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you want to exercise and diet, but you don't have the motivation to! what are some ways to get motivated?

~ ♥ create a workout playlist with motivational songs to get you up and running and ready to start the exercise.

~ ♥ don't make your workout plan too hard at the beginning. try for maybe a ten minute run and 2O pushups, then the next week you can do a 15 minutes run and 3O pushups. or something like that.

~ ♥ doing things with friends make doing them much easier! so grab a couple of friends who would exercise with you.

~ ♥ stretch! stretching calms the mind as well as the body, and will make you feel more positive.

~ ♥ remember to warm down as well as warm up. if you do not warm down, then your body will hurt. a body that hurts means a mind that doesn't want to do it anymore!

~ ♥ have a nice, COLD shower before you start your workout. cold showers wake you up, while warm showers make you tired. but not TOO cold, or else your muscles will stiffen and you won't be able to exercise as much anymore.

~ ♥ if dieting, don't go to the extreme. start off NOT taking second of that yummy chocolate cake, do that for a fortnight, and if you see a difference, maybe take only half the portion of dessert that you used to. decrease the bad stuff gradually! if you stop right away, you'll get the cravings bad, and you won't want to try the diet anymore!

perfection? overrated!

kelly xx
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