Get the Look: Demi Lovato

I LOVE Demi's style! She's an awesome singer, as well as a fashionista. You'll find a lot of rock-chic inspired items, and tons of black.


Wrote three years ago
The bright green dress is just a bit sporty for my taste, but I like it
Then again, Demi never looks bad in anything!

Wrote three years ago
@maddiegail2 she pulls of so many looks! i love basically all the items, other than that bright green dress. It's cute, but I probably couldn't pull it off.

Wrote three years ago
The Miu Miu shift and the Topshop printed blazer aren't really my style
I wouldn't wear them, but I think they'd be adorable if styled right and if they're put on someone who can really pull it off! Such as demi!

Wrote three years ago
@maddiegail2 her style is amazing, right? what 2 items don't you like?

Wrote three years ago
I love 98% of the items in here!(: Totally my style


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