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helloooo! This is Tara and this is a tip on getting rid of chapped lips!

+ Use a hot compress over your lips by soaking a clean piece of cloth in warm water and placing it on your lips for a few minutes. Follow this procedure about three times. Next, again dip the cloth in warm water. This time, wring out the excess water and then, gently rub it on your lips to remove dead skin. Finally, dip the cloth in cold water, wring it, place it on your lips for a few seconds, and apply a thin layer of Vaseline or some other emollient ointment.

+ Moisturize and treat dry, chapped lips by daily applying extra-virgin coconut oil on your lips. Besides, coconut oil also works as a natural sunscreen. In case you do not have coconut oil then use olive oil, castor oil, or flaxseed oil.
Simply rubbing a cucumber slice on your lips for about 10 minutes is highly beneficial in getting rid of chapped lips. You can follow this remedy several times in a day.

+ Coat your lips with pure aloe vera gel on a regular basis to heal the thin skin covering your lips and keep it moisturized. Plus, it relieves the pain and tenderness. Vitamin E ointments are also considered good for healing dry, chapped lips.
Soak a handful of rose petals in raw milk for a few hours. Finally, crush the rose petals in the solution to form a thick paste and smear it on your dry, chapped lips to facilitate healing and retain the natural color of your luscious lips. Application of fresh milk cream and clarified butter or ghee, too, are excellent for treating chapped lips.

+ At times, use a gentle lip scrub before moisturizing your lips to remove flakes and dead skin cells, thereby making your lips smooth. You can prepare a lip scrub easily by mixing a teaspoon of organic honey in two teaspoons of sugar.

+ Take teaspoon of glycerin and add a little honey in it. Apply this mixture regularly on your lips and leave overnight to get rid of chapped lips fast. Moreover, you may crush a few rose petals and add in this mixture.

+ You may consider applying a lanolin cream containing 100% pure lanolin for a bad case of cracked, chapped lips. You can use it as a lip balm as well. Besides, lanolin creams are used for dry cuticles, and cracked, itchy skin too.

+ In severe cases, you may apply 1 percent hydrocortisone ointment on your lips before applying Vaseline, lip balm containing waxes, or any other emollient ointment. Follow this treatment for about a couple of weeks.

Hope this helped! :)

~ Tara @asdfghjkl-raspberry
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