this was very requested I hope you enjoy(:

- Aria wears a lot of dresses and skirts. Most have floral prints. Most Betsey Johnson dresses are very Aria such as the two in the set.
- Leather jacket are huge piece of Aria's wardrobe. They add a bit of edge to her outfit.
- Aria layers her outfits a lot. Buy vests, henleys, t shirts, and etc which you can easily layer with other pieces
- Tees with writing such as the one in the set that says young and free are very Aria. Add a pair of suspenders and you'll look like Aria.

- Belts over a dress or over a layered top are Aria's style. Buy ones like the one in the set that has little studs or try a bigger banded belt.
- Aria carries a lot of messenger bags. Also look for bigger bags with a bohemian feel.
- Boots and a few pairs of booties seem to be Aria's favorite shoes. Once in a while she will wear flats such as in episode The Jenna Thing when they are called the office. 
- Tights and knee high socks are staple to Aria's wardrobe. I would especially pick pairs like this: The print is very pretty.
- Feather earrings are very Aria.
- When it comes to jewelry a lot of pieces like spider web and owl necklaces are Aria. Also long and layered necklaces have an Aria vibe.
- Aria does wear berets once in awhile too.

♥ Hair & Makeup:
- Aria's eye makeup is pretty natural in my opinion. You can buy lots of palettes which have lots of great colors for natural looks. Use a dark brown eyeliner and finish off the eye makeup by curling your lashes and applying mascara. Use the eyeliner reall close to your lashes to make you lashes loook thicker and use a littel brown eyeliner along the lower lash line but don't line around you whole eye. Line about 1/2-3/4 of your eye.
- if you want a more dressy Aria look such as her homecoming look. I would do something kinda like a smokey eye but very light. Don't use black just use medium-dark grey and use lighter greys so it will be lighter smokey eye.
- Aria's cheeks are very contoured. I would go with bronzer or berry shades.
- Aria has a very berry colored lips. So try different colors to find a few you like.
- To get Aria's big curls first use a heat protector. Use a 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inch curling iron. Divide your hair in half. Pin the upper half up and out of the way. Start curling the lower section away from you face. Then take upper half and do the same. You should get something close to Aria's look but if you need to tousle with your fingers a little.

-these are some websites to shop at to look like Aria
- Betsey Jonhson (for dresses)
- ( for boots and booties)

I will be doing ALL the girl's looks which includes Jenna, Maya, Alison, and Mona.
I hope this helped(:
♥ StayBeautiful
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