Sarah loves me! Sooo...introducing character two. A guy to make things more even. :3
I no longer hate this set... Mateus is gorgeous and compliments are amazing and uplifting.

name/nickname; Kai Santos
age; 24
job; Security Guard
likes; rock music, mint chewing gum, cigarettes, his zippo, skateboarding, tattoos, keeping people safe
dislikes; drunks, snow, men who hit women, burned food, the smell of gasoline
bio; Kai grew up in on the darker side of LA. His parents and himself living in a small house that was nearing on rundown. His mom did her best to keep the house up and tidy, his father went to work and came home to trash it again. Kai's dad would definitely not be up for any awards for best father/husband of the year awards as the man liked to get aggressive after several beers, generally turning that attitude towards his wife. She ended up with plenty of bruises and even a broken arm or two by the time Kai was a toddler. All he knew was nights of yelling and his mom crying, she told the neighbors she fell down or something of the sort. When he was old enough to realize what was going on he was asking his dad to go to bed or to just leave. The young boy getting drawn behind his mother to spare him the blows. He knew it wasn't right, he was twelve the first time he stepped in front of his mother only to get knocked down again. He was 14 the third time he was getting his arm set for with a cast.
Somehow Kai persuaded his mom to leave him with the help of a social worker. They lived in a complex in a one bedroom apartment, he slept out on the couch. High school passed quickly enough, Kai using football and track to get out the highly intense emotions he left behind with his skateboard getting him through any other time. He also adopted the quiet and aloof manner that got him through high school life. When he played football it was his world and on his skateboard he was free. Going to college for four years on a football scholarship after HS. He came back to California to work in security, doing what he used to. Protecting people from the things out in the world that might harm them, stopping issues before they started. He worked in a variety of places before ending up at the studio where he had been for the past two years.
relationship status; Single
model; Mateus Verdelho
taken by; xshadesofblackx❤
Kai stood at the gate, watching people go by in their seriously expensive cars and trendy wardrobes, it was his job to life the blockade as they passed and check passes/ids. It was by no means fun and barely interesting at times but it was needed. Mostly to keep out the stalkers and the desperate hopefuls that could turn dangerous. Plenty of cars went by with a swift yet decisive glance, he knew the regular people that worked there, the actors/actresses, directors, producers and such. It was the other people that often got stopped. People unknown in catering, cleaning and assistants with no pass yet.

He rolled his eyes as he remembered a tall blonde that came that morning in a sensible car, he had to call back to check who she actually was after seeing her id. Turned out she was the new assistant to the son of the studio. Oops? He had no idea. Better safe than sorry.

The door to the booth opened and a dark haired man stepped inside, dressed much like Kai was in the security uniform. "Hey Santos. Time to switch."

Kai nodded, glad to be free to walk for a while, "Just don't forget to check all the ids. You let in a stalker last week that claimed she was with catering. She nearly mauled one of the actors after tackling him to the ground."

The other man chuckled, "Sorry about that.. Right. I'll remember. But it was pretty funny at the time.. Just because she didn't like what his character did in the last movie."

The blond shrugged his broad shoulders, "There are all types out there. Some take their movies and tv way too seriously. But I'm headed out.. There's that new kid by himself. He's scared of his shadow." A rare smile appeared upon his features, making Kai look much younger and relaxed, though it faded quickly.

"You're right. I'll call you on the walkie if I have any problems."

Kai nodded and headed out to start his rounds walking about.
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