- Primadonna // Marina & the Diamonds

[Not sure about her name. Might change it]

Serena Daniels
age: 20
hometown: New York
bio: Princess. Daddy’s girl. Homewrecker. Heiress. Heartless. B.itch. All labels that have been applied to Serena in her life. Sure most of them are technically accurate but there’s no real need to label her. Growing up with a wealthy single father Serena and her brother and sister have had basically anything they could ever want, though everyone can tell Serena is her ‘daddy’s favourite’ and she knows it. Whilst the girl may be selfish and spoiled she’s not a bad person per say and is never nasty to anyone who hasn’t annoyed her in some way. Whilst her loyalty may be easily bought she is fiercely so, until you piss her off that is and wish you’d never met her. So what’s this spoiled princess doing in the music underground? Well she’s decided to see how far she can push her Daddy’s limits, and she is a woman on a mission.
occupation: none
music: Marina & the Diamonds, Arcade Fire, Metric, Kid Cudi
likes: Her dad, having fun, doing what she wants, clothes, men
dislikes:Hard work, being dirty, responsibility, being called an airhead, sugar, her dad
looks: Josephine Skriver 
status: single
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