— ♛ | title :: Getting Henna Tattoos with Ariana
— ♛ | date :: O8/18/2O15
— ♛ | time :: 9:27 pm 
— ♛ | set number :: 478
— ♛ | celebrity :: Ariana Grande
— ♛ | @polyvore & @polyvore-editorial 

hello there all you lovely humans :) 

i really like this set, I’m not quite sure why since its pretty simple but I’m in love with it c:

honestly i feel so much better after posting yesterday, like wayyyy better and i have loads of ideas and all that so I’m just super happy and excited for some awesome stuff so yay

the only thing i did today was binge re-watch awkward because i literally don’t have a life, and I’m enjoying being able to do nothing all day because school starts in less than a week and i am not excited… at all

also i was feeling like making icons today so i made 5, theres 2 with taylor swift, one with ariana grande, one with zoella, and one with zoella and tanya burr so if any of them sounds appealing to you and you want it just tell me in the comments since i don’t actually know if i will post them at all x

comment “binge watching tv shows ” if you read all that and what you think of the set as well as if theres any shows you binge watch :) 

stay strong , beautiful , and unique ♛ i love every single one of you to pluto and back ♥︎


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