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  • Giordana Silverline Roubaix Women's Bib Knickers
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    Giordana Silverline Roubaix Women's Bib Knickers
    The cold crawl of winter might be a relief from the heat, but it also requires layering up when you're out on a ride. Training in cold weather calls for more than what leg warmers can provide, so when the freeze sets in, slip into a pair of the Giordana Silverline Women's Bib Knickers. These cold weather knickers utilize Giordana's winter-weight fabrics and superb construction to provide superior warmth. A flattering fit and a women-specific bib strap design will make these your go to knickers all winter. The Silverline Roubaix knickers are engineered using Giordana's Women's Contour Fit process and are constructed to fit a myriad of women's bodies. Since warmth and comfort are the two biggest concerns with knickers, Giordana uses a combination of winter-weight materials for moisture transfer and heat retention. The Super Roubaix micro fiber has an interlocking, brushed-knit inner-layer that plays host to an incredible stretch. It's also highly breathable, with enhanced moisture wicking properties that strip sweat from the skin while insulating against cold air. Super Roubaix also has a slight compressive element that essentially massages your muscles, helping to prevent fatigue. The back of the legs and seat panels are made from Thermo Dream. This winter-weight micro fiber stretches with your movements and has an interlocking knit to trap heat. Together these fabrics work to keep your temperature regulated and your muscles protected from cold air. The bib straps are made of Naxo and PowerNet Mesh for heightened temperature regulation and breathability through the back of the bib straps. Designed to not interfere with your other layers, the bib straps rise high on the back, and run along the sides of your chest, expanding as they meet the knickers. The Silverline Bib Knickers also come with the Women's Nimbo O. F. chamois. A female-specific chamois, the Nimbo is designed to keep you feeling comfortable over long distances. It uses a variable density constructio...
  • Giordana Sosta Winter Jacket
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    Giordana Sosta Winter Jacket
    Giordana's Sosta Women's Winter Jacket dispels the utilitarian notion that fashionable details and winter functionality aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, we'd suggest that the nexus between form and function is exactly where we'd expect to find Italy on a map of the cycling industry, and the Sosta is there waiting. When you find it, you'll also find a cycling-specific fit with a more relaxed silhouette than Giordana's race kit, letting you layer comfortably in order to warm up to winter and adding a bit of accommodation during those early spring base miles for riding off the fruits of holiday excess. The Sosta is built with a breathable, windproof membrane that's sandwiched between a DWR-treated face fabric and a merino wool liner. While the use of merino--cycling's classic "performance" material--is a nice touch that demonstrates the whole fashion/function relationship, the real stars here are the membrane and the DWR treatment. By blocking wind, the membrane prevents winter's chill from dispelling the warmth trapped by merino wool, and by repelling water, the DWR treatment helps ensure that not enough moderate precipitation or pernicious road spray can dampen your spirits. The jacket is finished with a few details that, though they're primarily function-oriented, still manage to incorporate plenty of Italian cycling style. The rear pockets, for example, zip closed for added security and protection from the elements but they do so with slanted openings and contrasting colors. They're matched with a pair of hand pockets that also zip closed, and the full-length front zipper's overflap protects against drafts and moisture while creating a cleaner look. The subtle Giordana branding across the upper back also finds functional value by turning reflective in low-light conditions.
  • Giordana FR-C Raggi Jersey - Long-Sleeve
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    Giordana FR-C Raggi Jersey - Long-Sleeve
    Thermal jerseys have long been the realm of club cuts and ill-fitting elastic hems and cuffs. Giordana changes that with its FR-C Raggi Women's Jersey, which combines the functional versatility of a thermal jersey with all of Giordana's FormaRed-Carbon (FR-C) race line. This includes, primarily, fit, which means the FR-C Raggi is slim and close-fitting instead of shapeless and wind-flapping. The jersey's body fits less like your gran fondo uncle's retro wool jersey and more like the summer-weight stuff that you wear for race day. That FR-C DNA also manifests in the cuffs and hem, which are lie-flat bands instead of blousy elastics. The hem is an especially marked departure in terms of fit, as it rises in the front. This may produce a slight bib/jersey gap while you're standing, but the jersey isn't made for standing. It's made for riding. And when you're in the saddle, the fit clicks into place and helps eliminate the bulging and rippling across the stomach that plagues standard thermal fare. Every one of those bulges is a potential foothold for drag, so reducing them means reducing your aerodynamic footprint. It also just looks a helluva lot better. The jersey's FR-C pattern is shaped from a material called Dolomiti, a thermal synthetic blend named for the Italian mountain range that plays host to much of the Euro calendar's cycling drama and requires this kind of warmth almost year-round. Dolomiti is a high-stretch, breathable material with lightweight insulation that clings to body warmth with the surprising tenacity of classics specialist Di Luca clinging to the pure climbers' wheels in the mountains of the same name. In addition to standing alone as an interval or cold-weather race jersey, the material's breathability means the jersey is also well-suited to serve as mid-layer when the winter gets deep. Regardless of its application, the jersey is equipped with three rear pockets complemented with a fourth, zippered pocket, which lets you keep keys and car...
  • Giordana AV 100 Shoe Covers
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    Giordana AV 100 Shoe Covers
    AV 100 Shoe Covers
  • Giordana AV Bib Tight
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    Giordana AV Bib Tight
    Giordana's water-resistant clothing has recently been hit with a big, environmentally friendly upgrade hammer in the form of the Acqua Zero Eco DWR treatment, and the AV Women's Bib Tight is one of the biggest beneficiaries. Giordana has dabbled in water-resistant bibs in the past, but the AV Bib Tights' all-over DWR and the addition of windproof paneling on the front effectively elevate "dabbling" to "wallowing," as in: The AV Women's Bib Tight represents the brand's most effectively weather-resistant bibs to date. The tights consist primarily of two materials. The main body fabric is Acqua Zero Eco Roubaix, a classic, brushed thermal material whose improved DWR treatment is more effective than the previous treatment used on last year's G-Shield gear. It's also--as mentioned above and implied in the name--more eco-friendly. This thermal material is emboldened for winter cycling with overlaying panels of a windproof, breathable membrane on the tights' leading edges--thighs, knees, and upper shins. The materials are assembled in a saddle-friendly pattern, which may not sit right on foot but disappears into second-skin status when you've clipped in and disembarked. Unlike the men's version, the women's AV Tights' bib straps are actually more of a zip-up vest, extending protection and a lightly compressive fit across the entire torso. If these tights provided lighter insulation, the additional torso protection would likely interfere with layering efforts; however, since they're built for extreme conditions, the increased core protection is a welcome addition. The tights feature a similarly expansive application of reflective Pixel material, which maintains breathability while catching light--and, hopefully, the attention of other road users--at key areas of the tights. The tights are also finished with the same Omniform Cirro S-W chamois found in Giordana's summer-weight NX-G bib shorts, so the seasonal transition doesn't involve the usual unfortunate breaking-in
  • Giordana Fusion Long Sleeve Jersey
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    Giordana Fusion Long Sleeve Jersey
    Shoulder season cycling means one thing to us: transitioning landscapes seen from the saddle. With the Fusion Women's Jersey, Giordana provides the thermal support we need to enjoy those landscapes, making the first day that we pull it on in fall one of our favorite moments in cycling. While we're enjoying the landscapes, our bodies enjoy the Fusion's thermal construction. It eschews the windproof, water-resistant qualities of its heavier jacket counterpart in favor of just the right amount of insulation for temperatures ranging from 40 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on personal cold tolerance. In the event that we've jumped the autumnal gun and pulled the Fusion on to early, the jersey's breathability and full-length zipper helps us overcome discomfort in temperatures at the high end of that range. It's finished with three rear pockets, a fourth, zippered pocket, and reflective piping to catch the light on brightening spring mornings and slow autumn dusks.
  • Giordana AV 100 Winter Jacket
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    Giordana AV 100 Winter Jacket
    Trying to decide between a jacket and a thermal jersey on some fall days is almost impossible. Choose incorrectly, and you could end up spending your ride tense and shivering or clammy and overheated. Fall weather can be notoriously difficult to predict, but the Giordana AV 100 Winter Jacket aims to make your pre-ride decisions a lot easier. Featuring a collection of hardworking but lightweight materials and a contoured, race fit, the AV 100 sits between jacket and jersey. It will equip you for fog, rain, sun, and anything else Mother Nature throws at you this autumn. Following the form of its other winter jackets closely, Giordana gives the AV 100 the same drop tail hem, high collar, and tailored fit of its siblings. The three-layer softshell fabric that comprises the front and sleeve panels of the jacket consists of waterproof and windproof fabric positioned between a DWR-treated face fabric and a moisture-wicking synthetic lining. While the AV 100 is more of an all-around jacket than a rain-specific one, this construction gives it impressive resistance to the elements in inclement weather. The back panel, made with Giordana's Thunderbike fabric, stretches liberally while you're in the saddle, while its Acqua Zero Eco DWR treatment adds nearly weightless water resistance. The treatment will resist soaking through as long as possible, but if you're caught in a downpour, you'll most likely get wet. When you do, the fabric remains breathable, continuing to wick moisture once the rain stops to keep you as dry as possible. Giving the AV 100 its jersey-like breathability, Giordana uses lighter fabric under the arms to slim the jacket's profile and improve its ability to wick moisture away from a sweat-prone area. It also adds a constellation of reflective accents throughout the jersey's body to keep you visible to motorists under gloomy skies and in the waning daylight hours of fall. The drop-tail hem shields you from wheel spray, and an arrangement of three rear ...
  • Giordana Sosta Long Sleeve Wool Jersey
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    Giordana Sosta Long Sleeve Wool Jersey
    The Sosta Long Sleeve Wool Women's Jersey embodies two things Giordana privileges in its kit: history and innovation. Everything from the material to the shape satisfies these apparently contradictory masters, with a classic/techy fabric blend and such incongruous touches as poacher-style rear pockets and a race-cut front hem bringing cycling's past squarely in line with its future. The jersey is made of a knitted, heathered blend called Koln, which incorporates merino wool and nylon to meet the history/tradition mandate, respectively. Wool was cycling's original wonder fabric because it resists odors, insulates, breathes, and wicks moisture--a combination of properties that the synthetics industry has been pursuing for its entire existence. The synthetics do have strong representation in the form of nylon, though, which allows for the kind of stretch-and-return fit we expect from contemporary gear for serious cyclists. Nylon also adds a bit of durability to the wool, extending the jersey's life even as its insulation and moisture management extend your riding window well into the early winter. As alluded to above, the jersey features a high front hem, which reduces rippling along the stomach while you're in the saddle. It's also finished with three pockets: two poacher-style hand pockets in the rear and one pocket on the side that zips shut to secure personal effects. An extended collar helps keep the chill at bay, and reflective elements add a touch of low-light visibility during autumn dusks and cool spring mornings.
  • Giordana Wool Blend Base Layer - Long-Sleeve
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    Giordana Wool Blend Base Layer - Long-Sleeve
    When it comes to cold-weather cycling, every member of the Competitive team has their own approach to layering; however, we virtually all share a common starting point: a long-sleeve wool base layer. Giordana's Wool Blend Long Sleeve Base Layer for Women serves as the ideal base of winter cycling operations because it combines the supernatural powers of cycling's original wonder material, merino wool, with a little help from the synthetic catalogue in order to maintain a contemporary fit. Giordana's calling the resulting material blend Mimosa. We don't quite understand the name choice, but we don't care what it's called as long as it starts with wool. Merino is a cycling staple that may no longer define the top racing jerseys and shorts as it did when all bikes were steel and cassettes were nowhere near the double digits, but there's a good damned reason why we continue to turn to it when the weather turns toward winter. It's breathable, it's the original hollow-core fabric, it stays warm if it gets wet, and it's naturally odor resistant. Every material used in cycling kit breathes and chances are good that you'll be wearing an anti-weather top in inclement conditions, so the real standout qualities for wool are the way it insulates and the odor resistance. There are a glut of synthetics in the base layer industry described as hollow core yarns, and wool is the reason why. They're all trying to mimic wool's ability to trap countless tiny pockets of air in order to create a microclimate of warmth, and--though they've basically succeeded in copying it--wool is still the original. It also stays warm if it gets damp, so you won't pay as steep a price if you over-layer and overheat during winter climbs. This timeless material is supplemented with nylon, which holds its shape and offers more support than wool, and spandex, which helps the four-panel construction disappear under mid and outer layers by stretching as appropriate.
  • Giordana Fusion Jacket
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    Giordana Fusion Jacket
    There's a place for the race-minded, painted-on fit of the jerseys and jackets in Giordana's Acqua Vento line. Long winter base miles aren't necessarily that place. The Women's Fusion Jacket provides a different fit option in a windproof, water-resistant, fleece-lined package. The Fusion Jacket is for winter cyclists who want their cold-weather kit to stay as functional as their summer-weight fare but allow for layering flexibility and a more comfortable fit than what they'd wear on the start line. Despite the more relaxed fit, the Fusion Jacket still exhibits the made-in-Italy sartorial expertise that keeps Giordana comfortably on top in our kit drawer. The jacket is built around a windproof membrane that protects a low-loft layer of brushed insulation on the inner face and is supported by a DWR-treated outer face. It's not waterproof, but it does cause most types of light to moderate precipitation and road spray to bead up and slough off. The material's cycling-specific water resistance is matched by its cycling-specific stretch, which accommodates movement in the saddle. The Fusion's accommodating fit is by no means tent-shaped, but it does boost the jacket's temperature range by allowing for base and mid layers. With the appropriate layering (and depending on personal cold tolerance), we find that jackets like the Fusion can easily push below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of your thoughts on cold, the Fusion is an ideal choice for rides below 40. The jacket's protection extends up your neck courtesy of a tall collar that's shaped to provide coverage while in the saddle, and the standard complement of three rear pockets is upgraded with a fourth, zippered pocket for secure storage of personal effects. The jacket is finished with reflective details to help catch the attention of other road users during low-light training rides.
  • Giordana Wool Blend Base Layer - Short-Sleeve
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    Giordana Wool Blend Base Layer - Short-Sleeve
    There are certain things that every generation thinks it invented when, in reality, those "inventions" have been around for decades. TT bikes are one example, as every 10 years the same overwrought designs resurface in a blaze of non-race-legal glory. The humble base layer is another example, and the Giordana Wool Blend Women's Short Sleeve Base Layer proves the point with a reliance on the same material used for generations. It's made from Mimosa fabric, a blend of three materials that all warrant the "wonder" appellation in their own right, but the headliner is obviously the time-tested merino wool. Merino is a cycling staple that may no longer define the top racing jerseys and shorts as it did when all bikes were steel and cassettes were nowhere near the double digits, but there's a good damned reason why we continue to turn to it when the weather turns toward winter. It's breathable, it's the original hollow-core fabric, it stays warm if it gets wet, and it's naturally odor resistant. Every material used in cycling kit breathes and chances are good that you'll be wearing an anti-weather top in inclement conditions, so the real standout qualities for wool are the way it insulates and the odor resistance. There are a glut of synthetics in the base layer industry described as hollow core yarns, and wool is the reason why. They're all trying to mimic wool's ability to trap countless tiny pockets of air in order to create a microclimate of warmth, and--though they've basically succeeded in copying it--wool is still the original. It also stays warm if it gets damp, so you won't pay as steep a price if you over-layer and overheat during winter climbs. This timeless material is supplemented with nylon, which holds its shape and offers more support than wool, and spandex, which helps the four-panel construction disappear under mid and outer layers by stretching as appropriate.
  • Giordana Silverline Women's Bib Tights
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    Giordana Silverline Women's Bib Tights
    If you intend on riding this winter, let us reiterate the obvious -- warmth is paramount. Simply put, your summer bib shorts aren't going to cut it in a toe-to-toe with Jack Frost. And, as desperate times call for desperate measures, winter calls for the Giordana Silverline Women's Bib Tights. Giordana's Silverline bib tights are constructed from a sophisticated blend of fabrics that share in the singular purpose of keeping you warm. Starting at the rear seat panels, the ThermoDream material has been incorporated for its thick, stretchy, and breathable qualities. Covering the front of the legs is Giordana's bread-and-butter winter-weight fabric, SuperRoubaix. This material uses an interlocking, microfiber knit construction that creates a highly breathable and warming loft. But, Giordana didn't only place it on the quads for warmth, SuperRoubaix is highly stretchable and also provides a slight compression that dissipates lactic acid buildup. Rounding out the tights' construction, the calves and hamstrings again use the ThermoDream microfiber. The reasoning behind its juxtaposition with Super Roubaix all comes down to density and weight. ThermoDream is a lighter weight material, and thus, more breathable. Yet, this makes it more susceptible to the infiltration of wind gusts. So, to strike the ideal balance between thermo-regulation and protection, Giordana reached the design that you see. Together, the materials work in harmony to keep you insulated, protected from the elements, and riding at your best. The Silverline bib tights use a curved, multi-panel design, that when combined with the malleable fabrics, anatomically conforms to your body's contours while providing complete freedom of movement. However, to preserve the fit while in motion, Giordana has included a silicone gripper at the cuffs. You'll also find camlock zippers at the ankles for both security and adjustability. Ultimately, though, the bib straps are the most prone to cause abrasion. Knowing thi...
  • Giordana Ceramic Short Sleeve Base Layer Women's
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    Giordana Ceramic Short Sleeve Base Layer Women's
    As with virtually everything it produces in its Italian factory, Giordana engineers the Ceramic Short Sleeve Women's Base Layer with levels of tech we don't typically see anywhere else in the industry. It's got the usual base layer qualities--a four panel body that maintains a slim fit--but the material pushes it into a realm beyond what we'd expect. Well, beyond what we'd expect from any brand not bearing the Giordana centaur logo on its chest. Giordana's penchant for going above and beyond manifests in the Resistex Bioceramic, which is a synthetic microfiber blend that's fused with mineral bio-ceramic crystals. Giordana claims these crystals actually reflect external heat while working to maintain body temperatures. The result is that the material actively works to maintain thermal homeostasis, keeping your body in its comfort zone whether the weather is hot or cold or somewhere pleasantly in between.
  • Giordana Ceramic Long-Sleeve Base Layer
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    Giordana Ceramic Long-Sleeve Base Layer
    Ceramic Long-Sleeve Base Layer - Women's
  • Giordana Lungo Jersey
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    Giordana Lungo Jersey
    When we heard that Giordana restructured its apparel line for 2016, we were curious about the new distinctions the brand, known for its consistently classic, elegant aesthetics, had introduced. We found out that after deciding to tailor each of its kits around a specific rider type, Giordana reworked construction and fit on nearly its entire line for 2016. The brand now distinguishes the Lungo as its kit for the "refined" rider, which in Giordana's words, means that it's made for a cyclist who isn't looking to wear race kit on every ride, or ever, but who isn't willing to make sacrifices in fabric, construction, and fit to get a more everyday-appropriate kit. Out of all of its updates, we'd argue the Lungo best fills a void not commonly made apparent in cycling kit: that between race kit and everything else. Rather than bestowing the highest quality fabrics and greatest attention to detail on its race pieces, Giordana gave the same luxurious treatment to the Lungo, relaxing its fit only slightly to accommodate more everyday riding comfort. We won't hesitate to voice our opinion that the Lungo Jersey beautifully exemplifies the Italian brand's goals, and might be the most versatile kit the brand released this year. Unsatisfied with fabric options when designing the Lungo, Giordana stepped away from its previous choices to chart new territory within the swim and undergarment industry. While it makes no specific information available on fabric composition, we do know that the silky, soft fabric that constitutes the Lungo represents a significant step forward for the brand for its lightness and breathability -- and perhaps marks an indication of what the future of cycling kit will look like. Giordana succeeded admirably in achieving a truly contoured fit for the Lungo that feels tailored around the arms and waist, complete with a short torso with a wide gripper in back and a slim folded seam along the front. The construction is ideal for following your body movement...
  • Giordana Silverline Jacket
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    Giordana Silverline Jacket
    When you head out to ride in the winter months the last thing you want to worry about is "did I put on enough layers"? The Giordana Women's Silverline Jacket ensures that you have three layers the moment you step out the door. It'll leave you wondering why you ever wore any other jacket? The body of the jacket is comprised primarily from durable Corsa fabric. This three-layer fabric uses a soft fleece interior for comfort next to the body. An inner layer of WindTex fabric protects from wind and water yet allows water vapor to move away from the body to prevent overheating. A smooth outermost layer also offers wind protection and resists snags and pulls. It was treated with a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) coating. Soft, stretchy Super Roubaix fabric was used in the underarm and back left and right panels. The stretch from this insulating fabric allows the jacket to be worn close to the body and still provide unrestricted movement. Engineered using Giordana's Women's Contour Fit process, the jacket conforms to your body position while riding. It is roomy enough to fit over a jersey and base layer, but never baggy. To store all of your winter riding essentials, the Silverline features three full back pockets. Reflective logos on the front and rear, as well as reflective strips along the three back pockets provide visibility on the road. The neckline is slightly higher than that of the Silverline jersey to block out drafts and a drop-tail hem provides full coverage. The Giordana Silverline Women's Jacket is available in White/Black Purple, Purple/Black White, and Aqua/Black White and in sizes X-Small to X-Large.
  • Giordana Arts Jersey - Sleeveless
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    Giordana Arts Jersey - Sleeveless
    Sleeves aren't for everyone or every day, and the Giordana Women's Sleeveless Arts Jersey was made for the days you want to look stylish on the bike without being encumbered by sleeves and zippers. As part of Giordana's Art collection, these tops are special editions released in a new collection of colors and designs each year. Though it doesn't look like a typical cycling jersey, the Arts Sleeveless Jersey occupies a far different realm than that old running tank you sometimes throw on for easy spins. The top is constructed with Giordana's Gi31 fabric, a soft, stretchy synthetic that's then cut along Giordana's Women's Contour guidelines for a fit that will follow your movements while you're in riding position while continuously drawing moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and cool. At the waist, Giordana adds lightly-gathered elastic to help anchor the top in place without it feeling restrictive or riding up while leaving the sleeveless hems elastic-free.
  • Giordana Fusion Knickers
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    Giordana Fusion Knickers
    Knickers never generate as much attention as bib shorts or tights, but if you're the type of cyclist who has a hard time narrowing down what to wear during the shoulder seasons, we'd recommend you giving them a chance. Investing in a pair that doesn't require you to make compromises in fit is key, and it's something that Giordana was well aware of when constructing its women's Fusion Knickers. For 2016, Giordana revamped its entire line, refocusing each product family and situating it to a specific type of rider, rather than along a vertical hierarchy based on price and quality. The Fusion line caters to those of us who are dedicated to training regularly, but who don't feel the need to wear full compression race kit all the time, so pieces from the Fusion line employ a tailored fit without the compressive quality of the Forma Red and NX-G lines. Following this fit, the Fusion Knickers feature luxurious extras that you'll appreciate on everyday rides, like jacquard elastic leg grippers and a wide, supportive Lycra waistband to help them stay in place. For 2016, Giordana sourced all-new, proprietary fabrics from the swim and undergarment industry with the goal of delivering lightweight, breathable fabrics that feel soft and supple throughout your ride. The resulting microfiber used for the Fusion embodies this, and it's able to efficiently wick moisture away from your skin to keep you warm when you start a chilly morning ride and cool once the midday sun warms up the air. Giordana also revisited its chamois design this year, and the minimal Cirro chamois that lines the Fusion integrates expertly with the rest of the knickers without sacrificing the plush, well-placed cushioning you'll want during long days in the saddle.
  • Giordana SilverLine Short
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    Giordana SilverLine Short
    Rather than making a few color changes and rereleasing the same version of the SilverLine kit as last year, Giordana saw an opportunity for a serious revamp across its entire line for 2016. The company redesigned most of its kit from the studs up, and the SilverLine Women's Short received one of the most significant upgrades, without a jump up to a less accessible price point. Wear the SilverLine on your next shop ride, solo training day, or your first ride ever to benefit from a versatile piece of kit that moves with you in the saddle.Two panels of stretchy, breathable woven fabric provide a contoured fit that supports your muscles as you pedal, while pulling moisture away from your skin to keep you cool in summer temperatures. You'll find some mid-range or entry-level shorts start employing a more generous cut as their prices drop, but the SilverLine still features compressive leg panels helping to stabilize your muscles and reduce fatigue, creating a flattering, form-fitting silhouette. While you're pedaling, elastic leg bands keep wandering hems from breaking your concentration, with Giordana's Cirro S-W chamois acting as a plush, cushioned barrier between you and the saddle with its breathable foam and soothing aloe vera treatment.
  • Giordana Trade Glow Vero Jersey - Short Sleeve
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    Giordana Trade Glow Vero Jersey - Short Sleeve
    Not every ride is an out-and-out hammerfest where segment QOMs and bragging rights are up for grabs and the last one to the county line is buying coffee. Okay, the last one to the county line always buys the coffee, but for rides when you're not married to the heartrate monitor and there's no pressure to achieve a new PR, Giordana's Trade Glow Vero Women's Jersey adds a bit of relaxed comfort. The jersey's relaxed yet saddle-specific fit is shaped from Giordana's Michron Ceramica material, a dual-texture, ceramic-treated microfiber that resists UV rays and rapidly moves moisture away from the skin to the material's surface. This accelerates evaporation to keep you cool and dry, and the jersey's anti-odor properties help prevent excessive funk at the coffee shop. The material also lends itself well to sublimation, so the Trade Glow Vero is treated to some distinctive graphical flair before it's shipped out from Giordana's Italian factory. A reflective tab adds a touch of low-light visibility on the left of the jersey, and a light elastic at the hem keeps the three rear pockets in place.
  • Giordana Laser Short Sleeve Women's Jersey
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    Giordana Laser Short Sleeve Women's Jersey
    Fit and fabrics are priorities 1 and 1A when Giordana designs a jersey, so it stands to reason that the Laser Short-Sleeve Women's Jersey has both totally dialed. The company built the Laser with its classic Contour fit, which supports your muscles and helps you slice through the air, and engineered it from strategically mapped fabrics to provide durability, stretch, and breathability in all the right places. Moovix Light and Asteria combine to make the front, arms, and center back extra breathable and seriously stretchy, while Host Carbon side-back panels provide muscle support to help fight off fatigue. There's even a little X-Fine mesh at the back of the neck, which helps vent moisture and ensure a comfortable collar fit. Giordana also threw in the classic features, like three back pockets and a locking front zipper to help with storage and ventilation, respectively. There's an additional zippered media pocket with a cord port to keep your headphones or radio tuned up, and a combo of elastic and silicone gripper at the waist to stop the Laser from riding up. Finally, subtle reflective details help you stay a little bit safer when you're on the road.
  • Giordana NX-G Bib Shorts
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    Giordana NX-G Bib Shorts
    The NX-G Women's Bib Shorts are the cornerstone of Giordana's entire 2016 collection, and they proudly represent the successful overhaul the brand gave its entire line of apparel. Giordana's new collection, designed around a Next Generation theme, aims to not situate its products on a vertical scale of price and quality but rather around specific types of riders and the riding they do. That being said, the NX-G features the most aggressive compression and fit in its line to accommodate cyclists who train and race extensively, complete with fabric newly sourced from the swim and undergarment industry guaranteeing lightweight, breathable support that moves with you over hours in the saddle. Though the NX-G's stretchy, soft compression fabric was conceived outside of the cycling industry, it's well-equipped to withstand the demands of hours spent in the saddle -- and the repeated washings that follow. Giordana uses its 1-on-1 construction process to craft each leg of the shorts, using only one piece of fabric secured by a single low-profile seam on the outside of each leg for a minimal appearance and significantly reduced likelihood of chafing. The compression added to the fabric helps support hardworking hip flexors and hamstrings as you pedal, and continues into the V-shaped waist and U-shaped back areas of the shorts. These are designed around the goal of providing as much support as possible when you're stretched out over the saddle. As the fabric's compression continues along the entire length of the shorts, Giordana was able to forgo the added weight of leg grippers in the NX-G, resulting in clean, uninterrupted leg hems that hug your quads without the need for sticky grippers or too-tight elastic. The bib straps also received their own careful attention on the NX-G with the hope of being more comfortable in a standing position as well as in the saddle. Malleable and airy, the bib straps stretch more in the front than they do in the back for a more natural fi...
  • Giordana Fusion Short
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    Giordana Fusion Short
    Giordana's Fusion line has always represented accessibility and quality for riders new to the sport, with a more relaxed, comfort-driven design ideal for building riding experience. The Fusion Women's Shorts embody that inclusive theme. They're constructed with soft microfiber fabric that provides targeted compression to the legs for improved circulation and muscle support while wicking moisture away from the skin continuously as you ride to keep you cool and dry. The fit is slightly more relaxed than the rest of Giordana's line, but still practical for long days in the saddle, with a slim, tailored cut that won't bunch or slip. Adjusting to spending time in the saddle can be challenging at first to riders who aren't accustomed to it, so Giordana pays careful attention to comfort with the Fusion to make the process goes as smoothly as possible. The high, wide waistband provides support and stability as you adjust body position in the saddle, getting used to your drops and hoods, while the Cirro chamois stands guard between you and the saddle with plush cushioning and a flexible, breathable design that won't weigh you down on warm summer rides. Finally, soft jacquard leg bands help keep the legs of the Fusion in place without pinching your skin, giving you reassurance that you won't spend most of your ride tugging creeping hemlines back into place.
  • Giordana Trade FormaRed Carbon Jersey
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    Giordana Trade FormaRed Carbon Jersey
    We've been admiring the aesthetics of this year's Giordana Trade FormaRed Carbon Women's Jersey from afar since we first heard about its existence, and the jersey's expert tailoring and functionality make it something we'd reach for any day on the roads. FormaRed Carbon's reputation precedes itself as a longstanding Giordana staple, with the Trade distinction referring to the expertly sublimated confectionary stripes that adorn the jersey this season. Using a combination of highly functional fabrics, Giordana has brought back a staple piece just in time for your next road race, criterium, or weekend ride. The FormaRed Carbon (FR-C) line has earned a close following for its streamlined, contoured fit, which Giordana achieves by using a meticulously-selected blend of fabrics, anchored by Asteria 2. 0 and Gi27 on the main body. Asteria 2. 0 establishes the compressive fit of FR-C garments, which supports your muscles over longer rides and protects your skin from the sun with built-in UV protection while Gi27 works with it to usher moisture away from your skin quickly. With such a close fit, moisture is wicked rapidly and continuously, and the fabric still retains its shape over hours in the saddle. Whether you're riding or racing, breaking your concentration to pull down a waistband hem or bunched arm cuff repeatedly throughout a ride is like white noise; you don't notice how much it's been annoying you until it stops. With wide, sculpted panels of AeroFix Pro at each sleeve ending and along the waistband, the Trade FR-C comes equipped to stay in-place as you're stretched out in your drops or sitting up on your hoods to catch your breath. As a finishing touch, Giordana adds the three standard rear pockets and practical fourth rear zippered pocket that we're seeing become the new high-end jersey standard, giving you more than enough space to stash a homemade cookie to reward the day's Cima Coppi, as well as a secure place for more mundane essentials like cash and...
  • Giordana FormaRed Carbon Women's Tights
    More info
    Giordana FormaRed Carbon Women's Tights
    The FormaRed Carbon Women's Tights are Giordana's top-tier cold-weather tights for women, and they certainly act the part. With a mix of high-tech materials and conscientious design elements, they offer exceptional warmth, sweat management, protection from foul weather, and a body-contouring fit that ensures you will remain comfortable in the saddle for long miles, even as the chilly weather seeks to disrupt your pursuit of attaining a personal best, or of becoming the best. Giordana used three types of its Super Roubaix fabric to construct the FormaRed tights: Super Roubaix, Super Roubaix-Carbon, and Super Roubaix Acqua Zero. The panels covering the quads consist of Super Roubaix fabric: a stretchy, muscle-compressing fabric that's smooth on the outside and brushed on the inside for insulation against the cold (note that all three types of Super Roubaix have these properties.) The seat panel has Super Roubaix Acqua Zero fabric, which is Super Roubaix with a permanent, infused treatment that increases water repellency and keeps the fabric from becoming waterlogged, which would lessen its ability to insulate. Thus, you are protected from road spray kicked up when the ground is wet or it's raining. Super Roubaix-Carbon covers the knees and calves. The inclusion of carbon filaments in this fabric controls the amount of stretch and ensures that your muscles and joints are being properly supported. Inside the FormaRed tights, you'll find Giordana's top-of-the-line, women's specific Cirro-W O. F. chamois. This seamless, single-piece insert has foam padding of varying thicknesses and densities to ensure comfort while minimizing bulk. It's elastic, so it moves and stretches with you as you ride, and then returns to its original shape when you're done. The outer layer of the pad uses a special Nylon microfiber that incorporates aloe vera for its protective and hygienic properties. This aloe vera treatment is permanent. The FormaRed Carbon tights are designed to fit be...
  • Giordana NX-G Jersey
    More info
    Giordana NX-G Jersey
    We've been impressed with Giordana's upgrade across most of its 2016 line for this year, but its NX-G Women's Jersey has us especially intrigued as an entirely new addition rather than just an update. Now the flagship kit for 2016, NX-G -- an abbreviation for Next Generation -- shares its name with the theme the entire collection was built around. All-new fabrics, adjustments to fit, and luxurious extras grace the entire line. NX-G was made for cyclists who log high-mileage training weeks, racing in team kit or unaffiliated every weekend, who need kit with impeccable, race-ready fit and functionality. The NX-G Jersey is a commendable addition to women's kit for 2016, cut to fit like a second skin in the saddle without being tight and restrictive while standing. Giordana began by reworking its entire fabric line for 2016, moving away from the more traditional synthetic blends it had used in the past and turning instead towards textiles sourced from the swim and undergarment industry. We were a little skeptical when we first heard this, with brief visions of heavy one-piece bathing suits from our youth popping unbidden into our minds, but Giordana did a commendable job at choosing blends that would work with the demands of cycling. The fabrics are made from a polyester microfiber and Lycra blend, so they have a silky, supple feel with enough stretch and return to make a contoured, next-to-skin fit. Giordana claims that ceramic fibers woven into the fabric also work to resist odors, protect against UV rays, and improve the fabric's ability to transfer moisture quickly. Giordana sets the NX-G apart from the rest of the line not only with this fit and fabric, but with its use of Thermal Bonding Technology (TBT), which is basically welded seams. The construction process eliminates the need for traditional stitching and excess material, improving aerodynamics and creating an incredibly clean fit and aesthetic across the entire jersey. Aerodynamics are also improved with...
  • Giordana SilverLine Short-Sleeve Jersey
    More info
    Giordana SilverLine Short-Sleeve Jersey
    In contrast to Giordana's top-line, race focused FR-C offerings, the Silverline series brings high end construction and fabric technology to riders looking for a more relaxed fit at a much lower price point. The Giordana women's SilverLine Short-Sleeve Jersey pairs soft, light, fabrics with contrasting colors that will stand out from the crowd. Made from a blend of moisture-wicking fabrics and breathable honeycomb mesh, this jersey whisks moisture out and away to dry quickly, which will keep you cooler and more comfortable on even the warmest of rides. Geared towards the less aggressive side of the cycling spectrum, this jersey features a relaxed yet streamlined fit for impeccable comfort over long-mile adventures and utilizes Giordana's Women's Contour Fit system to ensure maximum comfort when in the riding position. Across the back of the hem, Giordana incorporates a 4. 5cm elastic band that serves to hold the jersey comfortably and firmly in place to eliminate unwanted fabric bunching. Three rear pockets provide ample space to carry a spare tube, your phone, and a handful of snacks, with an inverted lip across the top to keep small items from working their way free. As an added touch, Giordana encircles the arm cuffs and collar with mesh for a dash of contrasting color and added comfort.
  • Giordana FormaRed Carbon Custom Jersey - Short Sleeve
    More info
    Giordana FormaRed Carbon Custom Jersey - Short Sleeve
    Giordana's FormaRed Carbon Custom Women's Jersey has long been at the top of the pile for the brand's lady racing kit. While its dominance has been usurped by the new NX-G line, we're still pretty damned taken with how the FormaRed Carbon's understated, classy aesthetics mask its racing pedigree. It's also worth noting that every jersey is manufactured at Giordana's own facility in Italy, so quality is assured at every step from the design stages until the FormaRed Carbon is sent our ways. Giordana describes the materials used as, simply, "premium level fabrics." While Giordana's isn't freely broadcasting the ins and outs of what "premium" entails, we can attest through first-hand experience that the material is light, breathable, and balances stretch and compression to maintain support throughout the torso without handicapping the jersey's race-minded fit. Despite the brand's understandable reticence to disclose the secrets of its proprietary fabrics, Giordana is happy to crow about the BodyClone fit the materials are arranged in. The fabrics' mechanical properties also enable that fit by letting Giordana cut the jersey with an uncompromising, close to the skin fit. This reduces drag from flapping material, obviously, but it also keeps the fabric against the skin or base layer in order to facilitate wicking. Of course, the FormaRed Carbon being a cycling jersey, it's designed to fit in the saddle, so don't expect slouchy t-shirt comfort while refilling bottles at a gas station. When you're stretched out in the drops, though, the FormaRed Carbon virtually disappears. Think of its shape as describing a curve similar to your upper body while cycling. The shape is reinforced with Giordana's I-Panel construction, which maintains the shoulder shape and follows the spine down to the hem, bisecting the two pockets and contributing to the jersey's firm, not-going-anywhere fit. The arm cuffs are laser-cut and Thermo-fused, a process that eliminates the elastic cuff, b...
  • Giordana SilverLine Knickers
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    Giordana SilverLine Knickers
    The product of three decades of refinement, the Giordana Women's SilverLine Knicker is an extremely versatile piece, bringing soft-wearing warmth to brisk morning jaunts and chilly evening rides. It's a great addition to your cycling wardrobe if you're seeking lightweight insulation for transitional seasons, such as spring and fall. Realizing that not everyone prefers to wear bib straps, Giordana incorporated a wide, yoga-style waistline to bolster additional support without unneeded straps. Giordana's classic fit strikes an ideal balance between flexibility and compressive support, stabilizing key muscle groups without restricting pedaling movement. Smooth-wearing microfiber along the front, rear, and legs insulates you from heat-robbing breezes and cooler temperatures. This ultra-soft fabric actively wicks moisture off your body, meaning you won't overheat when you're steadily pushing up steep grades or hammering away on fast-paced rides. Ultra-fine mesh along the back of the knee boosts breathability where it's needed most. Sitting at the heart of this knicker, the Cirro S-W chamois features permanently infused Aloe Verra that cools, protects, and promotes healing in the saddle. 4. 5-centimeter leg cuffs of soft, woven elastic ensure a secure fit without restricting pedaling movement. Plus, reflective striping along the back of the legs enhances visibility to passing traffic when you're riding after dark.
  • Giordana Lungo Compression Bib Shorts
    More info
    Giordana Lungo Compression Bib Shorts
    For its 2016 collection, Giordana made some significant changes across its entire line, and the women's Lungo Compression Bib Shorts is right near the top of the resulting hierarchy. Not satisfied with the limitations of the materials it had been using, the brand turned to textile manufacturers from the swim and undergarment industries, creating fabrics exclusive to Giordana that evoke fit characteristics of their swimsuit and underwear ancestors while remaining well-equipped to withstand the rigors of cycling. Impossibly light, flexible, and soft to the hand, the fabrics generate a strong reminder that the Italian brand -- already known for its classy styling and clean silhouettes -- is only getting better with age. The other clear distinction Giordana makes in its line this year is that each individual collection has been created for a specific rider type rather than along a spectrum focused on price and quality. In the case of the Lungo, Giordana took characteristics from its race-oriented Forma Red Carbon line and applied them to riders who, while unwilling to compromise on impeccable fit, craftsmanship, and the best materials, don't find themselves needing a race design and all-over compression on their weekend rides. The result is a pair of bib shorts that achieve a contoured, supportive -- but not restrictive -- fit with added compression along leg panels constructed using only one piece of fabric per leg. Giordana lines each of the wide leg cuffs with a flexible, lightweight gripper to ensure they stay in place as you pedal without disrupting the smooth lines of the rest of the shorts. Along the waistline, Giordana employs its Core System, which accommodates a wider range of body types than a typical race-cut short without straying from a tailored fit. The wide waistband is supportive and lies flat once the shorts are on to maintain comfort throughout all-day rides. Though the Lungo was crafted to fit its best in the riding position, specific fit tweaks wer.
  • Giordana Silverline Jersey - Long Sleeve
    More info
    Giordana Silverline Jersey - Long Sleeve
    It's easy to fall into the polar trap of cycling kit. Summer? Tissue-thin, lightweight Lycra. Winter? Wind-resistant, insulating, waterproof armor. But rarely is the weather this conveniently black and white, so Giordana designed the Silverline Jersey to fill in the grey spaces between hot and cold. The Silverline's long sleeves fight off the chill without overheating your core during hard exertions. Cut into a semi-relaxed fit, the jersey uses Giordana's lightweight, breathable ERG200 fabric in order to ensure that your torso is sufficiently vented for high-output training and racing. Meanwhile, the brushed inner-face of the ThermoDream material traps body heat at the shoulders, sleeves, and back in order to keep you consistently warm. The jersey's tall collar insulates your neck while also preventing cold air from sneaking in, but the full-length zipper's substantial pull-tab means you can easily unzip to dump extra heat on climbs -- even while wearing bulky, wind-blocking gloves. The jersey's elastic, grippy hem ensures full coverage during all of your movements in the saddle. Three rear pockets provide the standard complement of storage, so you can take the headband and glove liners off mid-ride if you get too hot.
  • Giordana SilverLine Bib Shorts
    More info
    Giordana SilverLine Bib Shorts
    The nice thing about so many manufacturers making technological advances in their pro-level designs is that some, like Giordana, adapt those advancements to apparel with a more accessible price tag. That's exactly what Giordana did with the SilverLine Women's Bib Shorts, which still feature a practical cut and functional fabric construction that leave them well-suited to everyday training. Giordana depends on a soft, breathable microfiber to make up the SilverLine's main body fabric, constructing it in a contoured fit that will follow your body movements in the saddle without being restrictive. The lie-flat, wide waistband is something we're seeing more of in cycling shorts and bibs, and Giordana adds its own stretchy, mesh-lined version to the SilverLine, giving it a less irritating fit while you're bent over in the drops. Woven elastic lines the leg cuffs to ensure they stay put as you move around in the saddle, and the bib straps' minimal shape sits subtly underneath jerseys, wicking moisture away as you ride with a smooth, forgiving fit. The SilverLine Bib Shorts are lined with Giordana's Cirro S-W chamois, a hardworking one-piece insert that provides a mix of relief and support as you ride without inhibiting your ability to pedal and move around. It's also designed not to hold onto moisture, and continuously wicks to lessen the likelihood of chafing and irritation. After your ride, it rebounds to its original shape, already anticipating tomorrow's miles.
  • Giordana Arts Jersey - Short Sleeve
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    Giordana Arts Jersey - Short Sleeve
    Having a jersey for the days you don't want to take yourself too seriously on the bike is a good thing, and we'd imagine that was what Giordana was thinking when it created the Arts Short-Sleeve Women's Jersey. You don't always have to show up for your club ride looking like you're about to race, so Giordana created this line of individual looks to add some lighthearted fun to your base miles. Giordana constructs the Arts Jersey from its Michron Ceramica fabric, a breathable, lightweight synthetic blend that wicks moisture away from your skin as you ride while exhibiting anti-bacterial properties. It's arranged along Giordana's Women's Contour Fit guidelines, which take body position while riding into account. The Arts Jersey was designed with a more forgiving fit than Giordana's race-fit kit, so it's a piece you can wear on a casual group ride then leave on comfortably for post-ride drinks. Giordana omits the usual constricting elastic in the sleeves while including lightly gathered elastic at the waist to keep the jersey comfortably in place as you ride.
  • Giordana Fusion Jersey - Short-Sleeve
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    Giordana Fusion Jersey - Short-Sleeve
    When we first saw the run of Giordana women's Fusion jerseys hanging on a rack from afar, we were immediately attracted to the mix of saturated brights and staid classic colors; When we got our hands on them, we only liked them more. With a more forgiving cut than some of Giordana's race-ready styles, the Fusion makes a rich addition to training kit without veering into baggy, unflattering territory. Its palatable price point is only the icing on the cake, as it offers all of the dependability and functionality Giordana consistently shows across its line. The jersey's soft touch is achieved with Giordana's use of its Michron fabric, a UV-blocking polyester microfiber arranged in a textured, honeycomb knit. This construction lends the Fusion breathability and a stretchy fit, and it works to continuously wick moisture away from your skin as you ride. A full-length zipper allows you to further fine-tune the jersey's ventilation during your hottest rides, while a smooth jacquard elastic at the waist hem keeps the entire jersey in place as you move around in the saddle. Long training rides always require a few essentials, including your favorite mid-ride snacks, and the Fusion's three roomy rear pockets offer easy access and plenty of room to store everything you'll need.
  • Giordana Arts Jersey - Sleeveless
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    Giordana Arts Jersey - Sleeveless
    Keep stylishly cool in this Giordana Women's Sleeveless Arts Jersey. As part of its Art collection, these tops are limited editions, when the run is done, there will be no more, and you'll have to wait for next year to see what new designs are on offer. And with no sleeves and a V-neck, you'll be airy and comfortable while others are fighting sleeves and zippers. The top is constructed with Giordana's Gi27 fabric. It's a soft, stretchy, wicking fabric that stays close to the body and goes with every movement. Gi27 is also a great textile for sublimation, as the intricate designs demonstrate. The fit is further improved thanks to Giordana's Women's Contour Fit system silhouette. And the waist, elastic is lightly gathered so it can help anchor the top without being restrictive or riding up. The Giordana Women's Sleeveless Arts Jersey comes with three rear pockets. There is a reflective tab sewn into the left side by the pockets for visibility. Sizes run from X-Small to X-Large.
  • Giordana Fusion Women's Shorts with Chamois
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    Giordana Fusion Women's Shorts with Chamois
    The 2010 Giordana Women's Fusion Short is designed using Giordana's Contour Fit System, constructed to fit a wide variety of shapes and still offer excellent comfort and performance. Moxie fabric (a nylon/spandex blend) provides considerable stretch and moisture management. The waistband is comprised of a double layer of Moxie fabric, creating a smooth, chafe-free fit. Light elastic at the hem holds the legs in place. The Fusion short uses Giordana's WMC-3 OF chamois. Also used in the Laser, Shape and Silverline products, this one piece insert is heat molded, eliminating seams, and uses differentiated thickness to prevent saddle sores.
  • Giordana Arts Jersey - Short Sleeve
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    Giordana Arts Jersey - Short Sleeve
    Symmetrical, cookie-cutter designs are no match for Giordana's Women's Short Sleeve Arts Jersey. Not everyone wants to dress like they are about to toe a start line, so Giordana created this line of limited-edition looks. When the run is over, there are no more, so get them while they're hot. Giordana constructed the Arts Jerseys with the popular Michron fabric. It is light, wicks well, sublimates well, and is extremely durable. The design is sublimated into the fabric, with care taken to make sure that nothing distracts from the look. This is why Giordana utilizes a hidden full-length zipper and sublimated the pocket material to integrate it with the design. The jersey dimensions are based on Giordana's Women's Contour Fit system to make sure that it fits a woman's figure. In addition, there is no elastic in the sleeves, and elastic is lightly gathered at the waist to ensure that the jersey is neither constricting nor rides up. Three back pockets feature ample storage for your riding essentials. The Giordana Arts Jersey - Short Sleeve - Women's comes in sizes X-Small through X-Large and in the colors Flora - Purple, Pop - Black/green/purple, and Flora - Green/black.
  • Giordana FormaRed Carbon Bib Shorts with Cirro Insert
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    Giordana FormaRed Carbon Bib Shorts with Cirro Insert
    You'll find no excuses in the Giordana FormaRed Carbon Bib Short. It just doesn't get much better than this. The FormaRed Carbons are at the very top of Giordana's impressive line of cycling clothing -- that should give you a pretty good idea of what kind of quality you're dealing with. If that isn't enough, however ... The star of the shorts' construction is the HC-50 compressive Lycra on front and side panels, which replaces the previous model's HC-44 with an increased thread count -- from 44 to 50 threads per centimeter squared -- and a corresponding uptick in compression. With the added compression, these shorts are approaching medical grade, so they're more than capable of keeping your blood flowing and reducing the fatigue caused by road vibrations and muscle oscillation over long days in the saddle.The inner thighs and seat panel feature Zaffiro 2. 0. It still features the same abrasion-resistant durability as the original Zaffiro, but with an increased resistance to pedaling friction. As brand namesake Giordana herself cheerfully explains of HC-50 and Zaffiro 2. 0, "Both are like their predecessors but better!"The previous model's girdle of Ametista fabric returns unchanged, bringing 200g/m2 of gently supportive compression to your waist and core. It also incorporates carbon filaments, which reinforces the honeycomb-knit Lycra, allowing for a lighter build that retains the strength of a heavier material. The carbon implants impart antimicrobial properties. The shorts' body is kept in place by the usual bibs up top and the decidedly unusual 190 E leg bands down low. The 190 E bands spread a soft, non-restrictive, and gently compressive grip across the 7. 5 centimeter-wide cuffs. A silicone application is used throughout these bands to help keep everything in place. The LoPro 0 used in the front and shoulders of the bibs is the distant, less-restrictive cousin to the LoPro 30 and 45 materials that Giordana uses in the cuffs and armbands of other items. The s..
  • Giordana Fusion Women's Jacket
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    Giordana Fusion Women's Jacket
    Staying warm during your winter base miles doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style. The Giordana Fusion Women's Jacket is the union of subtle style and functionality. Designed using a simple color palette and top-end fabrics, the Fusion Jacket keeps you cozy in the saddle when the temperatures drop. The Fusion Jacket is made from Giordana's new WBA fabric and has been cut into a relaxed-fit using Giordana's Women's Contour Fit process. A three-layer bonded material, the outermost layer of the jacket is treated with DWR to repel water and to keep you warm and dry. The middle layer, a Windtex membrane, protects you from rain while allowing moisture to escape from inside the jacket. The innermost layer is a smooth, soft-brushed material that retains warmth and comfortably insulates in cold weather. To keep your temperature regulated, the DWR-treated ERG200 material is placed in areas that require more breathability when your core temperature rises. With the Fusion, Giordana solved the problem of a chilled neck by making the collar taller. So, you can say goodbye to riding with weighty bulk in order to ward off the chills. To further keep the elements from sneaking through the front of your jacket, the full-length zipper has been backed with a DWR-treated Corsa fabric. The zipper also acts as a ventilation point when you start to heat up on a hill climb. For a secure, proper fit a silicone gripper on the elastic waistband holds the jacket place -- no more fighting with your jacket to keep it in place. Three rear cargo pockets provide ample storage for all of your ride essentials and nutrition. Reflective piping on the front, back, and shoulders add visibility to you in low-light conditions. The Giordana Fusion Women's Jacket is available in the colors Black/black/white and Red/black/white and in five sizes from X-Small to X-Large.
  • Giordana Trade Vero Shorts
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    Giordana Trade Vero Shorts
    Price-wise, Giordana's Women's Trade Vero short falls near the middle of Giordana's line of cycling shorts. At first glance, this can be a bit misleading. The technology that the Trade Vero short utilizes and the meticulous design and quality that are immediately evident in this short land it way beyond the middle of the road as far as cycling clothing is concerned. In fact, although it isn't the least expensive women's cycling short on the market, we would have to say it's one of the best values in the entire industry. The Trade Vero short is made with Giordana's Moxie fabric. With a nylon/spandex composition weight of 210g/m2, the Vero takes on an effective compressive nature. However, we wouldn't go as far as to call these bib shorts a compression piece. Instead, while assisted blood circulation will help your anaerobic output, we find that Moxie's most vital characteristics involve the inhibiting of muscle oscillation caused by road vibration -- a common component to early onset fatigue. Supplementing the Moxie, the printed panels received Giordana's Shield Endurance fabric. This material is slightly more compressive than Moxie and is used for its durability and resistance to fading. Additionally, both materials have been treated in order to accelerate the transfer of moisture away from the skin.As for the fit, Vero shorts benefit from Giordana's innovative contoured cut. The shorts are created on a curve in order to conform to your body in the cycling position. By doing this, abrasion is minimized and fabric bunching and pinching are eliminated. And for further comfort, the shorts have been built entirely with four-needle flatlock stitched seams.The chamois is one that Giordana touts as being one of the most advanced in the industry--the women-specific Nimbo O. F. At the skin layer, the Nimbo utilizes a polyester microfiber to minimize skin irritation and abrasion. Below the skin layer, the Nimbo has a variable-density insert that has been perforated. This ...
  • Giordana Ultra-Lightweight Polypropylene Tubular Knitted Tank Top
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    Giordana Ultra-Lightweight Polypropylene Tubular Knitted Tank Top
    Whether you're wearing it solo on the hottest rides of the year or layering it underneath your favorite jersey, the Giordana Women's Ultra-Lightweight Polypropylene Tubular Knitted Tank Top keeps you cool by actively wicking moisture off your skin. This lightweight layering piece features a tubular knit of varied density, conforming to your body for a form-fitting aesthetic. Furthermore, you'll appreciate the tank's strategically placed ventilation panels, which provide a cool, airy feel when you're increasing your cadence on fast training rides.
  • Giordana Fusion Women's Long Sleeve Jersey
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    Giordana Fusion Women's Long Sleeve Jersey
    Winter can be rough, and if you're not prepared, it will foil any hopes you have of riding. But what's considered preparation? Well, a jersey that combines comfort, anatomic design, and warming protection is a good start. Basically, we're describing the Giordana Fusion Women's Long Sleeve Jersey. Giordana's Fusion Women's Long Sleeve Jersey received a face lift to better combat the chills of winter. Most notably, the jersey now uses a blend of Giordana's ERG200 and ThermoDream fabrics, with the bulk of the construction using ERG200 -- and for good reason. This material uses a complex, circular knit that utilizes its open structure to promote moisture transfer, breathability, and stretch. We understand that these attributes sound more akin to a summer-weight jersey, however, they're necessary for winter as well. Inevitably, with Fusion's post-production, brushed inner lining, you'll be experiencing a comfortable sensation of warmth. But, if not for the open-cell weave, your rising core temperature would have you drowning in sweat. In a nutshell, ERG200 promotes a consistent thermo-regulation, without going overboard on either end of spectrum. And while these features are integral to the Fusion's design, Giordana knows that comfort is king, or in this case, queen. ERG200 is a thin polyester yarn that's soft to the touch, yet resistant to abrasion and pilling. In fact, Giordana took its comfort to another level by brushing it to increase both the loft and softness. An added perk of this process is the creation of a stronger insulation layer. Another key component to the jersey's comfort is its ability to move and stretch with your body throughout motion. To achieve this, Giordana used a multi-paneled design that follows Giordana's Women's Contour Fit process. With this, Giordana guarantees an anatomic cut that will follow the contours of the female body in cycling-specific positions and movements. This year, the Fusion jersey has been given a taller collar for ad...
  • Giordana FormaRed Carbon Jacket
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    Giordana FormaRed Carbon Jacket
    If you're accustomed to wearing your ski jacket during a winter ride, by all means, proceed. But, if you want something that's flattering, functional, and lightweight, the Giordana FormaRed Carbon Women's Jacket is for you. With more technical features than your car, and a cut that eliminates bulk without being restricting, the FR-C Jacket is the logical choice for your wardrobe this winter. To create a protective layer at a climate range below freezing, Giordana used multiple layers to form the FormaRed Carbon jacket. Each section of the jacket serves a specific function, and their careful selection ultimately avoids a bulky design. Starting with the outer layer, Giordana used a high-density material that looks and feels like a lighter, more malleable version of soft shell. While adding to the overall insulation, the fabric uses a tight, spiral weave to serve its primary function -- moisture transfer and evaporation. Sound out of place? Well, think of the entire jacket working like an ecosystem, with multiple elements working in harmony towards symbiosis. Directly under the outer-layer is a regulating membrane that's constructed from the patented WindTex fabric. WindTex provides a complete protection from intruding elements while still allowing escaping vapor and heat to pass to the outer surface. This characteristic is further enhanced through the addition of doubled, Super Roubaix wrist cuffs. The jacket also has a heightened neck with an inner-sleeve to fight the cold. So, we have our regulatory layers, but aside from keeping the icy wind out, what's keeping you warm? Well, that would be innermost layer of the FR-C jacket. Made from a soft, breathable polypropylene (similar in makeup to polyester), the fabric insulates by retaining air close to the surface of the skin. As you ride, your rising core temperature heats this air, and the jacket creates a warming insulation layer. With assistance from the other breathing fabrics, FormaRed allows excess heat to e...
  • Giordana Trade Vero Jersey
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    Giordana Trade Vero Jersey
    The clean, classic style of the Giordana Trade Vero Women's Jersey makes it stand out in a group, but the comfort is what sets it apart while you're wearing it. The sharp looks are displayed on Michron Ceramic fabric, which -- in addition to managing moisture, fighting UV rays, and defeating odor -- is ideally suited to the process of sublimation that Giordana's designers use to create such crisp, detailed graphics. With a slightly relaxed fit, the Trade Vero is somewhat less aerodynamic than many race jerseys, but it's still perfect for training rides, gran fondos, or casual cruises. Like all Giordana women's gear, it's cut using the Women's Contour Fit system, which means all the panels and seams are specifically designed to suit a woman's body in the saddle. The Trade Vero also has three classic rear pockets, light elastic at the waist, and a rear reflective stripe to help keep you visible in low-light conditions.
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