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  • eleanor calder | Tumblr
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    "Hey! I'm Genevieve! You can call me Ginny, though.
    I've lived in Alaska all my life, right on the coast." — @colours-and-shades
  • Eleanor Calder
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    "I love to go to matches! [I don't go that much, however...] This one was baseball, I think." — @colours-and-shades
    My Girl Crush: Eleanor Calder , but im a Larry Stylinson shipper so, shhhhh! :)
  • eleanor calder | Tumblr
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    "I'm usually quite loud, but I am sometimes shy! [Usually around the people I like...haha.]" — @colours-and-shades
  • Louis Tomlinson ‘Girlfriend Eleanor Calder is very down to earth’ Surfme
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    "I love my brother so much, he's the world to me♥" — @colours-and-shades
    -  Louis Tomlinson has said that his girlfriend is sensible and straightforward. The One Direction singer praised model Eleanor Calder, who he has been dating since September last year. ”Elea...
  • Unreality TV
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    "Louie and I at the beach one day in Hawaii, on a trip!" — @colours-and-shades
    Louis Tomlinson is about to kick of his latest tour and over the course of 2013, One Direction will spend almost eight months on the road. The 'Take Me Hom
  • eleanor calder | Tumblr
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    "This is Dani! She was my best friend, she was the daughter of the previous housekeeper. But she moved away a year ago..." — @colours-and-shades
  • Bentley Marie Malik
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    "I love to smile, haha, I'm practically always smiling!" — @colours-and-shades
    Bentley is known as the wild child of the family. But one night, she pushes it to far. What will happen when she is forced to live with her brother Zayn Malik and the boy she can't stand, Harry Styles?
    *****Sequel is sad******
  • Kylie Jenner
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    "Me, this is, like, my favorite photo of me. My eye's look so blue!" — @colours-and-shades
    My name is Adriana & I make edits of Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, & Madison Beer because I love...
  • there's chemicals in the clouds
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    "Whenever I'm alone, I love doing makeup, especially for my eyes! I would find it fun to be a makeup artist, too, but I think I'll stick with surfing." — @colours-and-shades
  • Fond d'ecran Surf en mer - Dessins 896 - Wallpaper
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    "SURFING! Okay, this is totally my passion." — @colours-and-shades
    Fond d'écran Surf en mer - Dessins 896. Gratuitement, telecharger le wallpaper Surf en mer - Dessins 896 de la catégorie Sport. Images gratuites.
  • Sally Fitzgibbons Wins The 2011 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach
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    "Best Moment Ever. Winning the Alaska Surfing Final, and haha, don't ask about what's on my face!" — @colours-and-shades
    After beating Stephanie Gilmore in the semis, the young Aussie gets past current world #1 Carissa Moore for her maiden World Tour victory.
  • Almond Surfboards, Linus Summer Bike with Board Mount almond-surfboard-linus-bicycle-4 –
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    "I also bike, but that's mainly so I can get to the Lake, to surf." — @colours-and-shades
  • Channel Islands Fred Rubble Surfboard
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    "This is my favorite Surfboard, probably. It's not the easiest to master, but once you do, it's great for catching the big waves." — @colours-and-shades
    The Channel Islands Fred Rubble surfboard is junior pro surfer Conner Coffin's signature model. The Fred Rubble is you go-to Channel Island surfboard when the waves are knee high to a little overhead.
  • Surfer's Path Profile Juan Rodriguez of One World Surfboards Products
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    "These are most all of my Shortboards, not a ton, but they're my favorites! I have them all lined up in my room, all 16 of them!" — @colours-and-shades
    After producing my film 'Going With The Flow: Classic California Soul Surfing' I was stoked over surfing history and it's roots from the Golden Age an
  • becuase you are human
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    "Growing up in Varety Manor was hard, we didn't have a lot of friends, since there were no nearby schools. That's why I'm so glad I had Louie! We would always hang out together in the gardens, it was nice having him around." — @colours-and-shades
  • The Cuddle Blog
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    "See? We were best friends when we were younger, and still are, even though there's a two year age difference." — @colours-and-shades
    Because we like to cuddle.
  • louis and eleanor | Tumblr
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    "We went to a concert together, I was on his shoulders the whole time, 'cause I couldn't see. He had pretty bad shoulder pains after!" — @colours-and-shades
  • eleanor calder | Tumblr
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    "This is us up in the Alaska mountains together, not to far from our home." — @colours-and-shades
  • InStyle Editorial Pretty Romantic, September 2010 Shot #4 - MyFDB
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    "This is our aunt, who owns Varety. We came to live with her after our parents died. She's alright, I suppose, but awfully strict." — @colours-and-shades
  • Parker Gregory Male Model 1
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    "I miss my dad, about everyday, really." — @colours-and-shades
    Houston, Texas native Parker Gregory joins our expanding Male Model Mondays selection of models. He's currently managed by Click Model Management and has worked
  • Jennifer Lopez photo, pics, wallpaper - photo #427298
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    "I also miss my mom, practically everyday, too." — @colours-and-shades
  • shewalkedawayquotes on Xanga
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    "This is me, one summer. We went down to the Grand Canyons. It was beautiful!" — @colours-and-shades
  • Protect What's Yours
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    "I really want to go to New York, it's like, my dream!" — @colours-and-shades
    Ask. My face. FAQ. | Instagram: austinield
  • Paris On a Budget Your Definitive Travel Guide
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    "I also dream of going to Paris." — @colours-and-shades
    Ah, Paris! The history, the architecture, restaurants, grand attractions and sites, and wonderful nightlife. A whole package, when it comes to travel. But all that comes at a price that’s often too high. If you have your dreams set on a Paris trip, you should set your budget with planning and realistic expectations.
  • Wave - Tattoo Designs and Tattoos
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    "This is my only tattoo, it symbolizes the salt water that runs through me, keeping me alive. I don't think I could live without the ocean!" — @colours-and-shades
    Wave tattoos, tattoo designs, tattoo pictures Wave
  • Seductive Silence
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    "This is my bedroom, it's pink because I've had it since I was little, but I still love it." — @colours-and-shades
  • Nautical Seascape Print for Ocean Lovers - Island in a Blue Bay - 8x8
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    "If you read all this, here's pat on the back to you! I hope to meet you sometime, bye for now! x" — @colours-and-shades
    Sit back, relax, and imagine the cool salt spray kicking up as you cruise toward a private island in the blue of Narragansett Bay. This photograph was taken during a cruise of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island on a hot summer night. Soothing and serene, this would be lovely in a bathroom, beach cottage, bedroom, or living room. This listing is for an 8x8 color fine art photograph printed on archival photo paper. All prints are signed and dated. As always, other sizes are available upon request.

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