Title: Bunnyland *scary music* [or maybe Bunny Warriors? ^^]
Type: fantasy
Cast: @dinoburger
B.A.P members
[You = @dinoburger ]

You were enjoying spring weather at the edge of the forest; your grandparents house was built near there and you liked walking there.

You sat on meadow, sun warmed your body. You didn't realized when you fell asleep.

Something woke you up; you looked around to see black bunny eating grass. When your and bunny's eyes met in stare you had a feeling the bunny wanted you to follow him.

You got up and step by step, silently, followed the animal.

You were carefully observing the animal - and not enough the ground. You slipped and fell into hole. As you were falling down you didn't see anything than dark sandy walls. You hit the bottom of the hole hard enough to feel dizzy for a while.

After few blinks, you could see clearly you weren't in dark hole but in forest; but something about this place was different. Trees looked more like mushrooms, grass had strange colour. You were walking and discovering this new place when someone pushed you into bush. You wanted to protest but he covered you mouth preventing you from making any noise.

Soon you heard the sound of running horses. Five blonde boys, all of them armed with swords were the riders. All of them stared somewhere and they faces looked distant; it was probably because of some emptiness in their eyes.

Soon after the time the riders passed you, you heard loud screams you were going to remember for the rest of your life.

When the forest was silent again, the boy who was hiding with you allowed you to left the hiding place.

'Come with me.' He said; you followed him.

You two entered sad looking village; no one was welcoming you - what's more the people were locking themselves in their houses at your sight - or at the sight of your partner.

Soon he explained you everything - how their land was ruled by enormous machine looking like bunny; how the machine was kidnapping blonde boys and changing them into it's warriors - and how those warriors were killing whoever tried to rebel.

You learnt that the boys name was Daehyun and that he was last blonde boy who resisted the machine.

You also learnt that you are the one who is going to save them - at least according to the prophecy.

 At first you disagree - you, ordinary girl, fighting with evil machine and it's army?

But seeing how determined Daehyun was - you decided to join him.

Soon your training with him began; horse riding; sword fighting; archery: you were preparing yourself for the battle... 

Firstly, I would love to watch drama like this - I'm big fan of fantasy stuff.

And fighting with evil bunny-looking machine, with loud scream "For Bunnyland!!!" would be awesome ^__^ [I do yell 'For Narnia!' quite a lot]

@dinoburger , sorry for not using your name; I don't know what's your name and I feel bad because of that -.- Sorry!

I know the story may be not the best but it looked pretty amazing when I imagined it while taking shower:P
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