Gifts from my lovely PolyFriends

Wow, I really am blessed to have such amazingly talented and SWEET and KIND friends here on Polyvore. You guys really are the best, and I appreciate you all more than I can express.


Wrote two years ago
Please don't feel terrible my friend :))) It's so easily to miss a comment or two in here !!!!

Wrote two years ago
@mercimasada Aww, thank you! I do love your set, and I'm truly humbled by the generosity and friendship I have found here. :)))
@anne-irene OH MY GOSH, I'm SO sorry I didn't acknowledge your comment when you left it!! I feel terrible, I'm sorry! This IS a wonderful collection, made so by such wonderful people I have met here. I'm always just amazed and grateful. :) xoxoxo my friend.

Wrote two years ago
all of your gifts are so lovely and well deserved! so glad you like my set! xo

Wrote two years ago
wow..... this is a wonderful collection !!! thank you for including me :))


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