- When you go to the beach or an amusement park, we usually just think "oh im not gonna get a sunburn'' then you come home a few hours later and find a giant one on your face! True story, anyway, we take these things like there not gonna happen, but once we get one we regret not wearing sunscreen. So wear your sunscreen! I went to the beach for maybe 5 hours with my friends, my face was a little red i didnt think it was nothing, next morning i woke up with my skin peeling off and some sort of clear liquid discharge coming out of my face! Its horrible! So remember your sunscreen! 
 - reapply sunscreen through out the day, the sun is at its hottest usually around 12am-3 pm . so make sure to reapply it throughout the day, you might sweat it off!
 - wear sunscreen everywhere in any weather!! From that point on, i wore sunscreen every day on my face, it works for me, its SPF 25 and i love it! very soothing. try finding a facial sunscreen you like and wear that everyday. plus sunscreen prevents getting wrinkles! 

 - if yours is more severe like mine, it will probably take a week of good care to get it to looking back to normal. But for minor ones like on your legs or arms or a just a little bit of exposure to the sun, it will take less time to heal 
 - one key thing that helps get rid of pain and sooth your skin is aloe vera! You can find this almost anywhere! Its in lots of sunscreens, creams, gels, and a plant as well! some ways to use aloe vera is by buying the gel, freezing it into ice cubes and rub it on the sunburn . or just buy a gel (u can get usually at drug stores) and put on that. 
 - if you dont have any aloe vera then try using a moisturizer. this is what i used on my face and it felt so much better! 
 - try not touching or picking at it! trust me, it will only get worse! even how peeling and gross it looks, it will do everything on its own and let the healing process take its course. 
 - if your sunburn is hurting a ton, try putting ice or taking a shower for it.
 - if the sunburn is on your leg, we all know that can hurt! try wearing sweatpants or gym shorts, wearing jeans with sunburns on legs hurt a ton! same applies for arms! 

 - more wrinkles! sunscreen helps prevent them, so wear it!
 - skin cancer. this is a scary one if you've got it, but dont take anything for granted! one of the signs of skin cancer is a black mole sticking out of your skin or liquid discharge (i had discharge coming out of my skin for one of my sunburns, but it wasnt that serious) wear sunscreen before it kills you. 
 - major damage to your skin! the sun is very harsh and usually can never be repaired or restored
 - pain and red skin! come on no one likes it and red skin isnt what people consider attractive.
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