Gilded Heart

Characters and basic plot outline from my story, which takes place in a Northeastern state circa the first decade of the 20th century.
  • ♔ Emma Daily ♔
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    "Abilene Juliet Peckford
    Our "protagonist." She is a proper turn-of-the-century American lady." — @duchesscameron
    an Emma Watson appreciation blog ♔ Run by: Aly , Mitha and Becca ♔ taglist | FAQ | ask
  • All-American girl revisited (Harper's Bazaar Dec 09)
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    "Abilene is an all-American girl, her ancestors arriving on the Mayflower. It was for this reason that she was sent to Georgia to stay with the Crawford-Derby family for her broadening experience, instead of Europe as her friends were, and as she wished." — @duchesscameron
    Angela Lindvall is the perfect embodiment of a new breed of all-American beauties who know better than to sport the classic all-American look...
  • Thanksgiving Thoughts (II)
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    "Her family is one of the wealthiest on the Eastern seaboard. She is cultured and elegant and very proud of it." — @duchesscameron
  • too classy for you
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    "Abilene is also bright, charming, clever, and enlightened for her time. She and her three devoted friends, Rosemary, Isabelle, and Diana, believe in tolerance, feminism, and independence. No sitting at home and sipping tea for these girls." — @duchesscameron
  • may pole | Tumblr
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    "The girls met as children. Mean Samantha made fun of Isabelle and made her cry. Rosemary stood up for Isabelle and fought with Samantha. Diana got the teacher to stop the fight and Abilene told the teacher of the fight and got Samantha in trouble." — @duchesscameron
  • fuck yeah gingers
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    "The girls have been friends ever since. They're utterly inseparable." — @duchesscameron
    i absolutely love red hair, and hopefully you do too. ***Now taking submissions here!
  • New Arrival Luxurious Princess Strapless and Sleeveless Design Squins and Layered Ruffles Embellished Train Satin Wedding Dress For Brides
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    "Abilene is the pride of her parents and is admired by the residents in her neighborhood. If she seems perfect, it's probably because she is." — @duchesscameron
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  • catfight | Tumblr
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    "Not everyone adores Abilene. Samantha Troy has remained Abilene's rival ever since the two became enemies when Samantha made Isabelle cry when they were all little girls." — @duchesscameron
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    "Though she says she looks down upon the other girls in the neighborhood, particularly Samantha Troy, for their materialistic habits, she's not immune to temper tantrums." — @duchesscameron
  • Fine art signed photographic print Dressing Room 11.5 x 8" photograph. London mannequin burlesque kitsch showgirl display
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    "Though not vain and shallow, she is a prima donna who absolutely must have her way. She'll blow up at the word of people speaking poorly of her and will do anything to maintain her flawless reputation and keep the entire neighborhood enamored with her." — @duchesscameron
    Dressing Room Show Girl Mannequins Original Signed Fine Art Photographic Print Hand printed fine art photographic print on gallery grade Hahnemuehle
  • Emma Watson Covers New York Times' T Style Fall Fashion Issue 2012
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    "Her clever mind can think up schemes to solve any of her problems and justify them. And she usually claims success." — @duchesscameron
    Emma Watson covers New York Times' T Style Magazine Fashion Fall 2012 issue. In the interview with the mag, the 22-year-old 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' actress reveals the reasons she waited this long to make other movies after the 'Harry Potter' series and discusses fame and the best piece of advice she received from her parents.
  • ℓive, ℓaugh and ℓove.., (via audreyhepburncomplex)
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    "You can think she goes too far all you want, but she'll tell you she just wants to be perfect. What's so wrong with that?" — @duchesscameron
  • FFFFOUND! | Misguided Ghosts. - paintstaindfingrs: (via audreyhepburncomplex)
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    "Abilene has been in love with neighbor Thomas Tramwick ever since they were little kids. Now that Abilene's old enough to get married, she and and Thomas hope to do so." — @duchesscameron
  • A Modern Day Fairytale Wedding in a Secret Garden
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    "Which is more difficult than Abilene anticipated, since Thomas's parents have very high standards. Abilene worries she'll never get to marry Thomas, especially since the Tramwicks favor Samantha Troy as Thomas's potential wife." — @duchesscameron
    "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale... Anonymous These adorable images have been literally jumping out of the folder to be featured since I received them. I am in love with them. Pink, layered, vintage tulle. Wildflowers and pretty horses. A delightful fairytale inspired scene and a touch of the ethereal? It's fairytale wedding perfection in a wedding blog post made all the sweeter because the look this shoot is tyring to achieve is so accessible to today's modern bride. These photographs are sprinkled all over with a touch...
  • Emma Watson in The New York Times “T” Style Fashion
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    "Thomas's parents have since become her enemy. Only over her dead body will Samantha marry Thomas. Because society looks down upon her still-single brother, she thinks marrying him off might give her the advantage over Samantha she needs." — @duchesscameron
  • Michael C. Hall Julia Stiles SAG Awards 2011 Red Carpet
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    "She thinks she may have found just the woman to do so." — @duchesscameron
    Lea Michele and Michael C. Hall pose together for a picture on the red carpet at the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday (January…
  • jake gyllenhaal | Tumblr
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    "Christopher Scott Peckford
    Revolutionary, confident, and anachronistic." — @duchesscameron
  • Jon Kortajarena is the Perfect Gentleman for GQ Germany
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    "Christopher is very bright. However, he has very radical views that stuffy old society looks down upon. This prevents him from getting married, which, since he's 27 and wealthy, horrifies society." — @duchesscameron
    A Handsome Ease--Sophisticated yet relaxed, Sight model Jon Kortajarena poses effortlessly for a luxe and laid back shoot with photographer Sergi Pons.
  • Can we explore political correctness?
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    "Though his parents love him dearly, they wish he would tone down his views so he can get married But he refuses to silence himself." — @duchesscameron
    Historically there have always been those "little white lies" that people tell to spare someone's feelings. They are harmless lies told in good conscience to prevent hurting someone else. Then there have been lies, untruths told for devious or malicious reasons, untruths that CAN do harm and may even be designed to do harm to another or that may benefit the liar. These are considered at least normal, whether good or bad. However, over the last several decades another form of lying has evolved, lying which is NOT normal, and is MORE harmful than "natural" lying. It is called Political Correctness. By 1970, New Left proponents had adopted the term political correctness. Widespread use of the term politically correct and its derivatives began when it was adopted as a pejorative term by the political right in the 1990s, in the context of the Culture Wars. Writing in the New York Times in 1990,[10] Richard Bernstein noted "The term 'politically correct,' with its suggestion of Stalinist orthodoxy, is spoken more with irony and disapproval than with reverence. The World English Dictionary defines 'politically correct' as: PC demonstrating progressive ideals, esp by avoiding vocabulary that is considered offensive, discriminatory, or judgmental, esp concerning race and gender. Because the left has judged what is and is not politically correct, and because they sit in judgment over what everyone says, they have forced a huge segment of society to bend to their whims, and this is a tragedy. Some say that "There are many instances where political correctness has turned into a parody of itself. However, if being forced to refrain from racial, ethnic and sexual invectives, gross generalizations about individuals, or comments that "other" people just don't find amusing is the result of PC-ness, then its a price worth paying. Social civility extends to everyone; not only to oneself. I disagree with the preceding paragraph. PC can totally destroy meaningful discourse. Students K-university aren't taught all they should be taught because some item "may offend" some student. Don't you just love it that medical students may not be taught something important merely because if might be offensive to someone? And who decides what is offensive. Following PC means that the speaker is dictating WHAT YOU WILL LEARN OR IF YOU WILL LEARN. IN SOME SOCIETIES THEY CALL THIS "BRAINWASHING". But it is offensive to liberals to call it brainwashing so they call it PC and hate all who refuse to live in a PC environment. Rather than destroy the language and the education, I maintain children should be taught that the world doesn't revolve solely around them and that being offended is simply something they will learn to live with. I refuse to submit to brainwashing and I see PC for what it is and refuse to let it affect me. How about you?
  • I loved you forever;
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    "This prevents him from being as widely adored as his sister is, but he knows he wouldn't be happy conforming to society's repugnant ideals that make his stomach churn. His opinions make his life worth living. He could not care less over his unpopularity." — @duchesscameron
  • good old bill
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    "His only friend is Stephen Fordham who, you guessed it, believes in the same radical things as he does. They're widely considered the outcasts." — @duchesscameron
  • 'The Hottie and the Nottie' - Zap2it
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    "Konstantin Crushevsky is a friend of Christopher and Stephen's, but he lives in Russia. The two hope to visit him someday. For now, the boys communicate through letters. Abilene likes Konstantin very much and often sends him gifts." — @duchesscameron
  • Fuck Yeah, Hugs!
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    "He and his sister Abilene are very close. They believe in the same anachronistic views, though he's more extreme than she is. They are both very intelligent and love each other dearly." — @duchesscameron
  • aisaka taiga back-to-back blue hair brown eyes brown hair chunpai crossed arms hands on hips long hair pout school uniform :t takasu ryuuji toradora!
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    "Though sometimes, her antics against people who have (hardly) wronged her get to be a bit too much and Christopher has to actually act like an older brother and tell her otherwise. Not that she listens." — @duchesscameron
  • I Dream Weddings
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    "For all his faults, he is rather charming, confident, and polite. He doesn't lose his temper with people who tell him he's wrong (which happens a lot). Christopher has mastered the art of telling people to fuck off very, very politely." — @duchesscameron
  • -Middle-Finger-52 : COED Magazine
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    "Despite his best efforts to be cordial, this has gotten him branded as a disrespectful, wild youth by a lot of the elders. Not that Christopher cares an atom what people think of him." — @duchesscameron
  • Фото: Джейк Джилленхол (Jake Gyllenhaal)
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    "Christopher's popularity with women is solely due to his family's wealth. Women throwing themselves at him for his money angers him. Quite frankly, he never wants to get married and is fed up with the avaricious antics of the women in his neighborhood." — @duchesscameron
  • A Sweet + Whimsical Engagement Session | Green Wedding Shoes Wedding Blog | Wedding Trends for Stylish + Creative Brides
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    "Ever since Nicoletta moved to the neighborhood, she and Christopher have bonded over their views. Christopher was elated to find someone who genuinely shared his ideas." — @duchesscameron
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    "One thing led to another and the two found themselves enveloped in a passionate affair. He and Nicoletta have no qualms about the new sexual angle of their relationship." — @duchesscameron
  • holding-hand, couple, love, track
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    "Christopher is in love with Nicoletta, but is content never to marry her, as he believes marriage has no place in their relationship. He would never stand to be married, especially to someone like that Maybelle girl his parents made his sister stay with." — @duchesscameron
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  • April Pearson clipped by IrmaPace
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    "Christopher is ambivalent of Stephen's relationship with Diana. He thinks she's a good match for him, but is worried that as a respectable girl, she'll want a marriage. He doesn't want to lose Stephen to that." — @duchesscameron
  • Photos of Brant Daugherty
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    "Thomas Tramwick
    Good-natured, positive, and a complete sweetheart." — @duchesscameron
  • Gentleman George :: Newfaces –'s Model of the Week and Daily Duo
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    "Thomas is a proper American gentleman. He is a sweet boy-next-door. A bit naive and too optimistic for his own good, but you'll never meet a more devoted, good-hearted boy." — @duchesscameron
  • Jessica Alba's strict parenting
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    "Which is a miracle seeing as his parents are snobby, unpleasant, and have the highest standards. The old-money status of the Tramwick family makes Thomas a very eligible bachelor, and his parents will allow him to marry only the best possible girl" — @duchesscameron
    Jessica Alba is a much stricter parent than her own mother and father.
  • It can come as a rude awakening when two infants...
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    "He has two little twin sisters, age 13, named Daisy and Maisy. He absolutely adores them and has ever since they were born." — @duchesscameron
    It can come as a rude awakening when two infants appear in your home - and stay. This two-year-old, Henry, bounces between being highly suspect of his brothers and incredibly (sometimes overly)...
  • couple sitemodel
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    "He is utterly devoted to Abilene, who he has been in love with since they were children." — @duchesscameron
  • tumblr. clipped by victoria (:
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    "Thomas often has to comfort Abilene when she worries his parents won't allow them to get married. Unfortunately, his desire to marry Abilene isn't enough to sway his parents." — @duchesscameron
  • Beauty is only skin deep
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    "Nevertheless, he retains his cheerful, optimistic attitude." — @duchesscameron
  • Julia Stiles
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    "Maybelle Laura Crawford-Derby
    Conceited, greedy, and condescending." — @duchesscameron
  • The Princess Blog
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    "Maybelle is the beautiful queen bee of her Atlanta society. Being the daughter of the wealthiest family in Georgia, not to mention one of the wealthiest in the South, has caused her to grown up spoiled and vain." — @duchesscameron
  • High Society (Photos) - Luxist
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    "Maybelle's older brother Garrett was similarly spoiled and is similarly self-obsessed. Naturally, they are very close." — @duchesscameron
  • Sadness is a blessing✞
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    "When Abilene stayed with the Crawford-Derby family, she and Maybelle didn't exactly hit it off. Maybelle had better things to do than entertain this snobby, elitist Yankee. Abilene didn't exactly like vapid, frivolous Maybelle either." — @duchesscameron
  • French Revolution Jewelry Shoots 'Marie Antoinette and Zoya' by Sharon Nayak Lets Them Eat Cake
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    "Despite all of Maybelle's riches, she's been on the hunt for an even richer husband. Her snobby house-guest's brother Christopher provides a tempting option." — @duchesscameron
    French Revolution Jewelry Shoots - I love fashion photography that channels a more decadent time, and 'Marie Antoinette and Zoya' by Sharon Nayak does just that. This shoot tak...
  • The Terrier and Lobster Jimmy Backius for Swedish Elle Marie Antoinette-Ballet-Couture
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    "In fact, marrying the wealthy Christopher, despite the fact that he's her polar opposite, is something Maybelle would like to do very much...
    Little does she know that Abilene has the same idea, or that Christopher would rather die than marry her." — @duchesscameron
  • GQ Italia Editorial Asia Contro Asia, August 2010 Shot #2 - MyFDB
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    "Nicoletta Bianca DelViccio
    Forbidden, mysterious, and jaded." — @duchesscameron
  • Antique wall map - Antique map print - Vintage map of Italy Print - 16 x 19 "
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    "Nicoletta was born in Italy. Her parents helped the Peckford's company go international and invested much of their money in the company. The DelViccios became good friends with the Peckfords." — @duchesscameron
    The map of Italy 1844 - print ----------- The image for this print was digitally enhanced for best appearance. Most of the scratches and stains were digitally removed while preserving the original details. Also the initial colours were slightly modified. ♥ The print is made on Harman Lithorealistic matte paper (270 g) using inks (Lucia EX) with neutral PH (acid free) which is perfect for archival purposes. We are using one of the best fine art printer, Canon imagePROGRAF 8300. ♥ ----------- The image dimensions are 16 x 19.5 inches. The image will be printed with a border for framing. ----- The print will be send in a rigid tube. ♥ For a personalised gift card follow the link : ♥ We provide only very high quality prints so we will be grateful if you leave us a feedback after receiving your order. Return to my shop here:
  • For the Home / mansion
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    "Nicoletta's parents died when she was a teenager. Inheriting all their money, she became an expatriate and moved to the Peckford's neighborhood. She became even closer with the Peckford family. She has dinner with them every night." — @duchesscameron
  • franndssss for lifee<3
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    "She also became the older sister Abilene never had. Nicoletta is very smart and Abilene loves everything about her. She's not the only one..." — @duchesscameron
    bestfriends (:
  • kiss the groom
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    "Christopher and Nicoletta share the same views and have known each other a good deal of time. So it's no surprise their relationship turned to romance..." — @duchesscameron
  • Wedding Ceremony photography for Shawn and aki
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    "She and Christopher are in love, but unlike Christopher, Nicoletta would like to marry him. While Christopher doesn't care that everyone thinks it's wrong for him to stay unmarried, she doesn't care that people think it's wrong for him to marry her." — @duchesscameron
    sea shells along the sides of the aisle and light yellow, pink hibiscus for aisle way with white plumerias Sashes sashes for the chairs colors turquoise blue and see through green flower for the chairs , white tiger lily Chairs :: 24 set up with white tiger lilys in back of Bow Brides bouquet Pink light plumeria only for Aki for Aki's sister {Maid of Honor} All white {with little yellow center} both set in a natural green tea leaf wrapped in organza natural green ribbon. Trade cake for ,,, Fruits Hawaii Tropical fruits chips // cheese // cookies {chocolate} Iced tea and bottle water and table cloths  cups forks and plates too Leis have the lei for the reception........ both parents what type of leis ?????? give extra flowers for the reception tables
  • Restart My Heart
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    "For now, she'll have to settle with sharing his bed. Not that she's too upset about that...
    As long as he's not cavorting with that dreadful Maybelle girl." — @duchesscameron
  • jennifer lawrence | Tumblr
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    "Corinne Natalie Crawford-Derby
    Kind, loyal, and forgiving." — @duchesscameron
  • The Secret Circle
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    "Corinne is from the Hawking family, a prominent and wealthy Southern family. She's Maybelle's sister-in-law, married to Maybelle's brother Garrett." — @duchesscameron
    See picture from The Secret Circle (TV show): cast in character - Chris Zylka as Jake
  • <3
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    "Corinne dreams of having children. Unfortunately, her scoundrel of a husband isn't obliging. She remains childless." — @duchesscameron
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  • Something kinda urgh Nicola Roberts fails in shapeless olive dress while Jessica Lowndes shows off her legs in short skirt
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    "When Abilene stayed with the Crawford-Derby family, Maybelle's hostility towards her caused her to spend most of her time with Corinne, much to Abilene's dismay. She really didn't want to like any members of that family." — @duchesscameron
    The Girls Aloud member was thoroughly out-dressed by 90210 star Jessica Lowndes as the two partied at the same London venue.
  • Audrey Hepburn Complex
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    "However, Corinne was thrilled to have someone be nice to her and latched onto Abilene. She and Abilene ended up becoming very good friends and Abilene no longer resented spending time with Corinne." — @duchesscameron
  • emma stone | Tumblr
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    "Rosemary Honora Dennings
    Optimistic, outspoken, and practical." — @duchesscameron
  • Maps of Ireland (11 in total)
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    "Rosemary is of Irish descent and went to Ireland for her broadening experience." — @duchesscameron
    Maps of Ireland. 11 Irish political, geographic, historical, regional and city map varieties.
  • Happy children
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    "She adores children and is always willing to spend time with the neighborhood's young kids." — @duchesscameron
  • French Patisserie Photograph - Paris Bakery Print - Parisian Pastry - Food Photography - Dessert Photo - Kitchen Art - Home Decor - France
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    "She loooooooooooves sweets. Her friends are always killjoys and often tell her the perils of overindulging." — @duchesscameron
    Aren't the pastries in Paris fabulous? Photograph from french patisserie filled with sweets. Food photography for your kitchen wall or parisian home decor. TITLE: Parisian Pastry LOCATION: Paris, France SIZE: 8x10 matte photograph Professionally printed on high quality photo paper. This is the second in my Parisian Pastry series. To view the first, click here:
  • About Me, About Me Graphics, About Me Quotes
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    "Rosemary loves to trash-talk those who upset her or her friends. She has a tendency to use profanity, which upsets her friends." — @duchesscameron
  • but I'm still in my nightgown
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    "She's also the most practical one of the group. She gives the best advice, whether you ask for it or not. (But you do want her advice. Don't lie.) She's always a good source of optimism and a shoulder to cry on." — @duchesscameron
  • Beauty icon of the week Amanda Seyfried
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    "Isabelle Marjorie Karthens
    Dreamy, romantic, and artistic." — @duchesscameron
    Amanda Seyfried is our beauty icon of the week. See how to get the actress’ messy side plait hair style inspired by Alexander Wang and her makeup at the Letters To Juliet premier
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    "Isabelle is half-French on her mother's side. She takes her French-ness very seriously. She can speak the language fluently and is proficient in French culture." — @duchesscameron
  • Audrey Hepburn Quote Paris is Always a Good Idea Digital Download Iron on Transfer Tote Pillows Tea Towels DT469
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "She is extremely proud of all this and speaks as if she knows Paris by heart. (She doesn't. Her only time there was for her broadening experience, where she stayed with her relatives.)" — @duchesscameron
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  • photo
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    "While she was there, she ended up losing her virginity to high-society bad boy Jacques Rambier after a long night of drinking absinthe. She's paranoid that someone will find out she's not a virgin." — @duchesscameron
  • DIY Bake A Rainbow Cake! Lomography
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    "She's an excellent cook and loves making French food. Rosemary eagerly scarfs it all up." — @duchesscameron
    Happy birthday, dear Lomographer! Oh, it's not your birthday? Well, then bake this über festive and super vibrant confection just because you can. We're sure it'll make for some sweet photos and even sweeter dessert! Find out how to bake your own Colored Layer Cake here and let them eat it!
  • DIY Delicate Rose Gold Wire Chain Necklaces
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    "Isabelle is very creative and loves designing clothes and jewelry. She has often said that if she wasn't wealthy, she would open up a jewelry shop and make accessories for a living." — @duchesscameron
  • Drama Queen Metal Signs Metal Wall Plaques
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Isabelle is a bit emotional and can be a drama queen. She tends to overreact." — @duchesscameron
    Decorate your home or office with this colorful vintage style Drama Queen Metal Sign - from
  • The Princess Blog
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    "Isabelle is also very romantic and dreams of finding her Prince Charming and living happily ever after." — @duchesscameron
  • leighton meester | Tumblr
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    "Diana Eva Millford
    Feminist, intelligent, and mild-mannered." — @duchesscameron
  • Файл Germany general map.png
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    "Diana is of German descent and went to Germany for her broadening experience." — @duchesscameron
  • Paris Photography - Books for sale along the Seine - France 8x10 Fine Art Photograph - affordable home decor
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Diana adores reading. It's one of her passions. She's the smartest out of all her friends." — @duchesscameron
    I don't feel a day is complete in Paris without a walk along the Seine. I love how relaxed it makes me feel. Here is a typical scene of people buying art from one of the local vendors. 8x10 matte or glossy photograph signed Discounts and other sizes see this section:
  • Altruette Globe Charm For Charity
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "She's very curious about the world around her. She wants to learn and travel as much as possible." — @duchesscameron
    Socially-responsible jewelry maker Altruette donates 50% of its profits to various charity partners. This globe charm—available in sterling silver or 14k gold—helps GlobalGiving, an organization that lets you fund projects around the world. After the project is funded, you get updates to let you know how work is progressing.
  • Greek and Roman Mythology
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Diana loves Roman mythology and will tell anyone who will listen that she shares a name with the goddess of the hunt, as well as the stories of all the gods and goddesses." — @duchesscameron
    Available in: Paperback. This unique collection recaptures the glory of the Olympian gods and the exploits of divine and mortal heroes. Based on classical Greco-Roman art, its sources range from book illustrations to line dra
  • Suffragettes
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    "She is a suffragette and a feminist. She dreams of being able to vote and has attended meetings and protests." — @duchesscameron
  • Audrey Hepburn Complex
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    "She's not outspoken. She would also never dream of shoving her opinion on someone else. She's the most polite of all her friends and is very mild-mannered." — @duchesscameron
  • Audrey Hepburn Complex
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    "She is also the most articulate. She stands up for her views clearly and concisely without patronizing those opposing her." — @duchesscameron
  • i-D Editorial Student Starfish, June 2009 Shot #2 - MyFDB
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    "She has a "proper admiration" for a young bank teller, Jacob Steinburg. (She's too dignified for a simple schoolgirl crush!) Her friends tease her incessantly." — @duchesscameron
  • We heart it / Visual bookmark for everyone
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    "Out of all of Abilene's friends, Diana gets along best with Christopher. Abilene's parents would like Diana to marry Christopher." — @duchesscameron
  • jealousy | Tumblr
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    "Much to the ire of Christopher's friend, Stephen, who likes Diana very much, in that way. But Diana's not interested in Christopher at all. On the other hand, Stephen is a different story... She's falling for him, fast." — @duchesscameron
  • Leven Rambin Photos - Leven Rambin Picture Gallery
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    "Samantha Carlotta Troy" — @duchesscameron
  • catfight matha fucka.♥
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    "For some reason, she and Abilene have remained rivals. Though not as brainy as her, she's beautiful and charming and has a higher number of male admirers over Abilene. (Though Abilene will tell you it's only because they know she's with Thomas.)" — @duchesscameron
  • Couture Bridesmaid Dresses
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    "Of course, no evil queen is complete without her cronies. Cecilia Templeton, Jacqueline Townsend, and Anna Peyton are Samantha's clique." — @duchesscameron
    Our designer dresses can be adapted into different colours and adapted as a bespoke option to suit different styles and attitudes. Often adult bridesmaids can span various ages and personality type, as well as body type. The 16 year old neice needs to stand perfectly next to the 38 year old best friend, with both girls feeling great, confident and like 'them'. They want something contemporary which can be worn again. A designer dress which is stylish and beautifully made. Millinery can also be adapted to compliment each look, and is often a great way of styling to suit the dresses to each individual. All millinery is commissioned from British Designers, and like our dresses are all made in London. Enquire within the boutique. We can talk through our options. We have a wealth of experience to offer. We have very carefully selected cloth and colour choice which work well for the styles. t/ 0207 286 8280 or email
  • romantic wedding dresses monique lhuillier 2012 3
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    "Now that she's all grown up, she hopes to marry a rich man. She's got her sights set on Thomas Tramwick and already has his parents' approval. You thought her relationship with Abilene was bad before?" — @duchesscameron
    Picture of romantic wedding dresses monique lhuillier 2012 3
  • imagen_jeremy_sumpter_0102_0.jpg (257×384)
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    "Stephen Allen Fordham" — @duchesscameron
  • Audrey Hepburn Complex
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    "Stephen is Christopher's best (and only) friend. He is looked down upon by his neighborhood for the same reasons Christopher is." — @duchesscameron
  • If a 10 year old boy slapped his mom? Do you think the boy needs a good hard spanking?
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    "Unlike Christopher, Stephen's parents didn't take well to his ideals and were not very nice to their son. Honestly, Stephen really wasn't all that upset when they died in a carriage crash." — @duchesscameron
    If his mom made him angry and he slapped her? What do you think should happen to the boy? Have you seen that Dr. Phil episode about that 8 year old boy that smacked his mom? That episode is messed up. I think the boy needs a good hard spanking.
  • Forever a forever n
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    "His parents died before they could disown or disinherit him, as they often threatened, but the lack of affection from his parents did depress him, as much as he hates to admit it." — @duchesscameron
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    "Stephen's kind of immature and is not as smooth and eloquent as Christopher is. He has a temper and can't keep his cool when he is criticized. He'll blow up at any dissenters and can be very rude. He's also very insecure." — @duchesscameron
    Photography is my world. Fashion is my Passion.
  • made by ggermanotta
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    "The only person their neighborhood dislikes more than Christopher is Stephen. But Stephen has fully embraced this and likes living it up as an outcast." — @duchesscameron
  • The misfits, the freaks, the enemy,the you and me.
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    "Seriously, fuck if he cares. There's no way anyone could make him feel bad for being such a menace." — @duchesscameron
  • couples fighting
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    "Despite Stephen's close friendship with Christopher, he and Abilene have never gotten along. He thinks she's a petty, self-obsessed brat. She thinks he's a rude, coarse hooligan." — @duchesscameron
  • Audrey Hepburn Complex
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    "Like Christopher, Stephen doesn't want to get married, but he does want to find love. Girls are similarly after him for his money, and he similarly resents any girl who tries to attempt to rope him into a marriage." — @duchesscameron
  • Fuck Yeah Leighton Meester!
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    "Stephen has always had a crush on Diana and gets insanely jealous whenever Christopher's parents talk of her marrying him. He wants Diana all to himself." — @duchesscameron
  • How to Take Down a Guy Twice Your Size
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    "Don't get me started on his thoughts on Diana's crush on the bank teller. It doesn't do wonders to his confidence." — @duchesscameron
    How to Take Down a Guy Twice Your Size. At some point in your life, you may find yourself in a position to fight someone who is bigger or even twice your size. In these instances, you may be prepared or caught off guard. However, you can protect yourself if ever required to fight someone, although you may be at a strength and power disadvantage....
  • love ҉ happy☮queso✩eater♥:)
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    "Fortune has smiled upon Stephen, as Diana reciprocates his affection for her. The two are falling in love fast." — @duchesscameron
  • Norriei ▲
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    "Stephen was always liked Nicoletta and is fully supportive of Christopher's relationship with her." — @duchesscameron

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