name/nickname; Kerris Hart Thomas/Keri
age; 23
job; Assistant
likes; earl gray tea, kittens, being organized, fresh flowers, fashion magazines, make-up and San Francisco
dislikes; cold coffee, snow, negative people, gossip magazines, paparazzi, b*tchy actresses
bio; Kerris was born in Devon, England to a happy household, had a mum and dad who loved each other very much. No one really knew where it started but little Miss Keri was a stickler for being on time and having everything in it's place. It proved a plus in school as her projects were always handed in on time if not early, achieving near top scores in her class. She wanted to see more of the world so after a couple years at college she moved to the States. Her courses in business were beneficial as they along with her organization skills helped land her a job as an assistant. Transitioning from an office to managing just one person wasn't too hard, Kerris just had two people's lives to manage instead of just herself. It was almost fun. That is until all the drama started that turned her life into a roller coaster. She was accused of sleeping with one of her clients, an engaged actor, who named her as his mistress to save his relationship. So what if it was true?
relationship status; Single, for the moment
model; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
taken by; xshadesofblackx❤

It was a Saturday but then again studios didn't exactly have normal hours, shoots and movies were done all times of the day/night for the perfect effect. Kerris knew that much as she drove to work, her alarm clock had been set for the wrong time and the oversight was completely her fault. Her guilt leading to the muffin that still sat in the pastry bag in her passenger's seat and the nearly gone iced coffee in the largest size possible. She knew it wasn't the best for her but oh well, working out harder at the gym was in store later. Abusing herself was what she did best. 

Kerris pulled up to the gate and realized she didn't have an id yet for this studio nor a pass. A heavy sigh slid from her plush lips, rolling down the window as the security guard leaned in towards her.

"Pass?" He asked, his brown eyes meeting her light gaze.

He was surprisingly handsome, making Kerris' thoughts stumble a moment. She blinked then stammered softly, "Oh.. I um.. I don't have one. It's my first day. I'm Damon Goode's new assistant."

He looked to her a moment then shook his head, chuckling, "Sure, princess.. If you're an actress looking for a part I'm sure if I get your number I'll pass it onto him." Though his tone didn't reassure her that he would get her in.

"I'm not an actress though. I'm an assistant!" Kerris leaned over to pluck her planner out of her bag, showing him the overflowing pages with sticky notes and extra bits of paper. Only she could keep track of what was going on inside of it. Waving the book at him, clearly frustrated, maybe he wasn't so handsome.

He arched a brow at her, "Can I see your ID? I'll call back."

She sighed heavily, brushing her dark blonde hair behind her ear, "Yes.." She took her license out of her wallet to hand to him. This dumb guard was going to make her late, her arms crossing over her chest as she waited.

He disappeared into the booth with her ID, picking up the phone to call someone it seemed.

She watched him through the window, picking at her muffin while she waited impatiently. A brow arching as she seen the surprise crossing his face, hah. He found out she wasn't lying.

He came back out and lifted the blockade so she could drive into the lot, coming over to the window, "Sorry about that, Miss Hart-Thomas.. Seems you were telling the truth."

Kerris took back her ID and nodded, "I told you I was.. Maybe you should be more trusting.."

"Hardly. But you have a nice day." He turned to head back into the booth, before he turned she seen his name tag, Santos. 

She bit her lip, she'd remember that name. If only to get him in a little trouble, she smirked to herself. Quite unlikely though, Kerris wouldn't hurt a fly, right? Only if provoked, she was only human. She started up her car again, heading for the building where she would meet her new boss.
[Hey.. I'm Randi. Quite open to collabs, just PM me.]
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