This is such a versatile yet comfortable outfit. And in my opinion, pretty on trend too for Fashion Week! 
As for packing tips:
-I am a big fan of packing light. I think they call it 'capsule' packing now, but whatever you call it, it makes sense! It's not always easy, but think of every item critically. I mean, do you really need four pairs of heels? Sure, they're all super cute, but they aren't necessary and will just weigh you down!
-As a bonus, if you pack light and smart, you have much more room for those inevitable splurges in the big city...
-Definitely plan for inclement weather. An umbrella and warm coat is a necessity, especially for a destination like NY in February!
-I would think you pretty much only need 3 bags in this case. A suitcase with wheels and a shoulder or tote bag with a clutch that doubles as a makeup/toiletry bag. Think, what other ways can I use this item?
-Accessories make the outfit! This is an example of making good use of a few items. They take up less room that clothing but can be swapped around in more ways. So the same outfit can be worn to multiple events, with the simple addition of a bold necklace or by substituting the earrings for a striking ring if you're wearing your hair down. Be creative!
-And lastly, don't forget a camera. With all the runway shows, partying, sight-seeing, and shopping, it's unlikely you'll have time to write (or blog) about all your experiences. A picture is worth a thousand words, and memories of an unforgettable time will be captured and treasured :)

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