I’m not the type of person who would listen to T-Sweezy. But I do. :l AND I LIEK THIS SONG. This set has been in my drafts for like, days. DAYS AND DAYS. But I like how it turned out. This set is for a competition. I didn’t want to join it, but then I changed my mind c: I’m getting far though.

[I will trust that you have been given “the talk” and you can handle what I will talk about.] Oh, wow. I actually had a great week. Well, I can’t remember monday, because, it was monday. Tuesday was herpes day in my school. loljk. It was HIV/AIDS day, fo serious this time. During first period, these seniors came into our class to talk about HIV and unprotected secks. (let’s spell it like that because I like spelling it like that, kay.) One of the speakers name was Bryan and he’s kinda cute. A lot of the girls like him and he’s uber funny. The other guys name is Dmitri and for some strange reason, a lot of the girls thought he was uberly hot. I dunno understand why though. The other chick was a total female dog, but left like ten minutes later. So, Bryan started us off by saying, “I’m guess you all know what secks is?” and we all this yes, except for this stupid kid named Matthew who talks in a monotone voice. He said, “wait, what’s secks?” in his monotone voice. Then Bryan made us yell out “peeenis” and “vuhgina”. Of course, my friend and I were really uncomfortable because our class is mostly guys and we’re surrounded by dudes, soooo, yeah. Then, the other dude, Dmitri said not to drink because you will go “woooh, woooah, hey” and hump the air. We played a game where you lay your head down so you can’t see and raise your hand if you agree with these secks myths. Within the minute, most of us fell asleep :/ So, Bryan was like, “OKAY THIS ISN’T WORKING OUT” and he and Dmitri had to wake us all up individually. Oh, and Bryan said not to use mayonnaise as lube. Kay. 

During Spanish, we had to go down to the auditorium to see a short film about safe secks. The movie started and it said “brought to you by Trojan condoms” and this kid behind me was the “da fuk?” He cussed a lot during the film. I thought he is really quiet. Even his friend was question why he was cursing so much. I guess he got high on hormones after talking so much about secks. 

In history, we played a game again. It had to do with colored cards. You get a card and you trade it with two other people. Apparently, if you had the pink card, you have HIV, if you had the green one, you had unprotected secks, but you didn’t get pregnant or HIV, and if you had yellow card, you had safe secks. I had the green card twice, and the yellow card one. I AM A LUCKY B!TCH. Then, apparently, no one in my class knew how to properly put on a condom. Well, I didn’t know the process was so long and confusing :s

Wednesday was boring. Today was okay. I started selling flowers with my friend for our club. So far, we sold two and some people promised to buy them tomorrow. My friend got a flower for the boy she likes, I might to that too…or I might not :3

YAY. FRIDAY TOMORROW. BUT I HAVE TO BE AT SCHOOL AT SEVUN. FML. Yeah, so I’m gonna go translate The Odyssey for my homework :l

lulz sorry if you read all this c:
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