Beyonce got new haircut!
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so this is the game. I'm going to tag 5 people and give them 5 quick yes/no questions. Then they are going to pass this game to 5 people :) I was tagged by: @vania-hefira
Tag: @maja-bt @anna-lena-als @asianpersuasion08 @theslaura @hunniebunnie
1. Do you normally make a quick hairbun when you are at home? YES.
2. Your breakfast includes a glass of coffee? NO.
3. Do you sometimes bit your nail if you are nervous? NO.
4. Your schoolbag consists of your all time favorite gadgets? NO. 
5. Do you eat least 4x a day? NO.
My Questions:
1. Do you love to go to Spa once in every week?
2. Are you school in Senior High School now?
3. Do you love using high heels?
4. You have more than 5 best friends?
5. Do you get stressed & scream out loud if you can't past a test?

tag me, I want to know your answers :)
have a nice day! xx
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