"You're the most and my Favorite" collection
3.My favorite Non-Korean member 
I picked Luhan,to be honest Nichkhun come in my mind as first place idk why i'm not choose him.
just I'm not made LH set yet ,should I made him set for this collection haha<3
This guy name Lu Han a Chinese member of EXO[a main Vocal/dancer of EXO-M]..

Okay,this a randomness and sound weird.
last few weeks ago i went to shopping with my brother in Seoul,unexpected school girls[i think they're still study junior-high school,they wore school uniform] come so near me and point to me "Look!!! this girl is female Luhan " and they're screaming without the reason Idk until those girls stared me with straight eyes and i looking to them back..i means what's wrong with those girls?
one of them said sorry,unni i think you look a like LH.. shall be unni is a long lost sister of LH we talks a bit and they took my pics ,yea this strange thing can happened on Seoul street nowadays.
my bro can't stop laughing but I feel so weird.
why doesn't look a like girl but instead with look a like boy,i've heard Korean ppl around me always told me i'm look a like YoonA no no big no I'm not happy with it coz i really dislike SNSD never hate my face until someone started to told me i look a like her.

I'm a girl and not pretty as LH used to be and so weird after that,i see a bit myself look a like him specially his round eyes..
Yea,a funny randomness !!!!!
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