where the sky hangs - passion pit

hellooo, i just woke up one hour ago. its 2pm now. i felt so tired and exhausted because yesterday i just got home from the school graduation party. it was really fun and spectacular. i wore make ups and wore high heels, which something that i don't normally wear hahah. my toes got really hurt and red they were all like blisters, but i'm fine. its just i'm waaay to tired

oh and the next day we went to "kawah putih" (google it!!) it was really cold i'm in lOvE. the scenery was also beautiful, but my eyes got really squinted and swollen because i didn't get enough sleep after the graduation party lol. my eyebags game are so strong wow. its sad knowing that i might be won't seeing all my classmates and my friends after this but its sooo fun. and its kind of a relief that i won't see some of those people lol. ew, people. jk. ehhh i ramble way too much.

this desc are so sucky but thanks for reading it!! gotta go now, i hope u guys had a good day/night. stay fab yo ✨

comment what food are you guys craving for right now, i'm craving some glazed donuts ugh
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