So, with many drafts in draft for my Polyvore friends and more, I finally finished this one for @loulynne .
I know she loves her family dearly, and comes to Polyvore for a little getaway to enjoy fabulous things and to create beautiful sets and enjoys checking in on Poly friends.
The Murano glass is ribbon glass, from Ruby Lane, I want it badly, so, I know you will enjoy it too.
I also bought you a fireplace, you probably have one, but, this one is so pretty, that I figure no one can have too many of those.
The fashions are what I think you would enjoy wearing in real life, in fact, the Forever 21 pants are fab, I know because I shop there myself.
I think you will find a place somewhere to put that stained glass, so you can enjoy the beautiful sun shine through it everyday.
Cool watch that I know you will love, but, bet you give it to your daughter, teheheehee, so, I gave you an unlimited imaginary charge card too, so you can shop till you drop for the family, as I think you give all of yourself to family and friends..
you are so special, don't know how I know that,
 I just do, that's why you also have the golden heart perfume bottle...that has a little girl guarding it :-) cause she's so cute.
I hope I had your signet ring engraved correctly, I used a magnifying glass against the computer screen to see how you sign your sets sometimes :-)
Oh, and the fairy....she's there for you, always, to remind you how special you are to me...and to your family.
Best wishes, your shopaholic Poly pal, Linda
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