several places all over the world, Gen has learned a bit of Russian and Spanish, and she also knows some Italian from Analeigh, Scorpius and Damon, but is fluent in French.
- Because she worked at several bars, she knows how to mix cocktails and a few spirit drinks, but generally she tries to stay away from alcohol.
- Trying to make it by the times she had no money, Gen has become quite good at slight of hand/pick-pocketing, and catching anyone who tries to do it to her.
- Besides her wand, Gen carries around a dagger attached to her thigh or stomach, and a small gun in her purse – she quite knows how to use the gun. 
- Husband: William Harddeker 
- Children: Holliday Adler-Brigham (adopted by Shia and Noah); Rio Harddeker (not biologically hers) 
- Parents: Athena and Jaq Constantinople 
- Siblings: Jace Constantinople, Bradly Constantinople, Aella Grimm
- Sister(s)/Brother(s)-in-law(s): Mona Constantinople, Mathies Grimm
- Cousins: Lucia Zabini, Luca Zabini, Ivy Sanderson, Izzy Danvers
- Aunt(s)/Uncle(s): Blasé Zabini
- Mother and Father-in-law: - -none that are alive- -
- Close friends: Noemie Nakamura, Analeigh Malfoy, Autumn Potter, Damon Nott
- Godchildren: - -none- -
- She greatly dislikes children, but has befriended her step-daughter Rio in their attempts to ruin Rio’s father William’s life for what he has done to both of them. 
- Due to her green eyes – having her father’s eyes – Daffie began wearing green contacts to appear more to look like her daughter than her father. She also colors her hair black for the same reason.
- Likes ~ Music/Singers/Bands: Vivaldi, Bach, 
- Likes ~ Movies/TV Shows: 1000 ways to die, Project Runway, 
- Likes ~ Books: The Picture of Dorian Gray, 50 Shades of Gray (she finds hit humorous xD), 
- Likes ~ Food: Martinis, foie gras, veal, rare steak, apples, steak tar-tar, saldas, champagne, vodka, bourbon>>
- Likes ~ Random likes: 
- Likes ~ Designers: Dolce&Gabbana, Chanel, Christian Loubitoun, Louis Vitton>>
- Dislikes: Store-bought sushi, cheap bottles of wine, if anyone ‘believes they’re more cunning than she is’, having to wear reading glasses – like ever, 
- Gen’s wedding ring:
- - - she has none. She had all of them removed as part of one of the rehabilitation programs. 
Office/Home: [to be added]
Model: Lana Parrilla - - younger model Lyndsy Fonseca
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