Name: Gia Vogel 
Age: 22 
Occupation: Singer, in a band with Mina 
Likes: Watching nature documentaries, cotton shirts, the springtime, fresh fruit, her bandmates, baking, drinking tea, playing guitar 
Dislikes: Getting drunk, looking bad, thunder and lightning, when Mina gets drunk, strawberries, six-inch heels
Bio: Nobody would have ever thought that these girls would end up in a band together because they'™re basically polar opposites. While Mina is nearly ruining their image, Gia is hanging on for dear life. Gia has grown up in one of the only completely eco-friendly houses in the city and this notion has rubbed off on her. When she's not performing, Gia is basically a "save the world"™ type of person, doing almost anything she can to help. And helping is her specialty. At the label, Gia helps almost everyone with their job. It's like she plays all the roles, on top of being a singer. It'€™s just Gia'€™s nature and we'™re glad for that. She keeps Mina in line (to the best of her ability) and keeps everyone sane. But it seems as if Gia is at her wit's end. She'™s tired of watching over everyone and being the "˜mother"€™. Secretly, Gia wants to let go every once and a while but she can't, because that's not her. Because, in fact, Gia is hiding another secret from everyone, even her husband. Gia is six weeks pregnant. This secret could ruin not only her marriage, but her future as a singer and a band mate. How is the band supposed to go on with one half being drunk ninety nine percent of the time, and the other half pregnant? It'€™s time that Gia comes out about her secret, because it could cost her the record deal. And without that, Gia literally has nothing to look forward in the morning. What is this girl supposed to do? Tell, and risk losing her dream, or hide her pregnancy and continue on her merry way? Only time will tell where this all-girl band will go. 
Relationship Status: Married 
Model: Lily Aldridge
Taken by: Open
Gia Vogel
Summer Guarnaschelli 
Penelope ‘Nel’ Albers
Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Fitzgerald 
Vanessa Crawford 
"Well...we can't really do an ultrasound or anything, but we've run every test. You're pregnant." The doctor said the words, for the upteenth time. I still felt like someone was pounding nails into my school every time I heard this. It just couldn't happen. This would change...everything. 

"I...thank you, Dr. Snow." I said, forcing a smile. I was so used to forcing smiles in this business it was natural at this point. I got up, numb, leaving. 

"Don't forget the prenatal vitamins!" The doctor called as the door slammed shut. I pulled my hood up, put on my sunglasses. Slutty dress? Check. Knee high boots? Check. All stolen from Minas closet? Check. Nothing like what I would wear? Check. 

I slipped out, unnoticed into a taxi. No one had any clue this was Gia Vogel. I rode home, at this odd hour of the day. No one else had been at the doctor's office, and I'd had to pay majorly for a 3 am visit. But no one could know.

"Thanks." I said, in a fake accent, tossing the driver $100 dollers as I got dropped off at the gated communities gates. You never could be too secretive in this business. I waited till he was gone, then entered the password, sneaking by in the dark through the neighborhoods till I got to my house. 

I unlocked the doors, immediately slipping all the clothes off and putting on the silk robe I'd left by the couch. I hid the clothes in the their spot, even my husband not knowing of these doctor visits. I ruffled my hair, trying to look just woken up. 

I tipped toed up the stairs, running my hands through my hair still. I made it to the room, almost in bed when the phone rang. It wasn't on silent. I picked up immediately, not looking at it as my husband still lay in bed, covered in the seats sound asleep. We had fun together, and tonight was no exception. I might not go out and party like Mina, but my husband and I were anything but settled. Yet another reason why this baby meant the end. 


"i...I...need a rrrride...and I." Mina's drunk voice came through the line. I couldn't stand it. She could party. She could be wild. She was ruining our career and here I was being responsible. Boring, ambitious, responsible as the newspapers sometimes wrote about me. She was free, and I was pregnant. I just couldn't stand her and her freedom. 

"Fuc.k you." I whispered, cold, hanging up. Maybe the papers were right. But it didn't used to be like this. I used to be fun. Now I was busy at fundraisers, humanitarian campaigns, green initiatives. I loved the environment, and helping people, don't get me wrong. But I had an image to uphold now. I had to be the good girl, the whole world was watching. 

I felt sudden pangs in my stomach, running for my life to the bathroom, puking my guts. Pregnant. I had been doing this for weeks, and it hardly disgusted me anymore as my stomach immediately felt better. I flushed, wiping my mouth and brushing my teeth. Now I really did look like I just woke up. 

I untied my robe, leaving it on the bathroom floor and walked to bed, crawling under the covers. Sleep. Finally. Peace. I took a deep breath, and was out.
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