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  • Williams-Sonoma Oven Mitt
    A must in every kitchen, our signature oven mitt protects the hand and forearm from high heat. It's proportioned for a comfortable fit and quilted with heavyweight cotton on the outside and thick cotton terry inside. Machine-wash. 13" long. Made in the USA.
  • 5-qt. Unison Nonstick Dutch Oven
    We know you're busy with life and it can be difficult to find the time for a healthy, home-cooked meal. With the Calphalon 5-qt. Unison Nonstick Dutch Oven, you don't need a lot of time or kitchen experience to prepare delicious, hearty meals. The Sear Nonstick inner surface makes it easy to lock in flavor by searing meats before moving on to the rest of your recipe. With the nonstick surface, you save time with end-of-meal clean up, so you can linger longer at the table with family and friends. You don't need a lot of oil, fat or butter to get great results when you cook with the Calphalon Nonstick Dutch Oven, which lets you serve healthier, more natural-tasting foods. Since the pot is safe for use in the oven up to 500 degrees F, you can create one-pot dishes like pot roast and vegetables or casseroles to save even more time on food prep and cleanup. The domed, tempered-glass lid lets you lock in juices and flavor and control the temperature within the pot for faster cooking. Stay-cool handles ensure safety when moving the pot around, though you should use potholders when retrieving the dish from the oven. For long-lasting use, only stir and move food in the pot with nylon, wooden or coated utensils. Best Used For: Soups, stews, casseroles, sauces, pastas, rice, vegetables, roasts, pork, chicken, boiled potatoes or eggs, creamed potatoes or corn, and bisques. Features: Lifetime warranty. Oven safe to 500 degrees F. Made in the U.S.A. Dishwasher safe. Nonstick interior. Stay-cool handles. Capacity: 5-qt. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Material: Heavy Gauge Hard-Anodized Aluminum. Origin: United States. Special Features: Oven Safe to 500°F/260°C. Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Make Your Bed
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  • Bodum - Bean Coffee Maker
    The coffee maker Bean marked the beginning of a whole new chapter in the history of the Bodum French-Press-System. The absolut highquality borosilicateglass of the coffee maker is covered at Bean by the coloured plastic - this doesn not only covers the glass, it also expands the extra and until now unknown decorative aspect. But most of all: The colourful plastic coat protects Bean from unwished overflowting and seals the coffee maker so that it stays closed, should it be knocked over. The sealing of silicone combines also the basin and the glass has through that an isolating impression, which helps to hold the coffee warm as long as possible. A simple push on the crank at the back lets the coffee float safely and controlable. The Bean coffee maker by Bodum is easy to control with only one hand and is also very safe. Of course the French-Press-System with its new developing, it has nothing to do with its classy qualities. With the Bodum coffee maker the coffee still can be brewed by hand: Only put the wished amount of coffee and hot water into the can, wait and push down the press system at the end - Ready is the coffee! The Bean coffee maker by Bodum is also available with the capacity of 0,35l in the colours blue, créme-white, yellow, lime, orange and pink.
  • Alessi Parmenide Grater - Red
    This Alessi Paramenide Grater in red brings two aspects of the traditional household scene together, the cheese grater and the serving bowl. This Paramenide Grater is made from 18/10 stainless steel & thermo-plastic resin and measures 15.3 cm x 7.5 cm & 6.7 cm in height. Parmenide also becomes an attractive piece of tableware once the cheese has been grated.Key features: * Material:18/10 stainless steel & thermo-plastic resin * Dimensions: 15.3 cm x 7.5 cm & 6.7 cm in height * Designed by Alejandro Ruiz * Two functions in 1- grater and serving bowl * Efficient stainless steel grating blades * Alessi Parmenide comes apart easily for cleaning * Convenient pouring spout for serving parmesan * Available in blue, white & red * Stylishly packaged in an Alessi branded box
  • Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Stripe Oven Mitt
    Outfit your kitchen with a kitchen essential in cheerful seasonal stripes. To shield hands from heat, our sturdy oven mitt is quilted with heavyweight striped-cotton twill on the outside and thick protective cotton terry inside. Durable 100% cotton construction. Heat resistant to 400ºF. Loop for hanging. Machine-wash.
  • Peugeot Bresil Coffee Mill
    A beautifully nostalgic way to add a sense of ritual to your morning coffee, this handsome and functional manual coffee grinder efficiently grinds your favorite roast to the desired consistency, whether extra-fine for espresso or coarsely ground for French press brewing. Box-shaped mill features a drawer for capturing coffee grounds and easily adjusts from coarse to fine via the thumbwheel located under the crank. Covered hopper is easy to fill and helps keep the grinding mechanism clean. Peugeot mills have been synonymous with quality coffee since 1840 and are available in four attractive finishes. Manufacturer: Peugeot. Material: Wood, stainless steel. Care: Wipe clean. Store in a cool, dry place away from humidity and heat sources. Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 8¼" Capacity: 2 oz. Warranty: Lifetime warranty on grinding mechanism. Five-year warranty on mill housing. Made in France.
  • Red 6-qt. Enameled Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven
    Discover the joy of cast-iron cooking with the Lodge 6-qt. Enamel Cast-Iron Round Dutch Oven. These versatile pots have been valued for generations as a way to make consistently delicious meals, and few companies embody that tradition with the same style and reliability as Lodge. Their cast-iron cookware is made to hold up to direct heat on the stovetop as well as high baking temperatures so you can transfer your pot from the burner straight into the oven. The Dutch oven is also exceptional at conducting and retaining heat so your favorite recipes cook thoroughly and evenly for the best possible results. The eye-catching enameled exterior isn't just for show; the nonreactive coating means you can prepare acidic foods without worrying about your cookware altering the flavor or color, and then store the pot in the refrigerator or freezer as is. Take this attractive yet functional Dutch oven from the stove to the dinner table to the kitchen sink without dirtying another dish. Best Used For: Sear a beef roast or pork loin on the stovetop, add your favorite vegetables and some wine or broth before finishing in the oven for succulent, melt-in-your-mouth stews and braises. Create mouthwatering chicken and dumplings, bake your grandmother's tuna noodle casserole, celebrate summer with a one-pot indoor clambake or take your Dutch oven camping for campfire meals you have to taste to believe. Capacity: 6-qt. Cleaning & Care: Hand Wash Recommended. Diameter: 10.75-in. Height: 4.5-in. Material: Enameled Cast Iron. Origin: China. Warranty: Limited Lifetime.
  • Set of 3 Non-skid Mixing Bowl Set
    Use the Amco Set of 3 Nonskid Mixing Bowl Set to blend, stir or mix ingredients for your favorite recipes. Traditional plastic, metal or glass mixing bowls often slide around when you're stirring ingredients, but these durable stainless steel bowls have silicone-covered bottoms to prevent them from moving on slippery countertops. Pour in your ingredients and effortlessly wield your immersion blender or electric mixer with confidence. The bowls come in 2-, 3- and 4.5-quart sizes, so it's no surprise that this versatile all-purpose set is one of our top-rated products. Whip egg whites or concoct creative spice blends in the smallest bowl, and use the larger bowls to keep batter and loose ingredients neatly contained. These dishwasher-safe bowls offer a wide rim for comfortable handling, and their nesting design takes up minimal cabinet and shelf space. Best Used For: Whether you're whipping, whisking or stirring, this multipurpose mixing bowl set is a convenient starting point for many of your favorite dishes. Mix up some spices to make a dry rub for a slab of ribs, or stir pancake batter for your next Sunday morning breakfast. Use these bowls to make cookie dough or cake batter, or toss ingredients together for a healthy Caesar or three-bean salad. Features: Nonskid silicone bottoms limit movement and enable multitasking. Three bowl sizes accommodate a wide range of cooking and baking tasks. Heavy-duty stainless steel withstands frequent contact with mixing appliances. Bowls store inside one another for compact storage. Dishwasher-safe materials offer stress-free cleaning. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher safe. Material: Stainless steel and silicone. Origin: China. Size/Capacity: Set of 3.
  • Alessi Pots&Pans Low Casserole 28Cm Ajm102/28
    Low Casserole with 2 handles in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished. 15" x 11" x 4" high 5 quart 27 ounce 11" / 28cm diameter Designed by Jasper Morrison.
  • Williams-Sonoma Stripe Oven Mitt
    Outfit your kitchen with a kitchen essential in cheerful stripes. To shield hands from heat, our sturdy oven mitt is quilted with heavyweight striped-cotton twill on the outside and thick protective cotton terry inside. Durable 100% cotton construction. Heat resistant to 400ºF. Loop for hanging. Machine-wash.
  • 10.25-in. Specialty Series 4-Sided Box Grater
    Whether you're shredding carrots to add a pop of color to your salad or zesting lemon to add to your award-winning pound cake recipe, the Microplane 10.25-in. Specialty Series 4-Sided Box Grater helps you slice and grate food to the perfect size for your needs. Choose the ribbon slicer side to create delicious ribbons of zucchini, or use the coarse grater to make a fine powder of Parmesan cheese to spruce up your pasta. The zester comes in handy when preparing citrus-infused desserts, sauces and drinks, while the handy slicer lets you quickly and efficiently slice potatoes to create your own homemade potato chips or a scalloped potato dish. The fine zester blade plate is removable, so you can zest directly into a bowl, pot or cup without having to balance the entire unit on the edge. The heavy-duty box stands upright for easy slicing no matter what side you choose, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to keep a secure grip while you cut. Two rubber strips on the feet protect against accidental slips, ensuring that your box grater stays in place until you're finished. An included cover protects the blades during storage. Features: Four grating and slicing blades offer versatility. Large handle is easy to grip and hold. Durable stainless steel blades ensure consistent performance over time. Dishwasher-safe box grater is easy to clean. Made in the USA. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Depth: 3.13-in. Height: 10.25-in. Material: Blade made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Premium Plastic Handle. Origin: USA. Width: 5.13-in.
  • 6-pc. Gadgets Ultimate Grater Set
    Zest a lemon for baking. Shave chocolate to garnish a cake. Grate fresh Parmesan for risotto. These and other prep tasks are made easy with the Calphalon Gadgets 6-pc. Ultimate Grater Set. This set allows you to grate directly into the see-through storage box, measure how much you have grated, then seal the container until ready to use. The Calphalon Ultimate Grater Set with six pieces features a handheld tool that is simple to use, and it accommodates four different snap-in grating attachments. It includes a convenient box to catch the freshly grated foods and has 8-ounce measuring marks on the side. The box also stores the grating inserts when you're not using the set. These Calphalon grater gadgets are sharp, strong and a convenient way to grate, shave and zest almost anything. Set includes: Coarse grater insert. Fine grater insert. Zester insert. Shaver insert. Soft-touch handle. Storage box with measuring marks. Features: Soft-touch handle securely holds the four snap-on grater inserts. Calphalon Ultimate Grater Set works as both box and hand-held grater. Storage box has measuring marks and neatly holds your grated foods. All the inserts fit in the storage box. Top-rack dishwasher safe. Lifetime warranty. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Size/Capacity: 6-pc.
  • Bodum Chambord French Press 8-cup Coffee Maker
    In terms of excellent coffee brewing, manual labor is more popular than ever - that is if pressing a plunger can be qualified as manual labor. The French press lets the coffee beans develop their fullest aroma so it doesn't come as a surprise that it is the brewing method of choice for coffee tasters trying to determine quality beans. The simplest route to an excellent cup of coffee: coarsely ground coffee, hot water, wait for 4 minutes and press down the plunger. The Chambord has been a classic almost from the day it came out - still is and always will be. This latest update comes with a lid that closes off the spout which makes the Chambord spill-proof should it get knocked over. It also makes for better temperature control. The Chambord comes in four different sizes and now comes with a twist, too - a golden opportunity for an excellent cup of coffee. The Chambord is made from borosilicate glass, plastic, chrome-plated/gold-plated steel and silicone and is dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 6.4" L x 4.6" W x 10.1" H. Capacity: 34 oz. Brews flavorful coffee in 4 minutes. New design allows lid to close off spout to prevent spilling and better temperature control. 3-part stainless steel mesh filter helps extract your coffee's aromatic oils and subtle flavor. Care Instructions: Dishwasher-Safe.
  • Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Oven Mitt
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    A must in every kitchen, our signature oven mitt protects the hand and forearm from high heat. It's proportioned for a comfortable fit and quilted with heavyweight cotton on the outside and thick cotton terry inside. Machine-wash. 13" long. Made in the USA.
  • 7-qt. Simply Calphalon Nonstick Dutch Oven
    Use the Calphalon 7-qt. Simply Calphalon Nonstick Dutch Oven to create tender pulled pork, sumptuous stews and creative casseroles. This durable piece of cookware is crafted from medium-gauge hard-anodized aluminum and features a durable exterior that won't crack or chip. The nonreactive inner surface has a double-layer nonstick coating that lets you cook without added oils, and it makes cleanup practically effortless. Because this piece of cookware can handle oven temperatures up to 400 degrees F, you can experiment with recipes that require searing the food on the stovetop and then finishing it off in the oven. The stainless steel handles on this Dutch oven are coated with silicone, so you won't burn your hands when you need to move the pot between burners midway through the cooking process. The handles are double riveted for reliability and will minimize the risk of accidents when lifting a full pot. A tempered glass lid makes it easy to see into the pot while you cook, and the lid's dome shape allows for efficient moisture retention during the cooking process. With a capacity of 7 quarts, this Dutch oven can hold plenty of meat and vegetables, so you can cook a pot roast for a crowd or a full pot of chili for your next tailgating party. The deep sides keep spatters contained, even when you're stirring vigorously, and the wide cooking surface heats evenly, so you don't have to worry about overcooked or undercooked portions. This piece of cookware comes with a 10-year warranty. Features: 7-quart Dutch oven will accommodate larger roasts. See-through tempered-glass lid lets you know where you are in the cooking process. Silicone-coated handles stay cool for easy handling. Nonstick coating requires no oil, making cooking healthier. Double-riveted handles offer durability and reliability. Oven-safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Hard-anodized aluminum construction. Capacity: 7-qt. Cleaning & Care: Handwash only. Not dishwasher-safe. Depth: 6.6-in. Diameter: 14-in. (with handles) Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum. Origin: USA. Special Features: Oven-safe to 400°F/200°C. Warranty: 10-year.
  • Alessi Pots&Pans Casserole 20Cm Ajm101/20
    Casserole with two handles in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished. 9.75" x 8" x 4.25" high 3 quart 12.75 ounce 8" / 20cm diameter Designed by Jasper Morrison.
  • 32-oz. Combo Espresso and Programmable Coffee Maker
    Make drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte with this three-in-one machine. Saves counter space instead of having a separate drip coffee maker and espresso machine. It can also make lattes or hot chocolate perfectly with the patented Flavor Savor brewing system. This system is innovative so that it thoroughly saturates and steeps coffee grounds so you will get the most out of your coffee: full robust flavor every time you brew. Features and Benefits: 10-cup glass coffee carafe. Wake up to the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee with the 24-hour programmable digital timer. Enjoy a cup before the full pot is brewed with Pause ‘n Serve function. Durable and long lasting permanent gold-tone filter is specially designed to keep even the finest grounds out of coffee. Choose the strength of coffee just the way you like it with the Accuflavor selector dial. Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the "Swivel Jet" frother, which mixes steam and milk to create a rich creamy froth for perfect drinks every time. Optimize the taste of your coffee by eliminating off-flavors caused by chlorine with advanced water filtration. Allows for convenient filling and easy cleaning with the removable water tank. Easy cleanup with non-stick warming plate. 1500-watt power. One-year warranty. Capacity: 32-oz. Cleaning & Care: Wash carafe in hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Wipe machine with damp cloth. Depth: 14.53-in. Height: 12.8-in. Material: Plastic. Origin: China. Volts/Watts: 1500-watts. Warranty: 1 Year Warranty. Width: 11.02-in.
  • Stainless Good Grips Box Grater
    Turn to the OXO Stainless Good Grips Box Grater for smaller kitchen grating, slicing and shredding jobs instead of pulling out your heavy, bulky food processor. This stainless steel grater has four functional grating surfaces that accommodate a variety of tasks. Use the large or small graters for grating cheese or shredding vegetables. The superfine grater will make short work of nutmeg or ginger, while the slicing surface lets you quickly slice up vegetables in perfectly even slices. A soft handle and nonslip base ensure comfort and stability while you're working, and its stainless steel construction makes it both durable and corrosion resistant. This OXO unit comes with a handy container that fits neatly onto the bottom of the grater, catching anything you shred or grate to keep kitchen messes to a minimum. The container has convenient measurement markings so you won't shred or grate more than you need. OXO is known for producing high-quality kitchen accessories, so you can buy this one knowing you're making a purchase that will last for years. Best Used For: Use the slicing surface to create uniform slices of cucumber for a salad or potatoes for a gratin or homemade potato chips. The grating surfaces will easily shred cabbage for a refreshing coleslaw or carrots for a carrot cake. The fine grating surface is perfect for fresh ginger when you're baking cookies or a little sprinkling of nutmeg on an egg custard or quiche. Features: Four functional grating surfaces. Nonslip base keeps the grater secure when in use. Storage container with measurement markings keeps mess to a minimum. Stainless steel construction resists corrosion. Dishwasher safe. Measures 12 x 5 x 3 inches. Lifetime warranty. Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 12x5x3-in. Material: Stainless Steel. Origin: China. Warranty: Lifetime.
  • Food Network Oven Mitt (Red)
    Classic chic. This Food Network oven mitt is a timeless addition to any kitchen decor. Shop our full selection of kitchen coordinates at Kohl's. Silicone squares promise a sure grip. Hanging loop keeps the mitt within reach. Heat-resistant cotton construction ensures safe use. Details: 7 x 13 Cotton/silicone Machine wash Color: Red. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Adult. Material: Silicone/Cotton.
  • Williams-Sonoma Potholder
    Our signature potholder is designed for handling the hottest pots and pans. A kitchen essential, it’s sewn of durable quilted cotton with a thick cotton terry lining and hanging loop. The pocket design provides a secure grip. Machine-wash. 9 1/4" x 9 1/2". Made in the USA.
  • 6-pc. Good Grips Kitchen Essentials Set
    Power through everyday cooking tasks by adding the OXO 6-pc. Good Grips Kitchen Essentials Set to your kitchen tool collection. We love that each piece in this set comes with nonslip grips, making it easier to peel, grate, stir and scoop your way to delicious dishes. Use the can opener to open tomato paste for your best pasta dishes or stews, or to open a can of soup for a convenient lunch on a cold day. The grater makes it easy to garnish your dishes with fresh Parmesan. Use the ice cream scoop to serve your favorite sorbet or ice cream flavors, and the 11-inch balloon whisk to make fresh whipped cream to top apple pie a la mode. The swivel peeler will help you remove the skins from potatoes, carrots and more, while the handy 9-inch locking tongs let you turn meats on the grill and remove corn on the cob from boiling water with ease. We enjoy how the looped handles on the peeler, tongs and grater allow for easy storage on hooks in your kitchen cabinets. Use this handy set of kitchen tools to tackle a wide range of cooking tasks like a pro. Pair this set with the OXO 3-pc. Good Grips Angled Measuring Cups for a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift. Features: Stainless steel components for added durability. Nonslip grips for added safety in the kitchen Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Length: 7.75-in. Material: Stainless Steel. Origin: China. Width: 7.75-in.

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