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1. So first of al I'm gonna say that I love college. It's so different from high school (I mean some things are the same but not really) and it's just a whole new environment and it's awesome. 
2. My campus is so beautiful too. It was just fun walking around with a few of my friends, exploring. Of course my feet hurt because I wore cute shoes but it was worth it :)
3. THAT'S THE THING people in college don't all dress like they really care. Like tons of people just wear like a school shirt and Nike shorts. I mean I guess it's because you're paying to go and you don't care what you look like as long as you get a good education, but I don't know I still am going to dress fashionably haha. #swaggie (don't ever say that aloud please)
4. So a few of you wanted to know where I go to school, but sorry I'm not going to give that out because it's not like a super well-known school well I don't think it is anyway I mean it's of course well-known in my state but yeah anyway it's somewhere in the southern US how about that :) And it's the best!! #schoolpride
5. Also the thing about college is it's not just school. Like there's always something else. On Monday we went to these hilarious comedians. On Wednesday we went to our first on-campus concert. And then during the day all week there was always something going on, like a volunteer fair or greek life stuff or "hey go get your free stuff" or there's Starbucks or there's the bookstore or there's the school apparel store or there's the lounge or there's just EVERYTHING I mean it's just awesome. My friends and I have gotten like probably 10 free shirts (which are awesomeeeee) and it's just so cool like college shirts you can wear forever because when you graduate you're a cool alumni. I mean you could still wear high school shirts but it's not the same. Now it's all about college. Now it's a whole new chapter in your life. Okay I'm getting cheeseball so I'll stop haha.
6. Anyway, I know the workload hasn't really started and probably soon I'll be saying I hate college because I'll be stressed out, but I never really will. College is about finding your career and getting a degree for it, but also about making lasting friendships and making the most of the best years of your life. And in my case, finding myself a husband haha :)) #yeppp
7. Oh and here's my schedule, since a few of you also asked:
-Monday: study habits/skills class at 10 am, health class at 1 pm, and college algebra (#yuck) at 4 pm 
-Tuesday: government class at 9:30 am, and english comp 2 at 11 am
-Wednesday: study habits/skills class at 10 am, health class at 1 pm, and college algebra class at 4 pm 
-Thursday: government class at 9:30 am, and english comp 2 at 11 am
-Friday: study habits/skills class at 10 am... and that's it! <3

And then I also have this speech class that's half-online and once-a-month in-class but I haven't had that yet and I'm scared for that one because I HATE talking in front of the class... My first class for that is next Thursday and I already have to have an intro speech for that... Le sigh. I need to start figuring out what I have to say... And then I have some college algebra homework... 

Well besides the work, college is amazing <3 #I'mLovin'It 


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