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“Vogue Girl launched in 2002 and pioneered a new era for young monthly fashion magazines in Korea. Targeting college students and career women, Vogue Girl has quickly established itself as the must-read magazine in Korea.”
  • The September 2015 Issues See Beyonce, Katy Perry, Emma Watson, and More in the Cover Photos!
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    "Welcome to Charlotte (Charlie) Keswick's World" — @maybones
    The September 2015 issues of the biggest fashion magazines including Vogue, ELLE, and Vanity Fair have arrived, and each one's prettier than the last; see the cover photos of Katy Perry, Beyonce, Emma Watson, and more!
  • DIY Press for Champagne Art Studio Style Blog
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    "THE GIRLS IN VOGUE" — @maybones
    I've been obsessed with the Press for Champagne art from Lisa Golightly for a long time and finally decided to make a DIY version inspired by this photo! I purchased this door bell on Amazon for only $5.88 And went to my local Home Goods and found a gold frame for $7.99 My first instinct…
  • Miss Zeit
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    "THE GIRL:
    Charlotte Keswick, 26
    Advertising Manager and Resident Lucky Charm of Vogue Girl Korea." — @maybones
  • Muhammad Taher
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    "She might be one of the most unlucky women on Earth, but ironically enough, she's a source of good fortune for those who surround her. It sounds like a joke, but she really is a lucky charm." — @maybones
    Architect & CG Artist, Highly experienced in design,building 3d models,specialized lighting and advanced materials, vegetation, interior and exterior renderings
  • Emma Watson
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    "THE FAMILY" — @maybones
  • Le croissant d'argent
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    "Charlotte's mother passed away when she was 7 years old and her father remarried few years later. She doesn't have a good relationship with her step mother or her children." — @maybones
    L'amour chic
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    "Fortunately enough, Charlotte has her beloved aunt, her Korean husband and a sort of brother, who have taken care of her since the veyr first moment she moved to Seoul." — @maybones
    highfashionhautecouture: “ ‘A DAY IN BRONI’ BY GIAMPAOLO SGURA FOR VOGUE JAPAN JUNE 2015 ”
  • Liam Neeson Questioning his faith
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    Chales Keswick III, 56
    Charlotte's father or at least that's what he claims to be.
    Businessman" — @maybones
    A trip to Turkey has led Liam Neeson to consider changing his religion.
  • Engineer Quits Job At IBM And Becomes An Instagram Celebrity
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    "Owner of a great fortune. His steel and oil company is listed as the 9th biggest company of the UK. Charlotte barely talks to him and she likes it that way. She doesn't long for any type of close relation with her father." — @maybones
    Eelco Roos may well be the person you need to look to if you need some inspiration to follow your passion. The Dutchman quit his job as a specialist at computer company IBM after he decided to play around with Instagram on his phone and became Instafamous due to his stunning travel photography.
  • Maybones
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    "Personality: Neglectful, uncaring and lost in his own world.Only thinks about his company and barely pays attention to anything else. Easily manipulated and more foolish than he's supposed to be." — @maybones
    Fashion designer || Fabulously sassy llama lover || World wanderer
  • Korean Magazine Lovers
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    Jung Tae Woo, 43
    Anne Marie's husband. Lawyer at Jung Son Kwon, one of the most important law firms of Seoul." — @maybones
    Korean Magazine Lovers instagram :
  • Paris, Prada, Pearls, Perfume
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    "Tae Woo has become the father figure Charlotte never had. He acts like her real dad doting on her every need because that's how he is, naturally stern, devoted and willing to help anyone." — @maybones
    blanche–noire: “ bonjourfrenchwords: “ L'automne est vraiment là à Paris. | Autumn is definitely here in Paris. More pictures of our daily strolls across Paris on Instagram:...
  • Pinterest
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    "Personality: reserved, analytical and very observant. Tae Woo is always aware of whatever happens around him, even if people doesn't directly state it. He's sharp, always knows the right thing to say and has a very comical side of his." — @maybones
    Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests.
  • Cathrine Zeta Jones
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    Anne Marie Goodwin, 42
    Chalie's aunt (Her deceased sister was Charlotte's mother)
    Costume designer for theater.
    Adores her niece and has a mother-daugther kind of relationship with her." — @maybones
    Catherine Zeta Jones
  • That Kid with the Pumped Up Kicks
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    "Fairy godmother, loving 'mother' and Charlotte's role model, Anne Marie is the most important person in her niece's life and she's usually the source of solution to any problem Charlie faces." — @maybones
  • pearls editorial Harpers Bazaar cartier
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    "Personality: Classy, sociable and passionate about her job. Anne Marie is idealistic, but always grounded and wise despite her liberal mindset." — @maybones
    pearls editorial Harpers Bazaar cartier
  • Julia Roberts’s Beauty Secrets
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    Lady Camille Redford, 49
    Charlie's stepmother and archenemy.
    Related to the British Royal Family" — @maybones
    Movie star, mother, and now Lancome cosmetics spokeswoman, Julia Roberts continues to evolve and amaze, looking more luminous than ever at 42. "The whole idea of modeling in my 40s is fun and modern," Roberts told us. "I'm more secure in who I am today.
  • Seductive Silence
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    "The classical villain every fairytale needs. She's taken to seriously her role of step-mother and likes to meddle in Charlotte's life, although Charlie has always suspected that Lady Camille's only motivation to marry her father was his large fortune." — @maybones
    Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • 4447183797_974f35721e_o | Zooomr Photo Sharing
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    "Personality: Sly, cunning and vicious. Owns a terrible sense of humor, but knows how to pull strings to her favor without much sweat." — @maybones
  • frida-gustavsson-for-elle-sweden-11
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    Brittany Milton, 25
    Charlotte's step-sister and object of her aversion.
    C- list model and TV celebrity" — @maybones
  • LADUREE PARIS OFFICIEL on Instagram: “Ladurée loves you”
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    "Despite her apparent beauty & status, everybody hates her, including her own brother. Except for her mother and step-dad (who believes she's the most innocent creature on Earth) the rest of the inhabitants of the Keswick State avoid her like the plague." — @maybones
    “Ladurée loves you”
  • we might as well just fuck
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    "Personality: a total airhead, yet quite evil and egocentric girl who refuses to accept the ugly truth:everybody hates her." — @maybones
    ☾☆Hey lovely, welcome to my blog☆☽
  • maybones clipper
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    Henry Milton, 21
    Charlotte's step-brother and future CEO of the Keswick Industries.
    Business student at Trinity College of London" — @maybones
  • Eleonora Carisi on Instagram: “Chilling with class. Introducing Tod's men's #ss16 collection by @andreaincontri @tods #mmfw #villanecchi ????”
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    "Although he's not as nearly as awful as his mother and sister, Charlotte and him don't have the best of the relationships. Charlie gives him the cold shoulder despite all his attempts to get closer to her. The guy is better than everybody thinks." — @maybones
    “Chilling with class. Introducing Tod's men's #ss16 collection by @andreaincontri @tods #mmfw #villanecchi ????”
  • Alwyne Place
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    "Personality: gentle and sensitive. Always polite and little worldly despite his" — @maybones
  • 랩몬스터
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    Kim Namjoon, 21
    Charlotte's and David's mysterious neighbor. Charlotte has no idea why he looks so familiar..." — @maybones
    biongflossica: “150308 BTS TRB in Taipei - Rap Monster ”
  • l'esprit de l'escalier
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    "Charlie is oblivious to the fact, Kim Namjoon is the member of the infamous k-pop group BTS and that although he terrorizes everybody with his fashion choices, he easily enchants and impresses with his powerful charisma and overflowing talent." — @maybones
    Neko 22 ❘❘ Brazil ❘❘ Germany ❘❘ Vienna I was always an unusual girl. My mother told me I had a chameleon soul. No moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality. Just an inner indecisiveness...
  • Josh Drye's Photography
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    "Personality: clumsy smarta*s, and overconfident know-it-all . His hardworking, slightly too perfectionist nature make him overly analytical and rarely satisfied with his life. Nevertheless, he's a sunshine." — @maybones
    New York City Streets
  • CAMPAIGN Sean O'Pry for H&M Fall 2013 by Photographer David Roemer Image Amplified The Flash and Glam of Fashion and Entertainment
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    David Isaac Green, 27
    Heir of the biggest fashion empire of the UK and Chalie's supposed 'fiancé'. They've been 'together' for over a year, which is surprising considering that they hated each other from the first moment they met." — @maybones
    H&M Fall 2013 Mo: Sean O'Pry Ph: David Sims
  • Gold Bamboo Coffee Table with Glass Top - Transitional - Living Room
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    "Mr. Green is just too perfect in the eyes of everybody, clever, good looking and rich. David and Charlotte are very good at pretending to be lovers...the question is... are they really just pretending?" — @maybones
    Chic living room features a clear beaded flush mount illuminating a gray tufted sofa facing a rectangular gold bamboo coffee table with glass top. A white and beige bench stands in front of a white fireplace mantle accented with a marble surround. The back of the living room boasts a window dressed in white drapes flanked by an industrial console table to the left and a linen skirted console table to the right unified by matching mirrors.
  • J'ADR
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    "Personality: Persistent, determined, dependable and very patient. A little bit of a workaholic, but caring and romantic as only he could be." — @maybones
    dustjacketattic: “ drinks & candles | magnolia by mia ”
  • maybones clipper
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    Denis Jung, 24
    Tae Woo's nephew and Charlotte's close friend.
    Recently graduated engineer.
    They have a sibling-like relationship and call each other "brother" and "sister"." — @maybones
  • Instagram and its Impact on the World of Photography
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    "The definition of a real sweetheart. Polite, good hearted and protective of Charlotte. He's one of the coolest friends you could possibly have, but don't let your guard down. Denis is likely to become a nightmare if he dislikes you." — @maybones
    A Guest Post by Guy Prives. If you were not on a hot-air balloon for a journey around the world or in a Tibetan monastery on a pilgrimage yet have experienced these images on Facebook then it’s likely you’ve already been exposed to Instagram. “Instagram” the photo-sharing application, recently bought by Facebook, allows participants to …
  • Mecenatpolis (mall Seoul, South Korea
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    "Personality: Sarcastic, straightforward, self-confident, generous, loyal. Very opinionated and stubborn about certain things. Might come across as arrogant at times, but he's unexpectedly warm and caring of his loved ones." — @maybones
    Mecenatpolis (mall), Seoul, South Korea - I accidentally found this when I was looking for an E-Mart on the way to church one day. Very cool, and I want to visit again when I'm not pressed for time!
  • EHEHug
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    Taehyung, Hoseok, Jimin, Seokjin, Yoongi and Jungkook. Otherwise known as 방탄소년단" — @maybones
    “[AJ×THE STAR] SCAN #방탄소년단 #BTS #防弾少年団 #뷔 #V #태형 #Taehyung”
  • Eleonora Carisi (@eleonoracarisi) • Instagram photos and videos
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    "Those really annoying and noisy neighbors that wake up really early in the morning and arrive really late at night. Only God knows what they do for a living and why are they always running away from young girls." — @maybones
    E L E O N O R A C A R I S I founder of Joujouvilleroy TWITTER/SNAPCHAT @eleonoracarisi
  • Interiors Attic Apartment
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    "Info TBA" — @maybones
  • boo_Pomeranian_Dog_12.jpg 450×600 pixels
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    Jimin, 6 months
    Charlotte's pet, love of her life and attention seeker." — @maybones
  • Cute Pomeranian Pictures
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    "She received Jimin as a gift from David and Denis named her after his favorite girl-group member." — @maybones
    There's a reason why celebripup Boo is so darned adorable. .. beyond the fuzzball haircut and cute widdle pink tongue, the social media giant comes from a long line of teeny toy dogs called Pomeranians. These petite personality powerhouses can melt the
  • Summer the Preppy Way.
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    "Charlotte may find Jimin slipping off to visit the neighbors or race up a tree the minute she turns her back. Jimin is way to energetic for her own good." — @maybones
    Sand. Boat shoes. Beach cottages. Polos. Sailing. Lemonade. Sunshine. Oxford shirts. Red white and...

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