A home decor collage from May 2013
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  • OXO® Good Grips POP Round Storage Canisters, Set of 3
    Combining the airtight seal of OXO POP containers with the accessibility of countertop-friendly canisters, the OXO Good Grips POP canisters have become our favorite way to store kitchen essentials. 3-piece set includes: 2 qt. with lid, for a 1-lb. bag of coffee beans, granola and nuts. 3 qt. with lid, for rice, pasta and crackers. 4½ qt. with lid, for boxed cereal, 5-lb. bag of flour or sugar. SPECIFICATIONS:>/b> Manufacturer: OXO. Material: ABS plastic, polymer (POM), stainless steel, silicone. Care: Hand wash. Made in China. FEATURES Unique pop-up button mechanism creates an airtight seal with just one touch. Buttons also serve as handles to easily remove lid with one hand. Trio of graduated sizes allows you to attractively display a variety of dried foods on your counter. Ensures freshness and easy access. Canisters nest neatly inside one another for convenient storage. BPA-free.
  • Joseph Joseph Index 100 Series Chopping Board Set, Stainless Steel
    Perfect for preparing vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food safely and separately, this compact storage case from Joseph Joseph contains four large chopping boards, each with its own index-style illustrated tab indicating the food type for which it should be used. Boards are polypropylene/chrome-plated ABS/case is ABS/steel. Case is hand wash only; hopping boards are dishwasher safe. Imported. Each chopping board is 14.77" x 11.22" x 3.35" Index 100 chopping boards are designed to mark slightly during use and will not blunt knives.
  • All-Clad 6-Piece Stainless Steel Utensil Set
    Finally, a tool set worthy of your All-Clad cookware. This professional-grade stainless steel set includes a solid spoon, a skimmer, a ladle, a turner, a fork and a canister to store and display the utensils. Constructed of durable and attractive 18/10 stainless steel, utensils are polished to a mirror-like sheen and are etched with the All-Clad logo. Each utensil features a hang loop for easy storage"great for keeping your favorite utensil close at hand while cooking. Manufacturer: All-Clad. Includes: Canister, spoon, skimmer, ladle, spatula, fork. Material: Stainless steel. Care: Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 5¼" x 14" Warranty: Lifetime warranty. Made in China.
  • 11.5x14.5 Hawaiian Collection Kauai Bamboo Cutting Board
    Dice, chop, slice and julienne to your heart's delight on this Totally Bamboo 11.5 x 14.5-in. Hawaiian Collection Kauai Bamboo Cutting Board. Crafted from earth-friendly bamboo to appeal to your eco-conscious side, this sturdy board is also easy on the edges of your knives so you don't have to hone them as often. Its two-tone caramelized color is achieved through a special manufacturing process that seals in the color of the wood so it will never fade or become lighter with age, and its pieces are sealed with food-grade glue for added peace of mind. This bamboo cutting board is less porous than other types of wooden boards and naturally resistant to bacteria for safe use when deboning chicken or filleting raw meats. Bamboo is a durable material, so your cutting board will have a long life, even in a busy kitchen with daily prep work. Its expansive size will also give you plenty of room to work, whether you're chopping onions, peppers and tomatoes for a homemade salsa, or dicing parsley, cilantro and rosemary to recreate Grandma's best spaghetti sauce recipe. It's also a good choice for slicing baked bread, fresh out of the oven, for prepping spinach and romaine lettuce for a salad or for chopping cabbage and carrots to make homemade coleslaw. Features: Crafted from durable, strong bamboo for long-lasting use. Sustainable materials mean less harm to the environmentBeautiful design matches nearly any kitchenHandcrafted using strips of flattened bamboo for strength and resilience Cleaning & Care: Handwash with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Dimensions: 11.5 x 14.5 x 5/8-in. Material: Bamboo. Origin: USA. Weight: 6.3-lbs.
  • 2.7-qt. Vitaquick Pressure Skillet
    Young. Modern. Ingenious. This is not your grandmother's pressure cooker. With its attractive sleek design and innovative features, the Vitaquick line is perfect for newcomers to pressure cooking and pros alike. These high-quality pressure cookers are still the easiest to use and clean on the market. And, owners save up to 70 percent of the regular cooking time and as much as 50 percent of the energy traditionally used in cooking with the Vitaquick. Vitaquick's unique features include its silent and steam-free cooking technology. There is no unnerving rattling or hissing while under normal operating pressure, and once the oxygen is expelled and the valve locks into place, hardly any steam escapes into the air during the cooking process, keeping the kitchen cool and odor-free. As a result of this silent operation, less time, energy and liquid is required during the cooking process. Also, the handle is auto-locking, which means the handle automatically locks with an audible click when closed properly, and features a visual indicator window that changes from red to green when securely locked. Pressure cannot build until the lid is properly locked and the visual indicator is green, ensuring safe use. Furthermore, the Vitaquick has a conical pot shape, so that cookers of the same diameter may be stacked for space-saving storage without scratching or wedging. There is also an internal min/max measuring scale for easy reference, Novogrill frying surface for low-oil grilling, frying and searing, and a CookStar Base that is compatible on all stove-tops, and ensures that the base will never separate, warp, or develop hotspots. Made in Germany of 18/10 hygienic stainless steel, the Vitaquick is also completely dishwasher safe, and comes with a standard lifetime warranty. Using Vitaquick pressure cookers is a great way of achieving a balanced diet while saving previous time and energy! Features and Benefits: Silent under pressure. Auto-locking handle with visual indicator. Conical design. Cleaning made easy. Removable lid handle. Automatic steam release. Min/max measuring scale. Novogrill frying surface. CookStar all-stove base. Made of 18/10 hygienic stainless steel. Scratch-resistant interior. Dishwasher safe. Made in Germany. Lifetime warranty. Capacity: 2.7-qt. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Length: 16.5-in. Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel. Origin: Germany. Warranty: Lifetime. Weight: 5.7-lb. Width: 10-in.
  • JOSEPH JOSEPH Index 100 Steel chopping board set
    The Index 100 chopping boards from Joseph Joseph have been designed to reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination when preparing different food types. Its stylish case contains four large chopping boards with colour-coded, non-slip feet on both sides and staggered, index-style tabs. Each tab has a brushed metal-style finish and is illustrated with icons indicating which food type it should be used for – vegetables, fish, raw meat or cooked food. The storage case is clad in brushed, 18/10 stainless steel making it highly durable and has a non-slip base. Joseph Joseph chopping board set. Contains four chopping boards. Please note: chopping boards are designed to mark slightly during use and will not blunt knives. Boards: dishwasher safe, case: wipe with a damp cloth. Height 23.5cm, width 33.5cm per board. Total height 28.5cm, width 38cm, depth 8.5cm.
  • King Kooker 16-pc Stainless-Steel Tailgating Utensil Set w/ Carrying Case
    King Kooker 1660 16-Piece Stainless-Steel Tailgating Utensil Set With Carrying Case. 16 Piece tailgating utensil set with black and red king kooker carrying case. Included can opener, 14-inch basting brush, 14-inch spatula, 12-inch spoon, 12-inch ladle, 13-inch tongs, 10-inch scissors, 11-inch fork, 10-inch cleaver, 12-inch knife, 10-inch knife, 7-inch knife, 18-inch by 11-inch cutting board, knife sharpener, and 14-inch skimmer. Dimensions: 17in length x 10.25in width x 7.5in height. Weight: 6lb.
  • Bodum New Kenya 17 oz Coffee Press, Black
    Freshly designed with swooping curves, the black plastic frame on the New Kenya coffee press adds to the anticipation of the morning coffee. And good coffee indeed this press makes. Most aficionados agree that the French press, or plunger, style of coffee maker produces the smoothest cup of joe. Bodum makes the carafe itself of borosilicate glass, the lightweight, heat-resistant kind found in science labs, and the plunger and three-piece filter system of stainless steel. The plastic frame tightly wraps the glass beaker and protects your table from its heat. The lid is also plastic. To make coffee in the New Kenya, put in the glass carafe one scoop of coarse-ground coffee beans per every four ounces of brewed coffee you intend to make. Add nearly-boiling water, stir with a silicone spatula, and place the filter-plunger-lid unit in the top. After four minutes of brewing, slowly press down on the plunger. Pour, and enjoy. Use the same spatula to scrape the grounds out afterward, and rinse out the carafe and assembly. All the parts are dishwasher-safe as well. Dimensions: 6.3″ x 4.17″ x 6.18″.
  • Joseph Joseph Index Cutting Board Set
    Keep your cutting boards organized and help prevent cross contamination with this handy set. Durable and attractive stainless steel holder houses four color-coded cutting boards"one each for vegetables, poultry, beef and fish. Boards are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Thanks to staggered, color-coded tabs, it’s easy to quickly select the board you need. Storage case has a vented bottom for easy drainage and ample air circulation to promote drying. A nonslip base keeps the case from sliding on slick countertops. Manufacturer: Joseph Joseph. Material: Polypropylene, stainless steel. Care: Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 13" x 2¾" x 8¼" Made in China.
  • Breville Smart Oven Bamboo Cutting Board
    Designed to fit on top of the Breville Countertop Convection Oven to save valuable counter space, this bamboo cutting board also doubles as a serving tray thanks to its recessed handles. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and absorbs little moisture making it more sanitary than some other hardwoods. Used as a tray it can be taken directly to the table where it can serve as a trivet, protecting the tabletop from heat damage. Silicone feet on the base make it stable when cutting and protect delicate surfaces.
  • Joseph Joseph - Index Advance Chopping Boards
    The matching cutting board for every facility... Index Advance is the chopping board-register system from Joseph Joseph. With Index Advance, the English company presents the improved version of the desired chopping boards: Index Advance possesses a rustic surface and it is available in two colours. In the register housing out of ABS plastic there are a total of four chopping boards. Each chopping board possesses an individual colour and an illustrated register sign that informs the user about the chopping board he is using, regarding the ingredients (vegetables, fish, raw meat or cooked cutting ware). The usage of the different chopping boards for the single ingredients improves the hygiene in the kitchen and avoids cross-contaminations. The graduated register-signs make the overview and handling easier. The cutting boards consist of stainless polypropylene and are dishwasher-safe. The plastic protects the knives while cutting and avoid unnecessary dulling of the kitchen tools. The single boards from Index Advance furthermore possess an anti-slip-coating for secure cutting on flat coasters.
  • 6-pc. Tools Utensil Set with Caddy
    Busy home cooks will continually reach for the handy assortment of tools in this All-Clad 6-pc. Tools Utensil Set with Caddy. This all-metal kitchen tool set is designed for the serious cook, and it includes the tools that most cooks find themselves reaching for again and again with every meal they cook, including 13-inch slotted and solid spoons, turner and fork, and an 11.5-inch 4-ounce ladle. The handles are designed for user comfort and feature a grooved design for optimal grip. An included cylindrical caddy that has been branded with the All-Clad logo on its side is designed to hold the tools close at hand, so you always have the kitchen helpers you need within easy reach to make meal prep faster. Both the tools and the storage caddy are crafted from premium-quality 18/10 stainless steel for long-lasting performance and durability in the same ergonomic style that you have come to appreciate in your All-Clad cookware. Just as handsome as it is functional, this set will make a big impression on your countertop. All-Clad includes a lifetime warranty with this set that covers any defects. Features: Set includes the most-often-used tools in a busy kitchen, including a slotted spoon, solid spoon, turner, 4-ounce ladle and fork. The handles on each tool have a grooved design for better grip and are rounded for user comfort. A lifetime warranty against defects is included for your added protection. A coordinating container is included to keep the tools organized and within easy reach. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel. Origin: China. Size/Capacity: 6-pc. Warranty: Lifetime.
  • 3-pc. Cookie Sheet Set
    The perfect baking set for any kitchen. The Fat Daddio’s 3-piece baking set features the anodized half sheet pan, a silicone baking mat, and a molded SNAPFIT storage lid. The anodized half sheet pan is perfect for cookies, brownies, jelly rolls, or as an all-purpose kitchen utility pan. It's temperature rated to 550 degrees F. The Silicone baking mat is temperature rated -40° to 550° F and because of this it provides thousands of non-stick uses from the freezer, to the counter to the microwave and the oven. It also makes clean up simple. The storage lid makes traveling with or storing baked goods a -snap”. The exclusive design also allows for multiple pan stacking. Cleaning & Care: Hand Wash Recommended. Material: Anodized Aluminum. Origin: China. Size/Capacity: 3-pc. Special Features: Anodizing is not a coating. It’s an environmentally-friendly process that contains no chemical additives, dyes, CFC’s, PTFE’s, or PFOA’s. Anodizing is the reason Fat Daddio’s bakeware will never chip, flake, peel, pit, or rust.