*All of this comes from personal experience and tips and tricks i have learned from coaches and even players on the us national team.

Front Row Hitting
♥ When you hit you need to have an approach. Most people have a 3 or a 4 step approach but the last 2 steps are the most important. The last 2 steps is the largest step and a close. The close is whats going to get you parallel to the net to stop you from going into the net.
Here's an example of steps in 3 step approach
Right Dominant
Left - Right - Left
Left Dominant 
Right - Left - Right
♥ Go up with 2 arms.
♥Make sure to snap your wrist other whys it will go way out of bounds. Also when you make contact you want it to be at about 11 a clock and in FRONT of you.

Back Row Hitting
♥ If you are playing back row make sure you jump behind the 10 foot line other whys the other team will get an approach.
♥ If the ball is not set well stay on your feet and roll it over.
♥Use the same approach as front row. Everything is the same except don't snap or swing as hard.

♥ The fingers you are using dor setting is your thumb and index but make sure to support with your other fingers.
♥ Don't bring the ball in to far because you may be charged with a carry
♥ Set if its over your shoulder if not take a step back and pass.
♥ Make sure it hits both hands at the same time also don't set if its behind your head and make sure it doesn't spin or you will be called for a 2 touch. 

♥ Move Your Feet! Never be flat footed or it will be harder to get. Also get your body around the ball because if you don't there's a good chance you will shank the ball.
♥ Keep a good platform. You need to get low and angle your arms at your setting. To get your arms together put one hand flat, palm up then put the other hand palm up on top of it . bring your thumbs over. 
♥If you do dive dive with your hips dont slid on your knees because if you can get there on your knees you can get there on your feet and its always better to play it on your feet apposed to on the floor

* I am not going to go over Jump serves because its hard to teach in descriptions i would ask your coach if you want to learn one.
♥ Toss - Make sure its high enough but not to high the toss needs to be good for you. Also make sure its in front of you and directly up and down.
♥ Topspin Serve - Toss needs to be higher because its going to spin down. The toss is the most important in this case. You need to flick your wrist so it spins. When you make contact you need to snap your wrist.
♥Float - This will use most of your power, its difficult to get the hang of but very Effective. It will move on the opponent causing them to shank or have to react very fast. You need a good toss not as high as topspin but decent height. You swing but once you make contact you stop your swing and your hand so you almost high-fiving the ball. It takes practice but I would enforce learning it because topspin will work amazing untill higher levels of play when float will work better. I also would ask you coaches about jump float i have aced 5 times in a row once from that serve on a competitive level (not highschool but club)
*Before you do a float of topspin serve get your regular serve over consistently. 

Any other questions? Just ask!
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