Hey guys tomorrows set I will talk about my day in but I was tagged by @centurythe so check her out ! So here it goes <3 


- General:
Birthday: 27th August
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single 
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Siblings: 2, one older brother and one younger brother
Favourite Colour: Mint Green 
Wake Up and Go To Sleep Times: It changes all the time
Love or Lust: Love
Day or Night: Night
Text or Call: Text
Light or Dark Hair: Both
Intelligence or Attraction: Intelligence
City or Country: Both
- Makeup:
Lipbalm or Lipstick: Lipbalm 
Mascara or Eyeliner: Eyeliner
Bronzer or Blush: Blush
Powder Foundation or Liquid Foundation: Liquid 
Nars or M.A.C: Nars
Natural or Bold: Natural
Pink Lips or Red Lips: Neither
Dark Eye Shadow or Light Eye Shadow: Dark Eye Shadow
Drug Store or High End: Both
- Fashion:
Cardigans or Coats: Coats
Boyfriend Jeans or Skinny Jeans: Skinny Jeans
Stripes or Dots: Neither
Hats or Beanies: Beanies
Sunglasses or No Sunglasses: No sunglasses
Singlets or T-Shirts: T-shirts
Skirts or Pants: Pants
Dresses or Overalls: Overalls 
Heels or Flats: Both
Converse or Nikes: Converse
Baggy or Tight: Both

- Food:
Cooking or Baking: Cooking
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
Smoothies or Milkshakes: Milkshakes
Cupcakes or Biscuits: Biscuits 
Spicy or Not Spicy: Spicy
Fried or Baked: Both
- Technology:
Apple or Samsung: Apple but I like both and have a Samsung laptop :D 
Computer or TV: Computer
Headphones or Earphones: Earphones 
iPod Touch or iPad: Ipad 
XBox or PlayStation: Xbox 
Video Games or Computer Games: Video games
Twitter or Tumblr: Tumblr
Facebook or YouTube: YouTube

 I tag @nsrogsy3 @m00nlitsouls @hesterstan @that-one-awkward-child and everyone else who wants to do this tag <3


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