I’m having a little allergy/sneeze attack or something so I kind of incorporated it :P And to the psycho completely lying to everyone how they didnt say my story was bad go screw yourself, you don't stop me from writing as you can see :)

The sun managed to peek through the curtain even though Cade had closed it earlier. It looked like it was about noon, and I looked around remembering that I was at Cade’s house, well in his sisters bedroom. I hoped no one had heard me incase I said some weird things in my sleep. I had to admit; I felt a little bit better but still had yucky stuff in my throat and nose.

I jumped alarmed as the door swung open, and a girl with long silky blonde hair came in not noticing me and went straight to her bedroom drawer.

“Ahh Eschhoo!” I sneezed much louder than intended making her jump about 12 feet.

“What the hell!? Mom there is a girl in my bed!” she shrieked. Kendra looked about 20 years old and looked a little bit like Cade. She didn’t look like she belonged to the family at all though and looked like she was a typical California beach girl.

“And she’s wearing my clothes!!!”

Immediately Mrs. Fields came to the door.

“Sorry Kendra I was outside, this is Remy she goes to the Nightingales school. Remy this is Kendra.”

“Ih..Ih CHOO!” I answered.

“God bless you, you’re going to need God at that crappy school,” Kendra remarked.

“She’s wearing your clothes because she has a little cold,” her mom explained.

“That’s fine,” Kendra smiled. I was relieved she wasn’t mad. “Oh look! I think Cade left you some flowers,” she pointed to the nightstand and I saw five lilies wrapped in twine.

The door swung open again and this time it was Cade. He looked sweaty but gorgeous. “Oh come on you guys get out of here,” he shooed his mom and sister off as they left giggling and talking with each other.

“I’ve been out fishing. It’s been a few hours I think those dumb reporters are gone.”

“Oh thank God,” I said happily.

“You feeling any better?”

“Yes,” I partially lied as I sniffed back another sneeze. I didn’t want to make him or his family feel bad.

“Come on, I’ll take you back,” he said pulling me out of bed.

“What about Kendra’s clothes?”

“Don’t worry about them,” he shrugged as I followed him out of the room to the front door.

“Bye Remy, hope you are feeling better and hope to see you soon!” Mrs. Fields waved at me.

“Thank you,” I nodded and waved back at Kendra who just stared at me. I think she was trying to size me up, which was funny because Cade and I were NOT dating.

I walked behind Cade as we walked across the dock to his little boat. I climbed aboard as Cade got everything started and we began to slowly sail away. After he was finished he came and sat by me as I dangled my legs in the water.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” he asked, and began to put an arm around my shoulder. Out of instinct I immediately jumped and got up to move away.

“Oh come on, I just wanted to hug you,” he said playfully climbing the boats little pole that held up the sail, swung around on it and jumped down, grinning at me cockily.

I raised one eyebrow at him and stood my ground.

He disappeared behind me causing me to flip my head around to look for him, but he was on my other side, and kept tricking me and tricking me causing me to look all over the place. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Such a control freak,” I heard him say but didn’t see where he was. “You forgot this you know,” his arm came from behind me and I saw the little bouquet of lilies in my face. He jumped in front of me and tickled my nose with one.

“Iiichoo!” I immediately sneezed.

“Oh mannnn!” he wailed dramatically and threw the flowers in the water, then got down on the floor before my feet in an exaggerated way. “I can’t do anything right!” he mumbled to the floor. “No flowers, no hugs, no rescuing you, no nothing!”

I burst out laughing at his theatrics, I hadn’t laughed in quite a long time and it felt good. It was kind of sad how he kept trying and trying to impress me, and I’d either sneeze or reject him.

“Cade,” I looked down to the ground where he was now crouched over in a ball I and began to laugh some more, “I appreciate everything, I really do. I just…I don’t trust easy is all.”

He got back up, his expression a little more serious. “I don’t know how else to show you that I wouldn’t hurt you. I didn’t even want to kiss you yet or anything! You are in my sisters clothes, it would be weird. I just wanted to put my arm around you,” he defended and walked over to the boats steering wheel seeming frustrated.

I sunk down back on the floor and watched the lilies drift away in the ocean. I knew I was messed up, but now I was thinking maybe I was being selfish. I could have been more polite to his parents, to his sister, but because of my guardedness I wasn’t. And now I was even being a little bit rude to him. His back faced to me I took off the top and pants his sister had lent me, revealing my bikini that I was wearing before and walked over to him. Concentrating on the water he didn’t notice me behind him, so I wrapped my arms around his chest and kissed him long and softly on the cheek.

Shocked he let go of the wheel and it spun around wildly. I tilted his chin to mine and gave him another soft kiss on his lips, slightly opening my mouth and then pulled away.

He stood frozen for a few minutes at what I had just done, and his jaw dropped to the floor as I began to laugh. The ocean breeze suddenly hit me again.

“Ishoo!” I sneezed quickly into the cup of my hand, and then continued to look at him. He came towards me and I knew he wanted to kiss me more. 

“No,” I said. “I don’t want to sneeze on you. And I completely didn't think whether or not I could get you sick.”

“If you kiss me like that again I could care less if you sneeze on me, or if I catch something,” he said taking my face in both of his hands and softly kissing me. I could tell he was trying to hold back, and so I brought it to a stop.

“That’s all for now,” I whispered and turned my face away.

“Hm, for today at least,” he smirked. Then he wrapped me into a tight hug picking me partially up off of the ground. “For the record I really did want to hug you too.”

He put me down and I went to sit back on the deck and look out at the water as he steered me back home. I knew one thing, being up here among the beautiful sea (even if I was sick), and with a guy who had eyes bluer than the water, was better than being down in that that little room below the boat, where it was dark, boring, quiet, and safe. That’s where I had been living for a long time now, and maybe it was time for me to come out.
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