-Fanfic part 3-

The next day, Brian, Zacky, Nat and I went to Matt and Gina's house as Brian promised. We all walked up to the door and before Brian could knock, Matt opened the door.

"Hey guys. Come in, Gina and I have news to tell you four." Matt said ushering us in.

"Um, ok. Matt, what's all this about? Oh hi Gina." Brian said coming in the house after me, Nat, and Zee.

"Hi guys, we're glad you're here." She glowed.

"Gina, there's something different about you." Zacky said looking at her.

"Of course there's something different. She has a new ring on her finger." I said.

Matt walked over to Gina and knelt down, where his head gently rested on her stomach. We all looked at each other in shock.

"Matt, big brother. Tell us what's going on please?" Nat pleaded with her doe eyes.

"Guys, first thing is you guessed about the ring. Matt and I are getting remarried." Gina said stroking Matt's hair while staring at us.

"And the other news?" Brian asked.

"The second part is..." Matt started kissing Gina's stomach, then he put his ear to her stomach. "Hey, guess what? You're Aunts and Uncles are here little one."

I looked at both Gina and Matt wide eyed. "YOU'RE PREGNANT?! OMFG! CONGRATS!"

Zacky shot up and rushed to Gina hugging her. "A little mini you and Matt. Gina I'm happy for you two."

Nat started crying like a baby. "My sissy is having a baby!"

"Yeah we are. Matt, we should celebrate with just the six of us. What do you think?"

"I was thinking the same thing. What do you say guys? Dinner here?"

The four of us said at once, yes. Later on that night, all six of us ate dinner and celebrated the news of a little one being brought into the family.

-To Be Continued-
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