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I was tagged by the awesome @therabbithearted 

So, here goes:
name your favorite…
-place: My room maybe

-person: my sister, Trish or my friend, Diana

-color: purple

-food: jollof rice and plantain

-smell: myrrh and frankincense

-movie: Halloween with the original Michael Myers and no knife

-music artist: Aaliyah, may she rest in peace

-genre of music: rnb

-genre of literature: horror, thriller, mystery, or crime drama... ultimately, I just like fiction

-magazine: Hi-Fructose, it's an art magazine. I'm starting to like Juxtapoz, too. You guys should definitely check them out. I can only find it at Barnes & Noble, though.

-texture: lace, especially black lace

-time of day: night

-day of the week: sunday, it's a chill day

-thing to do when bored: read natural hair and skin care articles or go make some natural diy products. love 'em :)

-celebrity: Emmy Rossum or Pink

-class in school: art


-drink: any kind of tea, but I really love chamomile

-animal: black mamba... from afar

-flower: hibiscus... it's this really pretty Nigerian flower that comes in a multitude of colors

-tv show: Walking Dead

-sound: can't describe it

-fruit: mangoes

-vegetable: green beans

-store/shop: ross or marshall's 

-article of clothing you own: grey skinny jeans

-pattern: stripes

-name: Milla

-potato chip flavor: new veggie flavor from pop chips

-meal of the day: breakfast 

-ice cream flavor: ben & jerry's half baked

-soda: ginger ale

-popcorn flavor: butter

-season: autumn

-month of the year: September

-word: ethereal

-disney princess: Aurora

-insult: pestilence

-cussword: damn

-letter: I

-eye color: grey

-dessert: chocolate chip cookies

-candy: take 5 

-flavor: chocolate

-thing to learn about: history

-thing about yourself: my sarcasm

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