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Grace Milton; November 9
Collab with @martasmiling

“Grace.” I was awoken to a cheery voice bursting into my room at what felt like the ass crack of dawn, “Grace Milton.”

“What?” I moaned out into my pillow. Or at least that’s what I tried to say. It kinda came out as a muffled groan.

“Get up Grace!” There was bouncing on my bed, probably one of those stupid girls I shared a house with, “I need your help.” Now my shoulder were being shook and okay defiantly not getting back to sleep unfortunately.

“What? What?” I sat up with no lack of protest, “Cloe what do you want?” I asked probably more grumpy than was acceptable really but Gabriel had kept me up talking till after 3 and I needed my beauty rest.

“I need your help!” She said brightly, and ohh was she planning revenge on Professor doucheface? I could help with that.

“Calm down. I’ll help but it’s to early for enthusiasm.” I smiled, grabbing onto her arms and stilling her, “So what do you need help with?”

Of course I didn’t find out what she needed help with because at that moment she let out an all mighty shriek. A shriek that scared the crap out of me

“What? What?” I asked as calmly as I could manage with my heart still in my throat, “Cloe what’s wrong?” I asked following her line of sight. My eyes landed on Gabriel who was now sitting and staring us in bemusement. Oh “Cloe,” I said hesitantly when she didn’t speak, “say something please? Can you still speak?” I tried to joke. Understandably it fell a bit flat.

Her eyes kind of flickered between me and Gabriel for what felt like ages. I actually wasn’t aware people actually did that in real life “Grace" She finally whispered "there's a boy in your room". 

"Yes he is" I replied. Trying not to laugh, or catch Gabriel’s eye because that would certainly make me loose it. 

"Why?" She frowned. Apparently having regressed to the vocabulary of a 6 year old.

“Because I was to nice to kick him out when he asked for a place to stay.” I explained exchanging a significant look with Gabriel.

“Who?” apparently she was still suck on the one word questions but hey it wasn’t Aria and her stupid assumptions so it was all good I guess.

“Finally a good question.” I said brightly, are roles reversed from less than 5 minutes earlier, “This is Gabriel.” I nodded in his direction, “And Gabriel this is Cloe one of my crazy ass roommate.”

“Pleasure to meet you.” He smiled that cheeky, charming smile at her. She was probably a goner. 

"Ehm nice to meet you, Gabriel" She said with this weird forced smile. She was trying and not screaming though so I counted it as a win "You didn't tell us that you had a guest" She turned to me, this smile mischievous and knowing. Except whatever she thought she knew was probably most defiantly wrong.

"I know that you wouldn't like it" I cocked an eyebrow challenging. It was a fact no argument.

Suddenly she slapped my shoulder, quite hard which I’m not going to lie made me jump "Is he the misterious boyfriend?" She grinned widely. Defiantly had the wrong idea.

I exchanged a look with Gabriel before we both fell into hysterical giggles much to Cloe’s bemusement, “What?” She demanded “Is he the boyfriend or not?”

“No. Defiantly not.” I managed to choke out through a giggle.

“Then who is he?” She asked, adding for good measures, “I don’t believe you.”

“Oh trust me. Gabriel is very not interested in me, much to my heartbreak.” I nodded solemnly once I’d calmed down enough to get words out, “Gabriel is Joe’s boyfriend.” I took pity on her and explained.

 "Ooh" She said nodding. I could see the pieces falling into place which meant she clearly believed me "Ok, I got it" She smiled before continuing, "Well, it’s not my business and I don't have anything against you Gabriel, but why you're here?" I smirked at that knowing she would get no answer. If she did get an answer that wasn’t a lie I would have to kill someone.

 "It's a long story" Gabriel said. No blood need be spilled tonight. 

“I was kinda hoping he would tell you.” I sighed dramatically, leaning back against my headboard, “but then I decided I probably would have been offended if he’d told you and not me.”

“I see.” Cloe nodded, probably not sure what to say. Gabriel just snorted, “So how long has he been here?”

“Oh like 3 or so weeks.” I shrugged, having lost track of the amount of time. It was like he’d always been here, the pain in my ass that he was.

“You’ve kept him hidden for three weeks.” She shrieked and actually I was a bit surprised no one had come in yet.

“Yes I have but shhh.” I considered covering my mouth with her hand but she looked sheepish so I took that to mean she’d be quiet now, “please don’t tell any of the others Cloe.” I said with best puppy dog eyes and imploring tone, “pretty please with cherries and sprinkles and chocolate sauce on top?”

"Yup only if there'll be chocolate sauce on top". She paused, looking between us again, "I can keep your little secret" She smiled which was the best thing I’d ever heard ever.

“Ohhhh thank you cloe.” I squealed launching myself at her in a hug that caused us to fall off the bed. Luckily Gabriel saw it coming and managed to scramble out of the way so we only ended up on the air mattress, “This is why you’re my favourite.” 

“You might be my favourite if you got off me.” She huffed, so I did just that with a giggle.

“So yeah. NO telling and I might call on you in emergencies to help me hide him okay?” I asked with a grin, as I leant back against my bed.

“The things I do for you.” She muttered which I took as an agreement.

“Awesome.” I refrained from a tackle hug this time however, “So what did you come in here to talk to me about.”

“Umm.” Cloe said looking at Gabriel hesitnatly.

“Oh you can tell him,” I waved my hand, “He’s hiding from everyone here so it’s not like he can tell,” I sighed, kicking my legs into his lap, “Plus he’s gay, he’s very good at keeping secrets.”

“Cross my heart.” Gabriel nodded solemnly, “Though I resent the gay stereotype.” He glared at me, ticking my foot gently. Of course all that did was force my foot to spasm and hit him in a sensitive area.

"it's kinda stupid" She said, revealing her embarrassment by the way her gaze fixed on her feet. "You know, barton had actually invited me to join him for thanksgiving.” I didn’t know that. What a bastard, “and how this thing has gone now it doesn't seem a great idea to knock at him door with a turkey" 

"Who's Barton?" Gabriel asked, 

"A wonderful son of b-tch" I answered, not wanting Cloe to feel she had to explain. I’d tell him later maybe, if he was actually interested ”So would you go to your parents for the holiday?" I asked, feeling I probably knew the answer but wanting to confirm

She shook her head emphatically "absolutely not! I don't miss them and I'm not looking forward to come back home" She then paused for a second before barrelling on quiet quickly "So, ehm... I feel so awkward asking you what do you do for thanksgiving?" she smiled, fidgeting with her hair as she talked.

“Umm,” I said hesitantly looking at Gabriel, “Usually I go to Boston and my dad for thanksgiving and my mum for Christmas.” I shrugged, “But I’m not sure this year.”

“Why not?” Gabriel jumped in with a glare, “I swear to god if it’s because of me I’ll leave.”

“Maybe I’ll just say it’s because of you so you’ll leave.” I threatened with a grin, “But seriously what am I meant to do with you? Leave you here for thanksgiving? No thanks.”

“You’re not ruining your thanksgiving plans. You’ll go see Joe and Ryan.” He told me matter of factly, in a no argument tone. Well fine, hopefully him and Joe would have made up by then anyway.

“Well looks like I’m going home,” I shot Cloe a wry grin because what could you do, “I’m sure if you have nowhere to go though you’re more than welcome to come back with me though.” I offered with a sincere smile.

“Really?” She smiled hesitantly. I nodded in confirmation, trying not to smile fondly because I’d been told that was sometimes condescending. Cloe didn’t seem to care really because she yelled "aaaw yes" before launching herself at me in a hug. A really tight hug.

"Ok ok but this won't happen if you kill me now" I eventually giggled when I started to loose breath. She let go but leant forward to kiss my cheek

 "You saved my life" Which I didn’t do but I was always glad to help

"You didn't tell me she was a cat" Gabriel joked from where he was still sitting on the floor, saving me from having to respond to that.

“Oh yeah,” I turned to him with a cheeky smile, Cloe still kind of clinging to me not that I minded in the slightest, “You’re living in a zoo surprise.”

“A Zoo?” Gabriel asked me skeptically.

“A zoo.” Cloe nodded, “Scott is the puppy.”

“ Clover’s new boy whose name I forget and Cloe are the kittens.” I added 

“And Karl is a Bambi.” Cloe finished. I’m sure there were others, they just escaped me right now.

“A bambi is not an animal.” Gabriel pointed out

“Schematics.” I shrugged helplessly, “Now I need to go call dad and let him know about our new thanksgiving plans, Cloe needs to let go of me so I can do that.” I nudged her lightly with my elbow to let her know I was teasing, though she did let go, “And you mr.” I pointed at Gabriel, “Need to think long and hard about your Thanksgiving plans because you cannot stay here without me.”
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