a girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Lucy Weasley
Age: 16
Year: 6
House Slytherin
Parents: Percy & Audrey Weasley
Bio: A Weasley in Slytherin!? Yes hell has finally frozen over as Lucy Weasley is the first member of her family to be sorted into the house. Everyone kind of saw it coming though with Lucy’s mother Audrey, having been a Slytherin her-self. Her mother had come from a prestigious and wealthy pureblood family, and to this day still does not get along well with her in-laws. Lucy is exactly like her mother, well except her looks which are all Weasley, which she takes as a curse of sorts. Lucy has always tried to fit in with the big names of her house and who are social ranks above her, but she gets a lot of flack for her family ties, and often she does feel tug of her Weasley side. All in all while she maybe a snob she still puts up with her family and loves them in her own way.
Model: Julia Johansen
Played by: OPEN

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