\\ - ɑrmɑgeddon it. ♡ def leppɑrd. 
\\ - O8232O13. ♡ introduction. 

ew this set took me hours because the layout is foreign to me, so i wasn't sure how to make it look good. i like it, but there are like 54687486445 parts i don't like. it should be against the law for me to make sets, you feel me. 

this is my introduction, as well as my first set. i spell the word introduction wrong every time, just thought i'd put it out there. 

yeah, i'm another one of those selena anons. this is actually my fourth time being her, i kind of have a thing for her. 

i'm rly a bi - tch. i try rly hard not to be but it's one of those things i can't help. i can tell that no one rly likes me, and hey, that hurts. but it's my own fault, i get it. i have people that hate me, and i have people that i hate. i make mistakes, a lot of them. i'm an awful person. i'm an awful friend. i'm self centered. i give awful advice. 

but guess what? i'm just a human, like yourself. i'm not perfect, even if i try to be. i truly believe that perfection does not exist. you can try all you want, you're never going to reach it. everyone has flaws, no matter how hard they try to hide them. but baby, embrace your flaws. they're what make you an original person. imperfection is beauty. there's no such thing as ugly. blah, blah, blah.

i tried to type that out but i got bored and i couldn't think of anything else, srynotsry. yeah, so. on to the next thing › relationshits. yeah, i'm definitely single. my heart still belongs to this kid named jake, problem is he has a girlfriend, but hey, i can't control my heart. boys suck, i've given up on them. point is, if he decides he wants me, i'm his, if not, i'm fine. tinyurl.com/lk6j29r

yeah, that's about it. pretty much, my life revolves around alternative bands, the internet, and the fault in our stars. my birthday is in less than a month, so yeah. i'll be fifteen, remember if you care. october nineteenth, woo. 

yeah. so i'll tag all of my followers, and use a few of my old taglists, plus maybe i'll steal a few, i'm ((not)) sorry. pce. 

♡♡ tinyurl.com/mb4yhhx ♡♡
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two comments

Wrote three years ago
We're all human, and we all make mistakes. Like you said, no one is perfect. But keep your head up, because you sound amazing :)
co-manager, icon/tip girl
personal: @itsemmaelise

Wrote three years ago
Wow!I swear this set is amazing for a first set!Cant wait to you at a thousand follower!!!Good luck


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