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Name: Gwendolyn Sparks
Age: 18
Based on: Wendy Darling
Believer or non-believer: Non-believer
Likes (at least 6): Tea, pretty things, lace, Taylor Swift, fairy tales, magic tricks, suspending belief, rainy days, meadows
Dislikes (at least 6): Practicality, reality, homework, being in the sun, beaches, swimming, bad luck, garish things
Occupation (if applicable): Student
Personality: Girly, friendly but sometimes quiet, mildly popular, often feels nostalgic about the past
Bio: Gwendolyn Sparks never felt like she fit in. Though she's mildly popular and has a good life, it's boring. She spends her days daydreaming and staring out windows. Sometimes, she lays in meadows, reading a book. If anyone ever found out, of course, she'd be mortified, but she doesn't plan for that to happen. She loves doing magic tricks in her spare time; they help her suspend reality. She's too grounded to really be a believer, but she wishes she could. Something is holding her back, though.
Relationship status: Trying to figure out how to break up with her boyfriend, James Dugan; likes someone else
Model: Jemma Baines
Taken by: Clary


Hi, I'm Gwen. Introduce yourselves!

xx Gwen


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