Hi everybody!!! So I'm suuuuper excited to do this tip! I'm going to show you guys how to get Zooey Deschanel's cute, quirky look in a casual outfit. This doesn't require big bangs and blue contacts, but if you want to do that, be my guest. :)

Basic Zooey style:
-bright colors like red, teal, bright green, etc. balanced out with neutrals like black and navy
-black tights

Zooey wears a lot of sweaters. Solid colors, stripes, polka-dots, bows, whatever! Sweaters are so nice and cozy and work really well with basically anything. She also is a big peter-pan collar wearer!

She rarely wears jeans and mostly wears skirts! Skater skirts! A must-have basic is just a black skater skirt; it works with so much, especially sweaters!!! It's kind of the same with sweaters, Zooey wears solid ones, polka-dot, you name it.

For casual wear, Zooey wears dresses like the one I showed in the bottom right corner a lot. Patterned, solid, anything really.

Well, you don't really see Zooey's shoes a lot, but for casual wear, I assume a lot of flats and/or oxfords. They are both so versatile and can be worn very quirkilyyy.

She wears her hair down a lot, sometimes adorning a bow!

Sooo... A typical Zooey Deschanel outfit would be something like dis... Polka-dot red sweater, black skater skirt, black tights, red ballet flats. Hair down with a white bow!

Before I finish this tip, let me just say one more thing about Zooey and why she is so incredibly amazing! If you haven't been to her website, http://hellogiggles.com/ yet, GO NOW. It's absolutely adorable and fantastic!

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Iris <3

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